Tags policies

Some issues regarding tags:

  1. Should we have a policy of allowing any arbitrary tags to be added, or should we restrict it to a well defined list. For example, in one bug I filed, I added the tag “nvidia” since the bug was happening in an Nvidia library.
    1. I think it depends if we want to use tags for specified subcategories (like “Category” is in SF tracker right now - like “Atmosphere and Flavor” and “Gameplay Balancing”) or in a more arbitrary way. Anyway, we can probably restrict the creation of new tags to a user level. — evktalo 2009-11-20 14:02
  2. Should tags be required to start with a capital letter? The tags that I've used have started with a lowercase letter (e.g., “crash”, “arena”), but the other tags that have been used start with capitalized letters (“Atmosphere and Flavor”, “Gameplay Balancing”).
    1. I just aped the SF categories there.. (I'm ok with either) as an aside, “Balancing” might even be it's own category, somewhere between a bug report (just concerning game design) and requesting new features. — evktalo 2009-11-20 14:02
    2. I've made Gameplay Balancing it's own category. — evktalo 2009-11-24 09:52

I think we can just leave the tags open for now and prune and restrict them later. However, I wouldn't want them to copy fields that can be used for filtering elsewhere - that just leads to laziness. For example, of the currently existing tags, I think that Crash, Linux and Tiles belong elsewhere, namely into severity, platform/os and build I guess. Arena and the flavour thing are nice, on the other hand, and I agree that giving Balance its own category might be a good idea since it's been hard in the past to divide those between bug and FR. (On the other hand that might make filtering more complicated, and it's probably more of a subcategory of FRs.) — jpeg 2009-11-21 11:29

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