You draw a card… it is Trunk Update!

Hello Crawlers, and welcome to the last batch of Trunk Updates for the year.

  • Nemelex Xobeh has removed decks from your inventory, placing them into three abstract piles.
    • Deck rarities are removed also. Card power is determined entirely from piety and invocations skill.
    • In the place of deck items Nemelex provides three abilities “Draw Escape”, “Draw Destruction”, and “Draw Summoning”, which pull from abstract decks that Nemelex occasionally adds cards to.
    • Triple Draw works as before, though the piety cost is increased.
    • Deal Four deals four cards from a chosen deck (or all remaining if fewer than four remain), discarding the remainder of the deck, and costs no piety.
    • Stack Five constructs a stack from five cards drawn from a choice of decks, which are then put in order. The stack can then be drawn from later, like a fourth deck. Stacking again discards an existing stack.
    • The Velocity card no longer hastes enemies at low power.
  • Ashenzari now protects followers from exploration-based trap effects
  • Qazlal has extended cloud immunity to the elementals created with Elemental Force
  • Console players can now see cloud duration provided by new display character types; see options_guide.txt for the exact values to customize.
  • The skin of Zhor gains See Invisible and a passive Metabolic Englaciation effect. Chilly!
  • Giant size creatures (monsters and players in dragon form) no longer tear through webs
  • The require function in crawl Lua has been renamed crawl_require to allow local builds to include the Lua package library without conflict.
  • Several spooky new ghost vaults are haunting the dungeon
  • Cozy new 7×7 Gauntlet arenas are available to die in.

The trunk updates glow with a rainbow of weird colours and disappear!