Sad news: CBRO will be retiring. But good news: CBRO will be replaced by CBR2, which will not run out of hard drive space for at least 10 years! Here’s the full plan:

  • CBR2 ( is a completely new server with a much bigger disk and better cpu, administered by ZureaL, advil, and johnstein, hosted by ZureaL, and located in the midwest.
  • We have imported the CBRO login database from CBRO to CBR2, but most other data (including save files) will not be imported, for a fresh start.
  • CBR2 is currently open for test games only, and the server will be reset on 9/25 at 11:59 EDT — games played before then are not on the record. Games played after this reset will appear in CAO scoring and Sequell. (We will do one last pull of the username db around then as well.)
  • After CBR2 goes live on 9/26, CBRO will stop allowing new games to begin. CBRO will remain open for a while to allow finishing off any old games, and will continue hosting its current data until its shutdown (we are estimating final shutdown around 12/1/20). Any games finished until that point will also be on the record. At that point we will most likely archive long-term data away from the CBRO server into cloud storage.

Thanks very much to johnstein for solo-running CBRO for so many years, and to ZureaL for taking the lead in setting up CBR2!