As some of you may have noticed, there were some down-times of CAO and CDO recently, and I’d like to keep everyone posted.

CAO, located in North America, now also allows to play the unstable development version of Stone Soup – with all the additional features like save-game backups for reporting, removing save-games, resetting config-files. With CDO being located in Europe, this should make playing the development version much smoother for Crawlers living in the Americas. While Greensnark was at it, he also installed a new branch called EroCrawl, maintained by Eronarn, presenting two new races called Lava Orcs & Octopodes and square LOS, which he would like to have included in the main branch of Stone Soup one day.

A week ago the server hosting CDO & its services has moved to a new Server Hosting Company (within Germany again). The website and all services were down for 3 days while I moved everything. It’s a much stronger & bigger machine now and should withstand future incidents much easier. Additionally is now fully reachable via IPv6.

Due to the upcoming release CDO and the Windows builds will now focus on providing the pre-release version of Stone Soup 0.8 for a while by updating daily. Please, help us iron out as many bugs as possible!

Thank you very much, Greensnark, for all the work you did to upgrade CAO!