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Clan Nemelex' Choice Ranking

The clan is awarded points in this category in the same way as the indvidual Nemelex' Choice using all of the members' games: one point to each of the first nine clans to win a Nemelex combo. Note: multiple clan members may win a Nemelex combo to deny other individuals Nemelex points, but this will not affect clan Nemelex scoring.

Current combo: PaNe. Chosen on 2022-09-11 19:44:27 UTC.

Previous combos: DEGl (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), PaSu (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), FeDe (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), DjAM (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), BaTm (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), TeWr (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), MeDe (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), MfAE (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), GhFE (won: 9 individual, 9 clan), FoCA (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), MeHW (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), TrCA (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), DjCK (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), KoNe (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), PaVM (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), FeAK (won: 3 individual, 3 clan), OgEn (won: 7 individual, 4 clan), DgDe (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), VpAK (won: 8 individual, 5 clan), FoCj (won: 8 individual, 6 clan), MfEE (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), PaIE (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), BaCK (won: 6 individual, 5 clan), SpTm (won: 7 individual, 5 clan), GhEn (won: 7 individual, 5 clan), DjAr (won: 9 individual, 8 clan), MeBe (won: 7 individual, 7 clan), VpAE (won: 7 individual, 6 clan), DgAM (won: 7 individual, 4 clan), FoFE (won: 3 individual, 2 clan), KoHW (won: 7 individual, 5 clan), OpCA (won: 4 individual, 3 clan), HuDe (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), DEAK (won: 2 individual, 0 clan), DjMo (won: 9 individual, 7 clan), BaWr (won: 7 individual, 3 clan), MeBr (won: 4 individual, 4 clan), DsCA (won: 9 individual, 6 clan), GhSu (won: 4 individual, 2 clan), PaTm (won: 4 individual, 3 clan), DjHu (won: 5 individual, 3 clan), GrDe (won: 9 individual, 5 clan), TeAK (won: 3 individual, 0 clan), KoFE (won: 4 individual, 2 clan), NaCA (won: 1 individual, 1 clan), and TeAM (won: 1 individual, 1 clan)

1Gozags of opportunity36OpCA (beargit), KoNe (Charly), OgEn (beargit), MfAE (Charly), MeHW (Ge0ff), MeDe (freelancePsychic), MeBr (freelancePsychic), MeBe (beargit), MfEE (Ge0ff), PaIE (freelancePsychic), PaSu (beargit), PaTm (freelancePsychic), PaVM (freelancePsychic), SpTm (beargit), TeWr (Ge0ff), TrCA (Ge0ff), VpAE (beargit), VpAK (Ge0ff), GrDe (Dani), KoHW (Ge0ff), BaCK (freelancePsychic), BaTm (Dani), BaWr (Charly), DEGl (Ge0ff), DgAM (freelancePsychic), DgDe (freelancePsychic), DjAM (Charly), DjAr (freelancePsychic), DjCK (freelancePsychic), DjHu (Ge0ff), DjMo (freelancePsychic), FeDe (beargit), FoCA (Charly), FoCj (freelancePsychic), GhEn (freelancePsychic), GhFE (Ge0ff)
2The AOOnguished34KoNe (TheMeInTeam), MeBr (agentchuck), MeDe (browni3141), MeHW (TheMeInTeam), MfAE (TheMeInTeam), MfEE (Prakerore), OgEn (TheMeInTeam), OpCA (TheMeInTeam), PaIE (Prakerore), PaSu (TheMeInTeam), PaVM (TheMeInTeam), SpTm (TheMeInTeam), TeWr (TheMeInTeam), TrCA (Prakerore), VpAE (Prakerore), VpAK (Prakerore), DjAM (TheMeInTeam), HuDe (TheMeInTeam), BaCK (Prakerore), BaTm (TheMeInTeam), BaWr (Prakerore), DEGl (Prakerore), DgAM (browni3141), DgDe (Prakerore), DjAr (Prakerore), DjCK (browni3141), DjMo (agentchuck), FeAK (TheMeInTeam), FeDe (agentchuck), FoCA (TheMeInTeam), FoCj (browni3141), GhEn (browni3141), GhFE (AbyssTournament), KoHW (TheMeInTeam)
3TEAMCAPTAIN ShadowRider3829BaTm (ShadowRider38), VpAK (Implojin), TrCA (ShadowRider38), TeWr (NonviableStreak), SpTm (Implojin), PaSu (Implojin), PaIE (NonviableStreak), NaCA (Implojin), MfEE (Implojin), MeHW (NonviableStreak), MeDe (NonviableStreak), MeBr (Implojin), KoHW (Implojin), KoFE (Implojin), HuDe (Implojin), GhFE (NonviableStreak), GrDe (Implojin), DEGl (Implojin), DgAM (NonviableStreak), DgDe (Implojin), DjAM (aesen), DjCK (NonviableStreak), DjHu (Implojin), DjMo (Implojin), DsCA (Implojin), FeDe (NonviableStreak), FoCA (Implojin), FoCj (NonviableStreak), FoFE (Implojin)
4aoop kinda looks like poop28KoFE (Flugkiller), KoHW (dilly), KoNe (dilly), MeBe (dilly), MeHW (Sergey), MfAE (Sergey), OgEn (dilly), PaIE (dilly), PaSu (dilly), PaTm (Sergey), SpTm (Sergey), TeWr (dilly), TrCA (dilly), VpAE (Sergey), GhFE (dilly), HuDe (Flugkiller), BaCK (dilly), BaTm (dilly), BaWr (Flugkiller), DgDe (dilly), DjAM (dilly), DjCK (dilly), DjMo (dilly), FeAK (dilly), FeDe (dilly), FoCA (Sergey), FoFE (dilly), GhEn (dilly)
5TeamSplat17MeBe (particleface), VpAK (BerryKnight), TrCA (particleface), TeWr (RBrandon), PaSu (particleface), PaIE (BerryKnight), MfEE (particleface), KoNe (particleface), GhSu (particleface), BaTm (Behavioral), FeDe (BerryKnight), DjHu (particleface), DjCK (particleface), DjAr (BerryKnight), DjAM (Behavioral), DEGl (particleface), GrDe (particleface)
6LiBarachi and the Hill Orchestra13TrCA (FizzleBang29), PaIE (FizzleBang29), MfAE (FizzleBang29), MeHW (FizzleBang29), HuDe (FizzleBang29), DjMo (FizzleBang29), DjAr (FizzleBang29), DjAM (FizzleBang29), DgDe (FizzleBang29), DgAM (GnomeSayin), DEGl (FizzleBang29), BaTm (FizzleBang29), DjCK (FizzleBang29)
7Future Player Goats12BaTm (narz), DEGl (narz), DjAM (narz), FoCA (iguanaiguana), FoCj (narz), GhFE (narz), KoNe (narz), MeHW (iguanaiguana), OgEn (narz), OpCA (narz), PaSu (narz), TeWr (MrDizzy)
8TeamSplit11GhFE (shummie), PaVM (jt), PaTm (jt), PaSu (jt), PaIE (jt), MfAE (shummie), MeDe (Daunt), MeBe (Daunt), DsCA (jt), DjAr (Daunt), DjAM (Daunt)
9The Mother of all Bakas10TeAM (SnakkuSnakku7), VpAK (SnakkuSnakku7), MfAE (SnakkuSnakku7), GrDe (SnakkuSnakku7), GhSu (SnakkuSnakku7), GhEn (SnakkuSnakku7), DsCA (SnakkuSnakku7), GhFE (SnakkuSnakku7), DgDe (SnakkuSnakku7), BaCK (SnakkuSnakku7)
10Arcane Markspersons6TeWr (jschmitter482), DjMo (Hi5aMiFi), MfEE (Stipulation), GhEn (Stipulation), BaCK (jschmitter482), MeBe (jschmitter482)
11tab dance5PaVM (bobnalice), MeDe (bobnalice), MfEE (bobnalice), DsCA (bobnalice), MfAE (Poopmaster)
12AWBW Requiem for a Deep Dwarf4BaTm (HorDDes), GhFE (HorDDes), MeBe (Kramin), TrCA (HorDDes)
12Duly Excessive Instruments4VpAE (Rubinko), MfEE (Rubinko), DjAr (Rubinko), MeHW (Rubinko)
12Vv-Bake Oven4DjAM (ragingrage), HuDe (ragingrage), MeBr (Monkooky), PaVM (Bamboomancer)
13Go West Young Man3DEGl (ebering), KoHW (ebering), DjAr (ebering)
13Losers_in_Pajamas3DsCA (Zeldest), KoNe (Zeldest), PaVM (Zeldest)
13OlymP0WER sn0wgr3 st0p-m0tion-bl0CKbuster3FeDe (Leszczynek), GhFE (Leszczynek), TrCA (Leszczynek)
13Order of the Cockatrice3FoCj (910rdNew), DjCK (910rdNew), PaSu (910rdNew)
13Otabby Cats3FeDe (Oneirical), VpAE (Feyd4), KoNe (Feyd4)
14Babushka_ZINa2DjMo (DevastatorOne), MeBe (DevastatorOne)
14Oops all attacks of opportunity2FeAK (glosham), HuDe (glosham)
14Slow Moving Meteorans2FoCA (mdonais), PaSu (mdonais)
14Splats in Hats2DjAr (Ofeo), TeWr (Ofeo)
14TavernSnacksOfOpportunity2PaVM (Strat), MeDe (sanka)
14wherebanana2FoCj (Theoretic), VpAE (Theoretic)
15aOOPS All Berries1SpTm (ISplatSpriggans)
15Bukhgaltered Carbon1BaTm (happy)
15Gozags Part Time Crew1MeHW (emikaela)
15Hallucinated Void Rays1GrDe (Chish)
15Make Beogh Great Again1FoCA (lestiji)
15Negative Win Rate1PaVM (erf)
15Scroll of retirement1MeDe (Floobenga)
15Scrubs1DsCA (snackwell)
15The_Last_of_The_Mohicans1MeDe (Armakuni)
15Why did it have to be Snake1KoNe (ChongLi)
Last updated 2022-09-11 20:11:25 UTC.