Clouds of trunk updates condense around you!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to another round of trunk updates, fresh from the Citadel in the Iron City.

The biggest change this week is the introduction of the malevolent chronology of Zot. One of food’s many (badly executed) purposes was a forward progress clock; in the absence of any such clock tedious optimal strategies crept in, of the kind that we on the devteam categorically prefer to prevent (check out the philosophy section of the manual for an elaboration). The Zot clock is a rather loose clock, but should you tarry too long Zot will find you, and rapidly end you. The hope is that this clock is sufficiently loose that only the most egregious behavior gets caught by it. Since this is trunk there will be further tuning.

Read on for the remainder of the tweaks, shifts, and ever seething chaos of trunk

  • Contamination now decays three times faster.
  • Scarves of shadows now only reduce LOS by 1, instead of a multiplicative factor.
  • The rat skin cloak is changed from evocable +Rats to a passive *Rats, summoning rats when the wearer is hit.
  • Ripostes no longer trigger hydra-head chopping, *Rage, or Minotaur headbutts.
  • Phantom Mirrors and Boxes of Beasts now recharge on XP, mirrors have a single charge and boxes have three charges.
  • A new misc evoker condenser vanes replace wands of clouds. Condenser Vanes have 4 charges and create clouds on and around monsters in view, with the clouds scaling in power similar to the old wand of clouds.
  • Wanderers now have a chance to start with any of the XP charged misc evokers.
That’s all for now, but for a preview of what’s in the pipeline: hellmonk has promised us a good look at Demonspawn mutations, chequers continues to add maniacal and twisted powers to the lords of pandemonium, further tweaks and shifts to evocations are under consideration, and another round of unrand tweaks is starting to shape up. As always, if you’ve got some ideas come by ##crawl-dev or check out our GitHub for how to contribute!
The now-empty trunk updates crumble to dust.