DCSS Mantis Bug & Issue Tracker

This section refers to the Mantis Bug Tracker.

The Mantis tracker is used for reporting bugs and submitting patches, graphics and vaults. Do not use the tracker to ask questions or to start discussions.

How to Report a Bug

  1. Search the tracker to see if it was already reported.
  2. Check the changelist to see if it was already fixed.
  3. Report the bug on the Mantis Bug Report Page
    1. choose “Bug Report” as the category.
    2. read the bug report page in detail for further instructions.

Format of a Bug Report

Some special tags can be used in bug-note texts:

  • text within <pre> and </pre> will be displayed in mono-spaced font.
  • with #n you can create a link to another issue where n is the issue number.
  • URLs are automatically parsed.

Getting a save backup for debugging

Sometimes it may help for a developer to have access to your save backup. You can get a save backup via the console interface; for basic instructions on how to do this, see Online save backups for debugging.

Referring to a Bug via the Wiki or Mantis

The format for a Wiki command to refer to a specific Mantis issue (requires Issue Number) is:

  • WIKI FORMAT: [[Mantis>IssueNumber]]
  • MANTIS FORMAT: ~~Mantis:IssueNumber~~
  • RESULT: IssueNumber

Resolving / Closing Issues

When you close or resolve an issue, please select resolution “fixed” and choose a “fixed in version” value to register it properly with the system.

Properly registered issues appear in the automated Change logs and can be selected by filters.

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