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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamProgress / 88Uniques Slain
1aoop kinda looks like poop883 ghosts
1Future Player Goats883 ghosts
1Make Beogh Great Again883 ghosts
1Otabby Cats883 ghosts
1TEAMCAPTAIN ShadowRider38883 ghosts
2Arcane Markspersons873 ghosts
2Gozags of opportunity873 ghosts
2LiBarachi and the Hill Orchestra873 ghosts
2Slow Moving Meteorans873 ghosts
2tab dance873 ghosts
2The AOOnguished873 ghosts
2The Mother of all Bakas873 ghosts
2Vv-Bake Oven873 ghosts
3AWBW Requiem for a Deep Dwarf863 ghosts
3Babushka_ZINa863 ghosts
3Kikubaaqudha I Hardly Knowha863 ghosts
3TeamSplat863 ghosts
4Losers_in_Pajamas853 ghosts
4Negative Win Rate853 ghosts
4Splats in Hats853 ghosts
5high energy crawlers843 ghosts
5LostArtBrewing843 ghosts
5Oops all attacks of opportunity843 ghosts
6Enfeebled823 ghosts
6OlymP0WER sn0wgr3 st0p-m0tion-bl0CKbuster823 ghosts
6TeamSplit823 ghosts
6Top G823 ghosts
7Duly Excessive Instruments813 ghosts
7Why did it have to be Snake813 ghosts
81001 Mutations793 ghosts
9aOOPS All Berries773 ghosts
9Attacks of opportunity suck773 ghosts
9The_juiceboys773 ghosts
10Future Player Ghosts763 ghosts
10Scrubs763 ghosts
10TavernSnacksOfOpportunity763 ghosts
10TeamKillers763 ghosts
11music-is-math753 ghosts
11Spriggan Bakers753 ghosts
12Flash in the Pan733 ghosts
12GnollCountryForOldMeteorae733 ghosts
13CompanyOfDoom723 ghosts
13Hallucinated Void Rays723 ghosts
13Sisters In Arms723 ghosts
13TEAM_MEAT723 ghosts
14cats-n-pigs713 ghosts
14TeamQops713 ghosts
15Gozags Part Time Crew703 ghosts
15Not The Yellow From The Egg703 ghosts
15wherebanana703 ghosts
16Later HOMo693 ghosts
17Live Fast and Die Trying683 ghosts
17PrehistoricExtraterrestrials683 ghosts
17Riders of Serendipity683 ghosts
17The Zipper Clan683 ghosts
18DeathDefyingLogic663 ghosts
19The_Last_of_The_Mohicans653 ghosts
20YASD633 ghosts
21Octopodeez Nuts623 ghosts
21Order of the Cockatrice623 ghosts
22Bukhgaltered Carbon613 ghosts
22The Devils Team613 ghosts
23Death Cob For Cutie603 ghosts
23I Got No Time For DIS603 ghosts
23MFC-teoran Menaces603 ghosts
24Dark_Oilfish583 ghosts
25Nec-Romancing the Orb573 ghosts
25Sigmund Grindset573 ghosts
25Zotterdammerung573 ghosts
26Two ogres one club563 ghosts
27Go West Young Man55
27MFCBros-N-Arms553 ghosts
27TransylvanienTransa551 ghost
28Infowars523 ghosts
29Two and a Half Menkaure503 ghosts
30affordable-jussy-in-my-plussy493 ghosts
31Orb Ticklers433 ghosts
31Scroll of retirement432 ghosts
32The Devils Team42
33Ignis a Contest403 ghosts
33Stubbed my Curse Toes402 ghosts
34ExCF Ralf Fan Club383 ghosts
34PorkChops382 ghosts
36Nightmare Arknights best girl321 ghost
38BlenderBrothers263 ghosts
39Vampire Survival is LOGRIKE241 ghost
40music-is-math223 ghosts
40NoTimeToDie223 ghosts
42paint the world171 ghost
44the costco chickens13
47Pictures of Ru5
49BigSlongusAndGang31 ghost
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