You feel the power of the Orb delaying this trunk update!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to another update from the fires of Geh:7. This stretch has seen a mix of gameplay and infrastructure changes, both with contributions from the community, as well as bug fixes and tweaks from Goratrix, chequers, and Implojin. If you’d like to help out in the effort of developing crawl come by ##crawl-dev or check out our GitHub for how to contribute!

On the gameplay side:

  • Palentonga’s HP aptitude has been increased to +1
  • staves of earth now deal higher damage, but with the shrapnel effect of being affected 3 times by AC.
  • staves of conjuration now deal irresistible damage that checks AC (taking Earth’s old effect).
  • staves of summoning and wizardry are removed.
  • The Controlled Blink spell has blinked right out of the game, and is removed.
  • Blink scrolls no longer cause Contam.
  • The Orb’s translocations interference is reduced: blink scrolls can be used in Zot and on the Orb run, as can Passage of Golubria. However, passages are shorter lived and less accurate under the Orb’s influence.
  • The various plants and fungi of the dungeon are now much weaker, once hit they begin to wither and die in 3-5 turns. The exceptions are bushes and briars, made of stouter stuff.

On the infrastructure side:

  • wjchen sent us a community contribution to improve WebTiles glyphs mode font handling. This introduces two new options for customization, glyph_mode_font and glyph_mode_font_size, for all you WebTiles glyphs players.
  • The window drawing loop has seen some optimizations.
The trunk update blinks out of view!