Crawl 0.21 “Gnoll Country for Old Jian”

We’re pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.21: “Gnoll Country for Old Jian”! 0.21 features a new species, a new god, a new spell, and many significant updates and general improvements to the game.

Download DCSS 0.21 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows and Linux are all available now. Packages for OS X will be available soon, and we’ll upload this post and the download page when they’re ready. Update: OS X packages are now on the download page.

The release tournament has already started today at 20:00 UTC, with all online 0.21 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.21′s highlights include:

  • Characters: Gnolls have been added, a new species that always trains all skills at once, without any of the usual item/spell restrictions, and can’t select specific skills to train. To help overcome this limitation, Gnolls have very high apts (+6 in magic schools, +9 invocations, and +8 for the other schools) as well as higher stats. They can also sense the location of nearby items. Additionally, Ogres now have better aptitudes in shortblades, longblades, and axes.
  • Gods: Wu Jian Council has been added, a new god that grants martial attacks from movement actions, including a powerful lunge attack, a cleave-like whirlwind attack, and a multi-hitting wall-jump attack that lets you leap off walls. Wu also has two powerful active abilities that cost piety. The first is a Serpent’s Lash ability granting two free movement actions that allows any resulting martial attacks to never miss. The second is Heavenly Storm, which creates opaque clouds and increases your prowess as you continue to use martial attacks. Finally, Zin now grants 100% mutation immunity at 6* piety, allowing you to use potions of mutation solely to cure mutations at this piety level.
  • Spell: A new spell has been added: Borgnjor’s Vile Clutch, a level five Necromancy/Earth spell that calls forth undead hands from the earth over a smite-targeted area to constrict hostile monsters. It appears in the Necromancer starting book, the book of Unlife, and the book of Dreams.
  • Items: Permanent food has been simplified, and now rations are the only type of food, replacing bread and meat rations, fruit, and royal jelly. Food item generation and the herbivore/carnivore mutations have been balanced to keep overall nutrition about the same. Additionally, wands of the same type merge charges upon pickup, and there’s no cap on wand charges. Wands also identify their charges upon pickup and are destroyed when the last charge is used.
  • Dungeon: Items in doorways no longer prevent closing doors in most cases and get pushed out of the doorway if the items wouldn’t land in deep water or lava. The rate at which unique Pandemonium lord levels appear in Pandemonium has been increased. Several new dangerous vaults have been added, and the Hellbinder and Cloud Mage WizLabs have been revamped to provide greater and more varied challenge, as well as better loot.
  • Monsters: Monsters no longer spawn after level-generation in most places, which includes the nasty out-of-depth monsters that formerly spawned after many turns. Instead a few more monsters generate on each level, and monsters have a small chance to generate awake, although never near stairs. Air elementals have a short-range, short-duration Tornado-like Vortex ability. Player ghosts now are all speed 10 and never spawn with chaos melee. Finally, random Pandemonium Lords no longer can have the Shatter spell.
  • Interface: Players can now set training targets for skills. Press ‘=’ on the skill screen, select a skill, and enter a skill level to have training of that skill disabled when the specified level is reached. Many monsters and artefact item tiles have been updated, and Draconian player tiles now show their hats!

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.21!

Trunk Updates and 0.21 Tournament & Release Info

Casting: Borgnjor’s Revivification. Your Trunk Update is healed in an amazingly painful way!

Fellow adventurers, we’re back with another Trunk Update after a long rest in the Tomb; be careful about those one-way hatches! Development has been slower than usual over the months since the 0.20 release, but we’ve built up some nice changes and have settled on the date for the 0.21 Release and TournamentJanuary 5, 2018.

This is longer than our usual 6 month release/tournament cycle, but this date will give developers and tournament organizers alike time to get trunk code and tournament setup in order. We’ll eventually make a follow-up post with more details, but for now please mark your calendars for 8pm UTC Friday January 5 2018 through 8pm UTC Sunday January 21 2018 as the 0.21 tournament. Also, please try out the trunk version on your favorite server to help us find bugs and play-test recent changes.

Speaking of trunk changes, let’s see what Horrible Things the Abyss has to offer! First we cover two features that were in 0.20 trunk but didn’t make that release.

The Gnoll species has a new design we like to call “reverse-skillrobin”:

  • Gnolls always train all skills at once, without any of the usual item/spell restrictions, and can’t select specific skills.
  • They have very high apts: +6 in magic schools, +9 invocations, and +8 for the other schools.
  • They have above-average base stats, two more in each base state compared to humans.
  • They don’t have skill cross-training, nor can they use Ashenzari’s skill transfer.
  • They can worship Trog, who thankfully forgives their training magic, but still doesn’t let them cast or memorize spells.
  • Compared to the last Trunk Update, gnolls no longer have “locked” low stats, they have normal stat choice per 3 XL, they gain one random stat point per 4 XL, and they have normal magic resistance gain per XL.

Gnolls have an easier time early on due to high starting skill levels and better-than-average stats, but only manage to reach about level 7 in all skills at XL 13 and about level 16 in all skills at XL 27. Since you can’t max out a key set of skills like other species, you’d better be ready to use what the dungeon makes available. This design has been in trunk for a couple months now, and has been well-received by both players and D:1 monster gnolls wielding halberds. Aside from possible balance tweaks, expect to see Gnolls in 0.21 in close to their present form.

Next up is the Wu Jian Council god. For a while, we weren’t certain this god would make the cut, but thanks to some recent discussions and patches from SteelNeuron, the original designer and implementer, there’s a new version of the god. This version emphasizes movement-as-combat but hopefully presents better decisions as to when to use those fancy martial attacks. Here’s the current set of abilities:

  • Upon worship, you get the Lunge martial attack. Moving directly towards and adjacent to an enemy triggers an attack that does 20% more damage.
  • At 1* piety, you get the Whirlwind martial attack:
    • This triggers when moving between tiles adjacent to a monster, attacking all adjacent foes for 80% damage.
    • These attacks ‘pin’ any affected monsters, prevent one turn of movement, but allowing monsters to perform other actions.
  • At 2* piety, you get the Wall Jump martial attack:
    •  Moving against solid obstacles triggers a two-turn jump, moving two squares in the opposite direction and attacking any enemies adjacent to the landing site.
    • This number of attacks performed is doubled, in accord with the movement taking two turns.
    • Compared to the last Trunk Update, this ability has lost the monster target requirement and does not distract monsters.
  • At 3* piety, you get the Serpent’s Lash ability:
    • This costs piety and grants two free movement actions.
    • Any movements that are martial attacks will never miss and do 40% more damage.
    • Compared to the last Trunk Update, this ability has reduced piety cost, a reduced exhaustion timeout, and slightly reduced bonus damage (50% -> 40%)
  • At 5* piety, you get the Heavenly Storm ability, which creates opaque clouds and gives an increasing slaying bonus as you use martial attacks. This ability is unchanged from the the last update.

This version of Wu Jian brings the focus back to frequent movement attacks, making them more beneficial and trying to make their effects on monster movement more predictable. Hence the loss of the distraction mechanic and the addition of the pin effect. We’ll be trying out these changes, getting player feedback, and making further adjustments in the weeks to come. The hope is to have Wu Jian ready for 0.21, but as always with trunk features, keep in mind that the god could change significantly between now and release.

Finally, let’s get to the other changes that have landed in trunk:

  • Training targets can be set on the skill screen:
    • Press ‘=’ on, select a skill, and enter a target skill level.
    • Training of that skill is disabled when you reach the target level.
    • You can set a target skill for a weapon’s minimum delay right from the weapon description!
  • Wand charges merge:
    • Wands of the same type merge charges upon pickup and have no cap on charges.
    • Wand charges are identified when the wand type is identified; no more losing charges based on identification.
    • Wands are destroyed when their last charge is used.
  • No more monster spawns over time in most places:
    • Also gone is the super out-of-depth monster timer, which generated very difficult monsters after a long time.
    • The number of monsters created during level generation is slightly increased to compensate.
    • Pandemonium and Abyss still generate spawns as before.
  • Now a fraction of level monsters generate awake, so you can still have that wonderful feeling when a monster wanders over at the most inconvenient time.
  • Ogres have better weapon aptitudes in short blades, long blades, and axes, giving them more weapon choices. Not that they don’t love giant clubs, because they do.
  • Air Elementals  have a new Vortex ability, which is a short-duration, short range Tornado effect. If one of these moves you off of your comfy stairs, remember to say: “Thank you, gammafunk!”
  • Unique Pan Lords now appear more frequently in Pandemonium. It turns out people didn’t like trudging through 27 Pan levels to get all the runes, so we reduced that average number by quite a bit.
  • Rods of Lightning recharge based on XP even when only partially used, and give you a power bonus only for consecutive charges.
  • Fan of Gales now disperses clouds at the players feet.
  • Scrolls of Recharging are no more. The wand charge merging and identification changes give you more charges available in inventory. And let’s be honest, there are a lotta wand charges out there in the dungeon.
  • Wands of Confusion and Lightning are no more. We’ve given the generation weight of these spell-duplicating wands to the more interesting remaining wands of comparable effect.
  • Draconians player tiles now show hats. Has dungeon science gone too far?
  • New vaults in circulation:
    • A crab-themed runed door vault where clawed critters creep in crafty corridors, hoping to catch you in a cloud. The crabs even have friends that try to hit you from afar. Hope you don’t end up as the main course in a crab dinner!
    • A Trog-themed transporter vault that has you shrouded in the field of a silent specter. Imprisoned moths of wrath awaiting you at every turn, hoping to berserk nearby trolls, ogres, and ettins….or even a juggernaut! I hope the loot is worth it…
    • A digging-themed transporter vault where deep troll earth mages or cacodemons wait for you to move close enough so they can dig out hoards of monsters. Use the supplied wand of digging to release smaller groups on your own terms. Dig for victory!
    • A cloud-themed transporter vault where you’re given a potion of resistance to go up against some elemental critters surrounded by clouds. You’d better kill all the things before your resistance wears off, since you have to walk through clouds to reach the exit!
    • A transporter Zot vault containing the legendary Mask of the Dragon. Formerly a runed door vault, now a deadlier transporter vault with moths of wrath ready to berserk a hoard of dragons!
    • A highly randomized concentric ring vault that may contains stairs, loot, traps, and of course some nasty monsters.
    • A “motion control” stair vault that pits you against movement-restricting monsters like manticores, catoblepas, and merfolk avatars, all of which attack you from multiple directions.
    • That one elephant statue in the Lair “Junglebook” ending is diggable. You know, the one near that place that leads to the thing? Yeah, that’s the one (hint: it’s grey).
    • The Chambers of the Cloud Mage WizLab has been reworked. It features the new vortex-enabled air elementals and a host of cloud-spitting crabs, death drakes, and blizzard demons, as well as some shockingly fast snake and insect friends. Loot is updated to include more consumables early on in the map and to give some better-quality finds in the main treasure pile at the end.
    • The Hall of the Hellbinder WizLab has also been reworked. It features a less player-friendly layout with a deadlier assortment of demons, a demonspawn mage, and a Hellbinder with an updated spell set. Loot has been updated to feature some nice consumables as well as a better treasure hoard.
    • The Nemelex gamble transporter vault is now actually a gamble. You were cheating. Oh yeah, we found out.
  • Extra contamination is your reward when un-equiping items currently granting you invisibility. Sorry min-maxers, no more avoiding contam by un-equipping your cloak of invis early.
  • Water species that aren’t merfolk now properly autoexplore and travel through shallow water.
  • Transporters have a ‘landing site’ that indicates their destination. Now you can better determine the location of your future untimely death.

There are more changes to trunk planned before the release, and we’ll be sure to talk about those in a future post. Until then fellow crawlers, as the Wu Jian Council tells you, “Follow the Path!”

A new game by PleasingFungus: Silicon Zeroes

Our own PleasingFungus, now mostly retired from Crawl development, has a new game out on Steam. Silicon Zeroes is a puzzle game about digital logic and CPU design, available on both Steam and Here is a review of the game.

If you think Silicon Zeroes is a little too practical and you’d rather work with things like queue automata, you might be interested in PF’s older game Manufactoria.

0.20.1 Bugfix Release

There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows and Linux are available now, and OS X packages will be uploaded as soon as those are available (Update: OS X packages are now on the download page). We recommend all 0.20 users upgrade to this version. Major bugfixes:

  • Restore 5 base damage to kick aux attacks, which had been missing since 0.16.0.
  • Don’t let equipped weapon accuracy affect throwing accuracy.
  • Ignore negative relative window sizes in full-screen mode. Not ignoring these settings caused full-screen issues on Windows platforms in particular.
  • 41 other bugfixes and cleanups.

As mentioned in the changelog entry, kick aux attacks have had nerfed damage for some time. Hopefully now your poor Tengus won’t get their bird brains bashed in quite so easily in early Dungeon! Getting a boost to throwing accuracy based on the weapon you have equipped is probably too subtle for most players to notice, but at least you can sleep at night knowing that you aren’t cheating with your ranged to-hit. Lots of crash fixes and cleanups, as well as a few vault balance tweaks, so please update!

So, hookbill, your frogs did well! But let us see how they do against my birds of prey – pray the birds don’t get them! Ha-ha-ha-ha…!
-Dark Queen, “Battletoads”, 1991

0.20 Tournament Results

The 0.20 tournament has concluded! A hearty thanks to everyone for coming together and participating in our community. And especial thanks to all our server administrators, developers, organizers, and contributors for putting in their work, time, and passion to make this tournament possible.

Both the individual player competition and the clan competition were very close this year, with lots of lead changes. Read on for details of the amazing achievements players made this tournament. We’ll also discuss some tournament statistics and even an unsolved win rate mystery!

Individual Winners

The champion this year is ManMan with 7291 tournament points and 31 wins. This is ManMan’s first tournament championship, although he made a strong showing in the 0.19 tournament as well, coming in at #9, and has participated in many past tournaments. To maintain his lead ManMan pulled off a number of outstanding games, including the first all-rune win, a speedy 47 minute win, a third place low-turncount win in 17728 turns, and an incredible streak of 15 wins, the longest of the tournament! His 15-streak was ended on Swamp:4 when his Barachian Transmuter got paralyzed by a wasp from shambling mangrove. Respect the forest!

The silver medalist is Yermak with 7052 points and 33 wins. Yermak is no stranger to this competition, being the previous winner of the 0.19 and 0.18 tournaments. Yermak pulled off an incredible 10406 turn win (less than 1k behind WR; third fastest all-time), got the highest scoring run of the tournament, got the second all-rune victory, got third most combo high scores (10), and won 19 Tier-III banners! His best hope for retaking first place with a streak late in the tournament was hindered by an unfortunate crawl bug. Item slot key mappings can be ignored when purchasing previously unidentified items from shops, thus leading Yermak to read the wrong scroll and die to a berserked ettin. Sorry Yermak, we’ll try to get that bug fixed soon!

Third place goes to Ultraviolent4 (playing as YTcomUltraviolent4) with 6155 points and 18 wins. Ultraviolent4 also had the fastest and third fastest real-time runs of the tournament, his best being an incredibly fast Deep Dwarf Fighter won in 38 minutes, 17 seconds (4th-fastest all-time), a win that he improved from his third place DDFi won in 44 minutes. Additionally Ultraviolent4 had the second win of the tournament and the third longest streak at 12 wins, which was ended abruptly when his Troll Conjurer became a snack for the Dis Serpent of Hell. Streak snacks are its favorite!

Clan Winners

The first place clan was Who Left the Gnolls Out, with Demise (captain, #4), ManMan (#1), Ultraviolent4 (#3), Alcopop, gammafunk, and Pekkekk, scoring 22933 points and 93 wins. Fielding a majority of the top 5 players, it’s no surprise that this clan was so competitive. They gained an edge with 46 streak wins (compared to 40 for the second-place clan), having the aforementioned 15 streak by ManMan and 12 streak by Ultraviolent4, but also a 12 streak from team captain Demise. Demise also got the first win of the tournament and had the second-fastest real-time win, a MiBe won in 38:12, a mere 4 seconds behind his teammate Ultraviolent4.

Coming in at second place was Tolkien Minorities, with dying5ever (captain, #10), mibe (#8), koboldina (#11), araganzar (#20), minmay, and Doesnt, scoring 22018 points and 74 wins. This clan had the second most combo high scores of any clan at 33 high scores. Mibe’s streak of 13 games was the second-best of the tournament, and team captain dying5ever (also known as Hellmonk) was no slouch himself with a 12 streak. Minmay was the first player to reach the end of a Ziggurat as well as the third person to kill all 76 uniques, helping to make her clan the first to harvest them all. Finally, Doesnt had the second fastest turncount win, a DDFi won in 13912 turns.

Third place is awarded to Gozag or Go Home, with Ge0ff, Beargit (#5), Faldahar, Kenran, sage1234, and toastedzergling, scoring 19584 points and 70 wins. This clan had the most high scores of any in the tournament with 41 in total, aided by Beargit who had the most combo high scores of any player at 14. Beargit also got the third win of tournament, and team captain Ge0ff was the third fastest in the tournament to reach the end of a Ziggurat.

Other Notables

murphy had the lowest XL win with a level 14 FeEn of Dith in addition to having second and third place for rune fetched at lowest XL. First place in that category goes to KoreanRuneSaw, who was the first to fetch a (gossamer) rune at XL 9 with a SpEn that died strengthless from a ghost moth’s bite a mere 17 turns later. murphy also fetched a (barnacled) rune at XL 9, this time with a different FeEn of Dith that would lose a felid life a mere 13 turns later to a merfolk aquamancer.

inmateoo was the first player to harvest all 76 uniques, doing so less than 6 days into the tournament, and Tegga21 has the distinction of winning with the highest combined AC+EV. Their GrFi of Zin ascended with 99 AC and 49 EV, aided by gold dragon scales, rings of Robustness and Phasing, and quite a few status high jinks. Finally, Dowan snuck in the last win of the tournament, their GrBe winning in 1:48:26 just 40 seconds before the end of the tournament!

The most commonly achieved banner was The Shining One’s Vow of Courage I, to kill Sigmund before entering the Depths, earned by a whopping 1624 players! The most rarely achieved banner was Beogh’s Heretic III, earned only by kuniqs and Rocknlol.

The most dangerous ghost was everyone’s favorite Crawl lua bot, qw, who claimed an incredible 150 kills, over three times as many as SirKenneth in second place, who had 44 kills. Playing over 21 hours a day on average during the tournament no doubt gave qw the edge here, and this also resulted in 25 wins and an overall player ranking of 23! Not surprisingly, qw and SirKenneth also respectively held first and second place in the most deaths to uniques ranking.

The most lethal monster in this tournament was again the gnoll, ending the hopes and dreams of 4306 characters. The most lethal unique was again Sigmund, reaping 1733 characters; that’s 1.07 kills per Vow of Courage I banner. You may be wondering how Ijyb is doing in the rankings now that she always has a wand but places a bit deeper. She’s moved up 7 ranks and killed 281 more players compared to the 0.19 tournament, with over 8 times as many wand kills compared to melee kills.

Statistics and Final Thoughts

Just under three thousand players participated this year! See here for a comparison of this tournament to the 0.19 winter tournament, here for a comparison to the previous summer tournament for 0.18, and here for an album of all past tournament stats images made by johnstein. Summer tournaments like this one tend to have a bit less participation than winter tournaments, but our total play time was still slightly higher compared to 0.19. That’s over 4 years and 187 days of cumulative playtime for 2997 tournament players! It looks slightly more reasonable when you consider it’s just over 49 minutes per day for each player on-average.

One statistic was significantly higher this tournament than we expected: the win rate. Win rate does tend to increase with each new tournament, since we don’t increase the game’s difficulty drastically with each new version, yet our player base keeps growing in experience. You players always get better at winning! However some versions have significant increases in win rate due to major changes or bugs. In 0.15 we removed item destruction and player burden, and increased the benefit of shield enchantment, which saw a 33% increase in win rate (1.34% -> 1.78% from 0.14 to 0.15). In 0.16 we had a the infamous melee bug that doubled melee damage and was fixed well after the tournament began, resulting in a 72% increase in win rate (1.78% -> 3.06% from 0.15 to 0.16). See here for a graph of tournament win rates for all past tournaments for which we have data, excluding games that were quit or played by bots.

This year win rate increased by 29%, which is a bit surprising to us here on the dev team, because on paper this doesn’t look like a version that would make winning significantly easier. New high-level wands, new scarf items, and slightly increased potions of hasting/heal wounds are offset by removal of rods, removal of the Repel Missiles spell, and removal of wands of hasting/heal wounds/teleport. Even though Ijyb was moved deeper and we removed hill giants (and their infamous nets), Ijyb always gets a wand now (and has gotten more kills), and two-headed ogres place earlier than hill giants did and are pretty nasty monsters!

The win rate for players with fewer than 10 wins before the respective starts of this tournament and last is also up 37% (0.7% -> 0.96% from 0.19 to 0.20). This higher than usual win rate increase may be due to a subtle bug we haven’t found yet, but it might also be that the cumulative changes have actually made the game a bit easier. We’ll keep an eye out for explanations and will continue looking at balance issues in 0.21 like we do for every version.

Once again, thanks for participating in the 0.20 tournament! We hope to post a bugfix 0.20.1 release soon that contains fixes made after the release.

Happy crawling!

Crawl 0.20: “Scarf Our Wanderful Fried Frogs”

We’re toadally pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.20: “Scarf Our Wanderful Fried Frogs”! 0.20 features a new species, some new items and spells, dungeon updates, and many other additions, streamlinings, and general improvements to the game.

Download DCSS 0.20 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available now.

The release tournament begins on May 26 2017, at 20:00 UTC, with all online 0.20 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.20′s highlights include:

  • Characters: Barachim have been added, a new species that moves slowly but has good aptitudes, a powerful Hop ability, and can see one tile more than other species. Ogres have had their aptitudes and stats reworked, allowing them to be more proficient spell-casters and not just melee brutes, and mummies have a much higher spell-casting aptitude.
  • Spells: Two new spells have been added: Ignition, a high level Fire Magic spell that drops a weakened Fireball on every monster in view, leaving the player and their allies unaffected, and Poisonous Vapours, a Poison/Air spell in the Venom Mage starting book the creates a very short-lived poisonous cloud on a single monster.
  • Items: Scarves have been added, which are auxiliary armour for the cloak slot that has 0 AC and can’t be enchanted, but have special powerful egos like Repel Missiles, Cloud Immunity, Resistance (rF+ & rC+), and Spirit Shield. Mutation potions are now the only mutation-changing potion, and each quaff cures multiple existing mutations and grants several new ones. Additionally, spells formerly found on rods have been moved to wands of clouds and scattershot and the new rod of lightning XP evocable, and other wands have had their ranges and effects adjusted.
  • Dungeon: Many new dangerous vaults have been added, including an epic level-wide Depths vault as well as tricky loot vaults using the new one-way transporter dungeon feature. The Tomb of Ancients now features more dangerous one-way stairs that don’t allow easy, immediate return, and the treasure walls of the Slime Pits now always breach when the Royal Jelly dies.
  • Interface: A new noise meter now shows the relative loudness of each action, and in console mode this can be replaced by a bar showing the glyph of each equipped item. Stash searches now exclude distant duplicate matches of vanilla weapons, armour and ammo by default. Finally, the mouse can now be used in WebTiles by default and the species selection menu is reworked to have groupings in “simple”, “intermediate”, and “advanced” categories.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.20!

0.20 Tournament Page is Online

For all the warriors, adventurers, zealots, mages, and warrior-mages out there, I’m here with a quick update about the 0.20 tournament. Please bookmark the official 0.20 tournament page and use this page to track your progress throughout the tournament. Remember, the tournament is scheduled from 20:00 UTC Friday 26 May through 20:00 UTC Sunday 11 June.

There are currently no rule changes relative to the 0.19 tournament, but check the tournament page for any final rule changes before the tournament begins. Once the tournament has started, the tournament leaderboard will display the current standings. For now this page has test data from servers with 0.20 available, but this data will be wiped from the tournament database before friday.

Clans can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament. See the Clans section of the tournament page for details, and you can get a head-start on configuring RC on any server that already has 0.20 available. Currently that list is: CAO, CBRO, CJR, CPO, CXC, LLD; the remaining servers will have 0.20 available soon. If you’re looking for people to play with, you can find them in the Tavernreddit, or our IRC channel ##crawl on Freenode.

See you all on D:1, holding the Orb of Zot!

Upcoming 0.20 Release and Tournament

Fellow crawlers, I’m here to let you know that DCSS 0.20 will be officially released on the 24th of May! Two days later, from 20:00 UTC Friday 26 May through 20:00 UTC Sunday 11 June we’ll be running the 0.20 tournament. More details along with a 0.20 tournament rules page will be given in an upcoming post. Note that we’re not quite at feature freeze and that the 0.20 version doesn’t yet have its own game branch listed on official servers, but those things will happen soon!

There aren’t many new features since our last update, since we’re so close to feature freeze, but here’s a teeny tiny trunk update all the same:

  • Gnolls, the new species that senses items and have a short attention span, have been disabled for the next release. This commit talks about some of the issues with the current species, and this commit is a preview of Gnolls 2.0, which may get merged soon. Although Gnolls won’t be in the 0.20 release, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to play these puppers in trunk.
  • Wu Jian has also been disabled for the 0.20 release. We’re examining a few different options for Wu, which may involve reworking an ability or two or even merging some of the god’s abilities into Uskayaw (!). This work won’t take place until after the tournament finishes, but until then, you can continue to worship Wu in your trunk games.
  • New cloud ego for scarves that grants immunity to all clouds, replacing the ultra boring rC+ scarf ego. Cast conjure flame and stand in the flames! Stand in miasma clouds, breathing in deeply! Laugh in Xom’s face when he dumps chaos clouds all over you!
  • Coming soon: more transporter loot vaults, featuring steamed eels, bookish nerds, Jiyva/Lucy/Beogh altar ambushes, and more.

See you all in the Hall of Zot!

Trunk Updates, 24 April 2017

My fellow warriors, adventurers, zealots, mages, BATTLEMAGES, and sword-and-board melee toons, it’s time for another Trunk Update. We’ll hopefully be at feature freeze in the next few weeks to prepare for the upcoming release and tournament. More info on those last two will be posted when things are finalized. Until then, here’s what’s changed in the two months (!) since our last update:

  • New experimental Gnoll species:
    • They have a short attention span mutation. This means they have +4 in all aptitudes, but starting at skill level 7, their aptitude drops by 2 for each full skill level trained, until reaching skill level 12 where the aptitude remains at -6 from then on. You’re probably gonna wanna train a few different skills, pupper!
    • They have a strong nose mutation that allows them to sense nearby items up to 7 tiles away.
    • Fangs 1 mutation.
    • Only get +2 MR/level compared to the usual +3.
    • Gain one point of Str/Int/Dex randomly per 5 levels (in addition to the usual stat choice every 3 levels)
    • Normal XP/HP/MP values.
    • The design of this species is not yet finalized, and it could get major changes or be disabled for the 0.20 release while we work out the details.
  • Changes to Wu Jian:
    • Whirlwind no longer has a chance to slow the monsters it affects. It’s no longer favorable to use this over your normal melee on nearly every monster.
    • Wall Jump can only be used when it would hit a monster adjacent to the landing site. Sorry, no more weird endless tunnel jumping; this isn’t (yet) a Megaman game!
    • Heaven On Earth has been renamed to Heavenly Storm to give a bit more clarity to what the ability does.
    • The god itself is going through some design overhaul, and may be disabled for the 0.20 release or otherwise get some big subsequent changes. Rest assured that we’re interested in getting some of Wu’s core concepts to work!
  • Tomb now uses one-way staircases, like escape hatches, but with pre-determined destinations. You’ll land at the familiar destinations in the various levels of Tomb, but with no immediate return staircase. Should you need to escape, you’ll have to find another one-way stair somewhere nearby. See this commit for some further details. The age of ><><>< in the Tomb of Ancients has come to an end, mortal!
  • Ijyb and Maurice now always have wands, instead of just having a higher chance of getting one. Ijyb now starts placement from D:3 instead of D:2. Watch out for those wands of acid, they hurt!
  • Giant Spiked Club base delay lowered from 1.9 to 1.8, allowing them to reach min delay at skill 22 instead of skill 24.
  • Transporters are a new dungeon feature that act like stairs sending you somewhere else on the current level, taking adjacent followers and foes along with you. Currently a few new vaults and some existing ones like the Golubria WizLab use this feature, but look out for more transporter shenanigans to come!
  • New Vaults: 
    • An epic expansion of the_grid, a series of vaults that arrange a randomly chosen group of subvaults (taken from a varied and dangerous set) into a giant geometric arrangement, including one that can encompass an entire Depths level!
    • Also new is an elven bladeworks, a witch-hunting guild (watch out for anti-magic!), an orcish arena of gladiators, and an overgrown Lair chateau, among others.
    • For the new transporter feature, a set of loot vaults that show you the awaiting prizes should you transport in and survive the monster onslaught on the other side. Also a Zot-themed Abyssal rune vault that has you transport into a mini hall of Zot:5, but where you run through the vault in reverse to get to the Abyssal rune and reach the exit.
  • Captain’s Cutlass no longer chops off hydra heads.
  • Manuals are now always pre-identified. No sense delaying that wonderful feeling when your Dg finds a manual in a loot pile only to discover that it’s for Invocations.
  • Alligators move even faster when using their Sprint ability. Australians, please don’t try to wrestle these! Also applies to Maurice and Gastronok.
  • Secret moon lore updated.
  • Stash Searches now by default hide distant items that are duplicate matches of weapons, armor, and ammo.
  • An Equip Bar can enabled (currently for console only) via the equip_bar RC option, which displays a row of the console glyphs of your currently equipped items in place of the new noise bar. If you’ve already got a good sense of what makes loud noise AND you like to show off your artifact bling, this may be the option for you!
  • Unrand renames: The Ring of Shaolin is now the Ring of Phasing, and the bow of Krishna “Shargna” is now the longbow “Zephyr”. No changes to the unrands’ properties, just to the names. The old names were direct references to a real-world place and to a religious figure, respectively, something we’d like to avoid. And no, Blork the Orc and Killer Klowns don’t count!

Thanks for reading, and as Dithmenos likes to say, “Spread the eternal night!”

Making DCSS with 253 cooks and no head chef

Our own dpeg and Lasty were interviewed in Rock Paper Shotgun!

Have a read and learn a little about Crawl’s development process.

0.19.5 Bugfix Release

There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available. We recommend all 0.19 users upgrade to this version. Major bugfixes:

  • Fix save compatibility when loading games from version 0.18.
  • Macros now work in map mode in Tiles.
  • Autopickup is now smarter about whether items are permanently or temporarily useless.
  • 22 other bug-fixes and cleanups.

Users upgrading their saves from a version 0.18 game should be able to do so properly.

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.
-Eagles, “Hotel California”. 1976.

Trunk updates, 25 February 2017

Hi, crawlers. If you want to know about the latest changes in trunk, you’re in the right place! If not, well, uh… leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

  • New temple god: the Wu Jian Council.
    • An order of militant monks that have ascended to divinity, the Wu Jian Council offer worshippers powerful new combat moves.
    • 1*: Martial Attack – Whirlwind. When moving between two tiles adjacent to the same enemy or enemies, automatically attack them, potentially Slowing those hit.
    • 2*: Martial Attack – Wall Jump. When moving directly into a solid obstacle, instead move two tiles backward, attacking all enemies adjacent to your destination and potentially distracting them.
    • 3*: Martial Attack – Lunge. When moving directly toward a foe, automatically attack them, dealing extra damage to slowed and/or distracted enemies.
    • 4*: Serpent’s Lash. When activated, gain two instant movement actions.
    • 5*: Heaven On Earth. When activated, you are surrounded by opaque clouds, and your combat abilities are enhanced for so long as you continue performing Martial Attacks.
    • All martial attacks scale with movement and attack speed such that fast-movement races aren’t penalized for attacking normally, and slow races aren’t penalized for using martial attacks.
    • Piety is gained through defeating foes.
    • A more verbose writeup (with an old name for the god) is here.
  • Noise from the last turn is displayed as a meter in the top-right of the screen, replacing the gold display. (Gold is still visible in % and $, or replacing the piety display for Gozagites.) Noise is an important part of crawl, and even though this display doesn’t communicate the full complexity of it, it’s a big step forward that I’m very excited about – please thank ‘advil’ for implementing it! Here’s a fuller writeup.
  • Barachians have been rethemed and reworked; instead of being barbarians from the frigid south, they’re creations of the gods who rebelled against their masters long ago. In memory of their maker, shadows still flee at Barachians’ approach, giving them +1 LOS. (Increasing both the range of their attacks, and the range & number of enemies that can attack them!) In compensation for this, their attributes have been raised to human levels, their skills aptitudes have increased by +1 across the board (except for a few flavour-based exceptions), and their Hop’s range now increases even further at XL 13.
  • Potions of mutation, cure mutation, and beneficial mutation have been blended together into one big slurry! They (potions of mutation) now removes 2-6 mutations, adds 1-3 random mutations, and then adds another 1 ‘good’ mutation, which is essentially similar to drinking all three old potions in a row. This is intended to encourage more players to interact with the mutation mechanics in 3-rune games, and to create more interesting decisions: a fuller explanation is here.
  • New unrand: Maxwell’s thermic engine, replacing the Dagger of Freezing Death and the Scimitar of Flaming Death. The Thermal Engine is a freezing/flaming double sword that temporarily increases in enchantment with each blow. Trivia: in development, it once had the ability to summon demons. :)
  • The Ratskin Cloak is somewhat rattier, insofar it can now be evoked to summon rats. Yum!
  • Warper/Arcane Marksperson shakeup: Gell’s Gravitas loses Hexes (it’s now purely Translocations) and moves into the Wr starting book, while Portal Projectile goes from pure Translocations to Hex/Tloc and moves into the AM starting book. This should, hopefully make both spells and both backgrounds more useful.
  • Portal Projectile is now manually cancellable.
  • Transmutations no longer have special-case added damage from str/dex; their base damage has been raised to compensate.
  • During character selection, species are now ordered by ‘complexity’, e.g. appropriateness for new players. This is intended to guide said new players toward species that will be more fun for them, and away from HuFi. The categories are, of course, fuzzy and somewhat arbitrary; there will probably be more tinkering with them over time.
  • The auto_butcher option defaults to ‘Very Hungry’, meaning that auto-travel will go to & butcher corpses once the player is ‘Very Hungry’ or hungrier. This is a compromise between the most convenient behavior for most characters and for necromancers/Fedhasites; the latter would rather not automatically butcher every corpse they encounter!
  • Slow Regeneration is now a 1-level mut, with the effect of the old level 2 of the mut (no natural regeneration while monsters are in LOS). The old Slow Regeneration 3 (no natural regeneration) is now DD-exclusive, and cannot be gained during play.
  • Deep trolls and iron trolls drop exciting new colours of hides.
  • Casting Ignition with tentacles on-screen is considerably less dramatic.
  • Xom is significantly less prone to electrocuting the player.
  • It should no longer be possible, even in rare circumstances, to be 101% of the way to the next level.

Happy crawling!

Edit: removed marriage, and other errors.

Trunk updates, 8 February 2017

Hi, crawlers! Welcome – to the second changelog of 2017! Even better than the first!

  • New item type: scarves!
    • Scarves occupy the cloak slot. They give 0 AC and cannot be enchanted, but always generate with an ego.
    • Scarf egos: rC+, Spirit Shield, Resistance, and rMsl.
    • Scarves replace about 1/6 cloaks.
  • Spells:
    • Replaced Delayed Fireball with a new spell: Ignition (L8 Fire). Ignition drops a fireball on every single enemy in line of sight. The player and their allies are immune. Have fun :)
    • Repel Missiles is gone. It didn’t work especially well as a spell: rather than being an effect that required investment (an interesting strategic choice), it was essentially a permanent buff that applied to any non-Trog character that found it. As a spell that’s mainly cast out-of-combat, it didn’t work with the spell failure system, either; players were encouraged to take off armour, swap in wizardry items, etc to cast it. Everyone liked it, of course, since it had good lootfeel, but it’s better to provide that lootfeel without the accompanying annoyances. It’s an effect that works better as an item (e.g. the new scarf ego, or the Amulet of Air) than as a spell.
    • Airstrike replaces Repel Missiles in the Book of Air. This should give AE a high-accuracy, lowish-damage spell to complement their other tools.
    • Similarly, Force Lance replaces Battlesphere in the Book of Conjurations. This is an experiment to encourage use of e.g. Fulminant Prism, with which Force Lance has considerable synergy.
  • Unrands:
    • Amulet of Bloodlust: MR++ (was MR+), Slay+6 (was +3). Encourage use of an exciting *Rage item.
    • Sceptre of Torment: only has a chance of tormenting on-hit, rather than randomly over time. Simpler, and doesn’t encourage annoying swapping while out of combat.
    • Shield of Ignorance: changed from +6 {AC+4, *Curse, rN+, Int-6} to +10 {rN+, Int-4}. Int-6 was too harsh for almost all potential users to consider it, and *Curse really didn’t accomplish anything.
    • Sword of Cerebov: works on rDamnation monsters.
    • Sword of Jihad: now the Zealot’s Sword. Replace a good but loaded word with a very good and non-loaded word.
  • Food:
    • All food takes one turn to eat, including rations and royal jellies. Chunks only taking one turn to eat meant that the already-limited tactical implications of slow food were very limited, and the annoyances of getting interrupted while eating outweighed those.
    • Removed: pizza and beef jerky, since they no longer had much purpose. The loss of pizza in particular is very sad… some day it will return in cheesy glory.
    • The auto_butcher option now takes an optional hunger threshold parameter; check options_guide.txt for details.
  • Webs generated over the course of play (by e.g. jumping spiders or sacks of spiders) are no longer permanent. Once the monster or player they’re webbing escapes or dies, the web vanishes. This is to discourage certain degenerate behaviors involving luring jumping spiders around the game and using their webs to trivialize tough enemies; I realized it was theoretically possible when we first implemented permanent webs, but credit to Ultraviolent for actually putting it into practice and forcing me to get off my rump and fix it!
  • Elyvilon’s wrath is simpler. Instead of various irrelevant effects (e.g. minor poison miscasts), Ely just has a chance of applying lifesaving to enemies, healing those that were about to die.
  • Wands are now ID’d when you step on them, instead of on pickup.
  • Fixed a longstanding mouse cursor bug in local tiles, which annoyed quite a lot of people. Performance should be much better now!
  • Temple entrance vaults can spawn again. (Broken since last June… oops!)
  • The legendary titan, Antaeus, is no longer terrified of the level 3 spell ‘Conjure Flame’.
  • Monster Upheaval no longer increases in power with the player’s Invocations skill.
  • Frogs can now ribbit, croak, or, under very special circumstances, bellow.
  • Mushrooms caps have been banned.
  • Vampire mages now have ghost hands.

0.19.4 Bugfix Release

There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available. We recommend all 0.19 users upgrade to this version. There are two major bugfixes:

  • Fix mouse lag experienced by trackpad users on Mac OS X systems.
  • Fix to allow the Temple entrance to place as part of a vault instead of always by itself.

This release fixes heavy lag reported by Mac OS X trackpad users in version 0.19.3. If you continue to experience any mouse-related woes, please file a bug report on Mantis.

The release also contains an important fix to Temple vault placement. Since 0.19, Temple entrances had been placing only as ordinary stairs and never as part of a vault. I know you’ve been missing that special feeling you get when those Oklob saplings kill you before you ever see the altars. What are you waiting for, download right away!

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.
-Eagles, “Hotel California”. 1976.

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0.19.3 Bugfix Release

There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows and Linux are available now, with OS X binaries coming soon. We recommend all 0.19 users upgrade to this version. There are four major bugfixes, along with 25 other bugfixes and cleanups:

  • Fix a long-standing Tiles mouse lag bug. Now there is no lag when updating cursor information upon mouse movement to a new tile.
  • Work around an AMD driver bug where the game crashes when loading 512×512 images.
  • Demon tridents are two-handed for small races, as intended.
  • Fix to allow helmets as armour acquirement gifts.
  • Fix to prevent Infestation death scarabs becoming hostile when killing their host in an explosion.

Note that there was no 0.19.2 bugfix release. We tagged that release, but the AMD driver issue was reported and fixed shortly afterwards, so we made 0.19.3 to include that crash fix for the affected users.

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.
-Eagles, “Hotel California”. 1976.

Update: OS X zips for 0.19.3 are now on the download page.

Trunk updates, 14 January 2017

Hi, crawlers! Welcome – to the first changelog of 2017!

  • Evocations:
    • Rods of scattershot & rods of clouds have both been turned into rare, high-power wand types. Wands of Clouds, unlike their rod predecessors, always create harmful clouds.
    • Discs of storms have been replaced with lightning rods, a new xp-charged misc evocable with a remarkable resemblance to the old ‘lightning’ type of rod.
    • Wand power scales significantly better with Evocations skill.
    • Some wands have sub-LOS range.
    • Wands cannot be evoked while confused.
    • Wands of disintegration no longer destroy terrain; wands of digging can now destroy statues.
    • Wands of slowing have, belatedly, followed their hasting friends into oblivion; they’re gone.
    • Rods have been removed.
  • New race: Barachians, a species of frog-men with a great hatred of the letter t. They have a powerful innate Hop ability, a partially-controllable Blink effect that requires several turns of motionlessness to recover before re-use. To balance this, they also have slow movement 1 (1.2 turns/move; nagas move at 1.4) and ghoul-tier attributes.
  • New spell: Poisonous Vapours, L2 Poison/Air. Smite-targeted; creates an extremely short-lived poison cloud on a targeted creature. Appears in the VM starting book.
  • Removed: Poisonous Cloud.
  • Apportation scales more significantly with spellpower. Its targeter is also hopefully a little better.
  • Your current regeneration rate is shown in %.
  • Deep dwarves can now benefit from the special effects of Kryia’s armour.
  • The displayed resistance chance for Siren/Avatar song is shown correctly in monster descriptions; it formerly miscalculated (underestimated) their power.
  • Clearing multiple ziggurats will make the figurines you find within glow in new and exciting colours. Note that clearing multiple ziggurats is, quote, “silly and should not be encouraged”.
  • In addition to summoning golden dragons (see trunk update post #219, true believers!), fortunate TSO worshippers can also use poison stingers.
  • Iron giants can no longer throw your orbs of destruction back at you. (It didn’t work properly anyway.)
  • It’s no longer possible to ?acquire an item directly into lava or deep water. Sploosh no more…
  • Cerebov scumming has been removed.
  • Wizards can now rest inside walls.
  • Sandblast blasts sand.

Happy crawling, and happy new year, and if you haven’t yet taken the survey, hey! What better time for a fresh start (on taking the survey) than now?)

Trunk updates, 23 December 2016

Hi, crawlers! Hope everyone’s been enjoying the holiday season as much as we have. Here’s the latest, most festive changes from trunk:

  • Characters:
    • Whisper ‘Farewell’ when you leave, Legolas: High Elves are no more. (This is, of course, part of the crawl dev team’s newly “straight edge” lifestyle.)
    • Ogres’ apts have been adjusted: their Maces and Flails apt has been lowered, and in compensation, their spellcasting skills have been increased to -1 across the board.
    • Deep Dwarves’ wand recharge ability has been replaced with a self-healing ability that has a chance of decreasing their max MP whenever it’s used.
    • Mummies’ Spellcasting apts are now +2; formerly -1.
    • The demonspawn Augmentation effect is 25% less dramatic.
  • Items:
    • To avoid miskeys, the letter keys can no longer be used to wield or throw useless items unless the * key (‘display all’) has been pressed first. Breadswingers can rest easy, as other selection techniques, e.g. {@w1}, are unchanged.
    • Wands of heal wounds, teleportation, and hasting have discharged their last zap. They’re removed. We removed them. Hence: no more zapping.
    • Wand and misc acquirement have been merged into one category, ‘evocables’.
    • Nemelex wrath reclaims all decks, instead of merely sabotaging them.
  • Monsters:
    • Hill giants and two-headed ogres have merged into one big two-headed monster. (I’m not sure what happened to the third head.) ‘Hill giants’ will be seen no more, and two-headed ogres take their place, becoming significantly nastier in the process.
    • Monsters should no longer, very rarely, appear to be random strange colours in console. This bug was first reported at least three years ago; thanks to johnny0 for finally figuring it out and creating a fix!
    • Monster white draconian breath can now be resisted by AC.
  • Per popular demand, Sandblast now consumes stones directly from the inventory. As part of the change, it no longer functions without ammo, and large rocks can’t be used at all. (Earth Elementalists get more stones to compensate.)
  • Slime:$’s walls no longer collapse entirely when TRJ is slain; instead, only newly-added transparent sections will be destroyed. It seemed a bit too mean to take out the entire thing, even for us.
  • In the spirit of helping new players, the autofight_stop default is now 50, up from 30.
  • For the first time in nearly two years, acquirement and god gifts can now produce helmets. Oops.
  • Followers of the Shining One can now summon golden dragons.
  • Trees will appear angry, when appropriate.
  • You can no longer rest while on fire.
  • You can no longer learn spells that no longer exist.

Happy crawling, and a happy new year in advance! Here’s to many more.

(P.S.: take the survey!)

Trunk updates, 30 November 2016

Hi, crawlers! Here’s the first set of changes for 0.20:

  • Monsters:
    • Draconian callers are now draconian stormcallers; they smite, summon drakes, and also invoke Upheaval, the Qazlal ability. Boom!
    • Snorg, Xtahua, and Bai Suzhen’s hides now have an inherent bonus enchantment.
    • Polymorphed uniques no longer keep their spells in certain obscure cases.
    • Ushabti breathe significantly less often.
    • Monsters’ melee attacks are now included in their descriptions.
    • Monster MR is reduced by lowered HD, from e.g. draining or malmutation.
    • The last great renaming of 2016? Sirens are now, excitingly, Merfolk Sirens.
  • Gods:
    • The Shining One’s conduct has been simplified: all stabs are now automatically prevented (no bonus damage), and poison damage is no longer specially forbidden. Cleansing Flame also does somewhat more damage to non-evil enemies.
    • Jiyva pacifies all slimes, even those that are actually shapeshifters.
    • Nemelex’s Pain card is now roughly twice as powerful.
    • Abyssal gold no longer counts toward Gozag’s entrance cost.
    • Qazlal no longer spawns damaging clouds on plants, e.g. while you’re trying to rest.
    • The Xom Cleave status will no longer last up to 2000 turns.
    • Dithmenos’s shadow can once again mimic diagonal and reaching attacks. (Broken as part of a bugfix two years ago.)
  • Spells:
    • Invisibility and Haste no longer cause extra hunger over time.
    • Confusing Touch is less effective, especially against high-HD enemies.
    • Poisonous Cloud is level 5 (was 6).
  • Odds of confusing enemies with a melee attack (with Confusing Touch or fungus form) are displayed while examining enemies with those statuses active.
  • Various badforms (e.g. wispform, fungus form) have been simplified, and porcupine form has been removed.
  • Console colours have been reworked to avoid invisible colours for certain low-capability consoles. Review options_guide.txt for new options, e.g. best_effort_brighten_background and _foreground.
  • Max charges for wands are always displayed: e.g. “a wand of confusion (?/48)”.
  • The Hat of the High Council has ascended to a higher plane.
  • Lair’s vaults have been exhaustively reviewed and revised. Please thank regret-index for all of the hard work!
  • Demonic guardians expire over time, not based on tension.
  • Vampire feeding, like chunk eating, now always takes a single turn. All the blood has oozed out of our corpses for the last time…
  • Fire clouds no longer expire faster over water (and likewise cold clouds over lava). Fire clouds on water also produce less steam.
  • Noise no longer breaks mesmerization and fear.
  • Mottled draconians (both player and monster) and draconian zealots are no more.
  • Simplified chaos effects.
  • Screaming at tentacles is forbidden.
  • Removed off-brand knock-offs of the Captain’s Cutlass.
  • The player can no longer crash the game by attempting to eat their hat.

Happy crawling, and don’t forget to take the survey if you haven’t already!

0.19.1 Bugfix Release

There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available now. We recommend all 0.19 users upgrade to this version. There are two major bugfixes, along with numerous smaller bugfixes and cleanups:

  • Demon tridents are two-handed for small races, as intended.
  • Allow Dith shadow to attack diagonally and to reach.

Keep dancing right on through those memories!

Update: Windows builds on the download page are now 32-bit so we can support all the Windows devices in the wild. 64-bit builds may return in the future if we get a better setup to build and distribute them, but the 32-bit ones will run fine on both architectures.

0.19 Tournament Results

The 0.19 tournament has concluded.

Courtesy of johnstein, here’s how we did this time around!

0.18 to 0.19 Comparison

More graphs here…

Individual Winners

Our champion is once again Yermak, winning 6356 points and 28 victories! Yermak was the champion of the 0.18 tournament, and with this win he joins Tolias as the only players to streak tournaments. Will a challenger oust him in the 0.20 tournament?

The silver medalist is Ultraviolent4 with 5827 points and 20 victories. Ultraviolent4 also won the first victory of the tournament with a FoFi of Okawaru.

Third place goes to p0werm0de with 5823 points and 21 victories, coming in only four points behind Ultraviolent4. Every point matters… p0werm0de also came in third place in the lowest-turncount victories, winning in 21912 turns with a DDFi of Makhleb.

Clan Winners

The best clan was Eublepharis macularius, with Charly (#5), SaintRoka, Sapher, Turgon, Yermak (#1), and pedritolo scoring 20,494 points and 68 victories.

Second place was seized by Cleave Or Leave, with Leszczynek, Enish, kuniqs, murphy, p0werm0de (#3), and vev claiming 18,936 points and 54 victories.

Third place is awarded to Drain the Swamp – End Corrosion in Spider’s Nest, with Ultraviolent4 (#2), Demise, PurpleRed, alcopop, edsrzf, and tabstorm gaining 17,246 points and 50 victories.


The most commonly achieved banner was The Shining One’s Vow of Courage I, to kill Sigmund before entering the Depths, earned by a whopping 1636 players! The most rarely achieved banners, with only four bannerets each, was Vehumet’s Ruthless Efficiency III and Beogh’s Heretic III.

The most dangerous ghost was Philosophy’s, killing 51 characters. Only twelve of these characters were named Philosophy.

The most lethal monster in this tournament was the gnoll, of gnollcrawl fame, ending the hopes and dreams of 4849 characters. The most lethal unique was Sigmund, reaping 1943 characters. (That’s 1.19 kills per Vow of Courage I banner.) One player had his character slain by falling down stairs, another was ended by the capriciousness of Xom (two by Xom’s severe capriciousness), and one was paralyzed and killed by Sup Lies the pandemonium lord.

Charly won the most efficient victory in the tournament, winning a DDGl in 13,275 turns and the highest score with 53562030 points. SpeedrunTech won the most quickly, winning a DDFi in 40 minutes and 18 seconds.

AWBW II Turbo – Hyper Fighting captured the most high scores of any clan, with 38 high scores, ten more than second place, and also scored 7th place in the clan rankings.

Dynast holds the longest streak of the tournament, with fifteen consecutive winners. His streak was beaten into submission by a hobgoblin, scoring 0 points. He held a truly absurd 94.12% winrate, significantly outpacing anyone with more than one win. Eight players scored a 100% winrate, each of them playing only one tournament game and winning that game.

Over three thousand players participated! Amazing! A hearty thanks to everyone for coming together and participating in our community. And especial thanks to all our server administrators, developers, organizers, and contributors for putting in their work, time, and passion to make this tournament possible.

Happy crawling!

P.S. If you haven’t filled out the survey, now is as good a time as any. Your feedback will help us improve Crawl!