You hear the creaking of ancient gears, and the crawl code shifts around you!

Hello crawlers, it’s my pleasure to bring you another edition of trunk updates. It’s been a busy two weeks in Coc:7 and there are a host of new changes.

  • The ancient gears shift one last time and the Labyrinth transforms into the Gauntlet
    • Gauntlets have the player choose a path through several combat arenas, each of which contains (sometimes exotic) monsters and loot.
    • Arena access is one-way using transporters, and teleports are disabled.
    • All paths lead to the minotaur who guards the exit and a pile of treasure.
    • Gauntlets are found where Labyrinths previously generated.
  • Traps have been overhauled
    • Traps on the floor are always revealed
    • A new trap: the dispersal trap blinks everything in sight when triggered
    • Alarms are now like Zot traps, and always mark the player when triggered
    • The powers of Zot have gained the ability to trap you as you explore: every tile revealed has a chance of causing you to fall down a shaft, set off the alarm, or be teleported to nearby monsters.
  • Elyvilon’s Heal Other targeter now shows the chance of pacification.
  • Blowguns display a chance to affect the target in the targeter.
  • The robe of Clouds has been upgraded, and is now +3 {+Thunder rCloud rElec}, providing evocable thunder clouds.
  • Confused monsters now get a 1 in 3 chance to move normally, just like players.
  • Deep water, lava, and the Temple no longer trigger exploration based effects (piety gain and explore traps).

You fall through a shaft! The trunk updates crumble behind you.