You rampage towards the trunk updates!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to the last trunk updates post of July 2020.

The past month saw some giant changes to crawl; in the past week things have slowed down a little bit, and some of the devteam’s focus has shifted to interface and polish while the dust settles. For our visually impaired players, this means some new accessibility improvements:

  • The Ctrl-x view description command now works from any targeting prompt. When used while targeting it lists only valid targets in range.
  • A new option: travel_one_unsafe_move. Set this option to true to allow auto-travel to take one step towards its goal before performing the usual safety checks. With this option, you can use auto travel to quickly navigate to stairs or a waypoint even when in danger!
  • A new option: monster_item_view_features. This is a regex list option, any feature that matches a pattern in the list will be included in the Ctrl-x view description.
We’ve also been busy merging contributions from community members:
  • A new boot ego: rampaging comes to us from Implojin. Boots of rampaging cause the wearer to take an extra step whenever they move in the direction of a foe (whether they want to or not!).
  • Thanks to rjcrjcKobolds now have the Nightstalker 3 mutation from the start, while Demonspawn no longer have the Nightstalker facet as an available mutation.
And of course, a scattering of other tweaks, shifts, and adjustments:
  • Artificers no longer start with a spectral club; farewell to the brief experiment.
  • Item stacks are now fully visible from anywhere in LOS, and no longer require visiting.
  • The Cloud Mage has learned to fly.
  • Beastly Appendage now merges only helmets and boots, not the full set of aux armour.
  • Formicids can no longer use Wu Jian martial moves while digging (sorry twelwe).
You squash the trunk updates like the proverbial ant!!!!!