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May tournament is over!

It is a pleasure to recap what has been going during the last 16 days: some players have set up a tournament to celebrate the release of 0.8: Overview


Server usage jumped up (about 400 players/day), not least because tiles players were able to join in the fun – a feature that’s been long asked for: Webtiles, Usage


Winner was mikee (4191 points), narrowly edging out elliptic (4107 points) by managing the last win in the tourney (which gives bonus points).

mikee started with a two streak (including the first 15-rune win of the tourney), followed by two duds and then a seven streak! (KeAr^A, TrCr^E, MiAr^O, SEIE^K, HuVM^V, HOHu^T, HECj^S)

theglow played just five games and won them all! (SEWz^V, HuSt^S, GhGl^M, CeTm^O, DEIE^A)

casmith789 had the most combo high scores (22).

Players could go for some additional goals (Pennants). Only two got them all: 78291 and mikee.


Winner was Zinja, who was also the only clan to win at least one game with each species.

Second place was narrowly won by catonkeyboard (the team with the most combo high scores) over killdudes (aptly enough, the team with the most uniques killed… only Tiamat escaped them).

(brackets are about last August’s tournament, which took a full month)

number of players: .......................... 1523 (1091)
number of players with at least one win: ..... 108 (109)
number of wins: .............................. 233 (321)
average number of wins per day: ............. 14.5 (10.3)
distinct winning combinations: ............... 149 (101)*
overall winrate, quits excluded: ........... 0.79% (0.72%)
* Rules have been changed to make niche combinations more attractive.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the infrastructure and cheers to participants!

WebTiles and Online Player Status

I’m happy to announce that we can now offer an online version of “Tiles”!

We call it WebTiles for now and it serves version 0.8 of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Right in time for the unofficial tournament!

Edlothiol announced his great idea with working code on the mailing-list a few weeks back, and even though it’s still beta-quality in the aspects of features (mini-map missing, inventory-tab, etc), it’s fully playable and there have even been the first 4 wins by players testing it!

There is a slight draw-back: It needs a fairly modern browser which supports a technology called WebSockets:

More: Read the rest of this entry…

Tourney Time!

No, it’s not August! But to celebrate the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.8, “Frantic Frenzied Felines”, various members of the Crawl community have banded together to run an unofficial tournament. Of course, August’s Tourney will run as scheduled.

From May 14th (midnight UTC) through May 30 (midnight UTC), 2011, any version 0.8 game played on CDO or CAO will count towards the tournament.

As with the official tournament, one can join a team, gain banners (or pennants) for various accomplishments, and, most importantly, accrue points for various activities.

All of the details for the tournament can be found here (

Good luck, and good crawling!

Best Bad Ideas!

Ortoslon compiled a top-list of the funniest and most hilarious bad ideas from our LearnDB, which is fed by players and developers alike – through the helpful bots in our IRC channels.

He’s planning to keep this list updated regularly. Make sure you let him know what you think and give feedback.

Head over to his site and feel free to giggle:

For the record: Good ideas are also very welcome in our Wiki! :-)

Packages for Debian-based OSes

Thanks to Kilobyte, we are now also offering packages for Debian-based operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc). For now there are three architectures supported: i386, amd64 and armel.

Add one of the lines from below to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

Stable release:        deb crawl 0.8
Development version:   deb crawl trunk

Additionally you should download and install our signing key to prevent warnings and to verify the packages:

wget -O - | apt-key add -

The available packages to apt-get are named: crawl, crawl-tiles

We’re working on getting the packages of the development version updated as regularly as the Windows binaries that we’ve been offering for a while already.