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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamScoreUniques Slain
1TeamSplat1,1251049 ghosts
2FSTVLKers818741 ghosts
3Gozags Lazy Faire fiscal policy356279 ghosts
4HOW DO I SET TEAM NAME332255 ghosts
5TeamKillers268191 ghosts
6Make_Beogh_Great_Again257180 ghosts
7Stick to Your Gods230154 ghosts
8Absolute Zero Skill207131 ghosts
8Fl0werm0de and the Angry Ettins207130 ghosts
10forabolsonaro205128 ghosts
11CanardsCrawlers202126 ghosts
12BLACK LIVES MATTER192116 ghosts
13All Catoblepae Are Bastards190116 ghosts
14Sif Munas Book Depository and The Grassy Gnolls183108 ghosts
15Stabbed_By_My_Own_Potions182107 ghosts
16summon_small_mamma17396 ghosts
17Gozags Part Time Crew17194 ghosts
18Bay12 Blacksmiths17096 ghosts
19TalkingTime16893 ghosts
20Fox Fired For Bad Addertude16287 ghosts
21Que Seraph Seraph --Cosplay--16185 ghosts
22FuturePlayerGhosts15985 ghosts
23XTAHUA RAWR15881 ghosts
24The Hell Hog Harnessed with Chains15696 ghosts
25Ordo15477 ghosts
26Brain Storm Fucking Around 15276 ghosts
26Knifeback15277 ghosts
28Tovarich14469 ghosts
29Denture_Tictac14265 ghosts
30Sojobos Hobos14167 ghosts
31TechDebtCollectionAgency14067 ghosts
31The Devils Team14065 ghosts
33eAZy sorcery13862 ghosts
34Is there regeneration in heaven13662 ghosts
35Splats in Hats13459 ghosts
36WDIFTL13357 ghosts
37TEAM_MEAT13155 ghosts
38AWBW Artificers Waving Big Wands12954 ghosts
39Babushka_ZINa12752 ghosts
40regeneration12550 ghosts
41Korean_Statuephilia_Association12451 ghosts
41Take Gnoll Prisoners12449 ghosts
41To Infinity And Beogh12457 ghosts
44CanardsTabO12347 ghosts
45BinaryVampiresRDead2Us-GnollReally12256 ghosts
45TheAcademyOfTomorrowMans12247 ghosts
47ACAB For Cutie12044 ghosts
48Fans of Fans of Gales11841 ghosts
48League_of_Redundancy11856 ghosts
50GWJ - Derpy DrFEs11548 ghosts
51Xoms over Baghdad11441 ghosts
52Spriggan_Bakers11349 ghosts
53LittleMisters10837 ghosts
54Gnolls are Fun10735 ghosts
54Team Ahma10734 ghosts
56Tooblords10632 ghosts
57cats-n-pigs10431 ghosts
57MeFi Trog Loves Pain It Just Isnt For You10432 ghosts
57netcrawlers10430 ghosts
57The_Xomfather10430 ghosts
61Ehekatl_of_Luck10233 ghosts
61Memelex10227 ghosts
63Gay Orb Desirers10137 ghosts
64Fresh_Soup_Kitchen9926 ghosts
64StranJap9936 ghosts
64Troglodytes9925 ghosts
67LostArtBrewing9825 ghosts
68AmberSquad9622 ghosts
69Absolute Zero Ability9523 ghosts
69Crawlopedes9525 ghosts
69high energy crawlers9524 ghosts
69Losers_in_Pajamas9520 ghosts
73Clan_Demic9337 ghosts
74GWJ - Theres Gnoll Place Like Crawl9232 ghosts
74This_machine_kills_formacids9223 ghosts
76The Supreme Gentleman and the incels9018 ghosts
76WeeklyDungeons9019 ghosts
78GWJ_Do_Not_Drink_and_Dive8627 ghosts
78Saint Quokka8623 ghosts
80365HappyComics8510 ghosts
80Octopodes With Attitude8518 ghosts
82Kevin Bacon In Tremors-tones8220 ghosts
82Russian Commonwealth of Statuephiles8210 ghosts
82Scrubs8219 ghosts
85DHTML8115 ghosts
86Add_Lava_Orcs_you_cowards8023 ghosts
87Excuse me Sir where is the toilet please7714 ghosts
88Crawldegenerates7620 ghosts
89High Elf Low Win7515 ghosts
90MeFi_Starburst_Joy_and_Glory7417 ghosts
90The Backwoods Neighbors7414 ghosts
92Eddy and Siggy7314 ghosts
93BlenderBrothers729 ghosts
93Fake News7211 ghosts
93lordcool7212 ghosts
96Hebwere7011 ghosts
96momar702 ghosts
98Cloroquina6911 ghosts
99Sophististache6513 ghosts
100The Nice Hugmans647 ghosts
100TransylvanienTransa6411 ghosts
102Malmuthaters6318 ghosts
103CONTRAVID-195910 ghosts
104Velocipappor584 ghosts
104xcvbli588 ghosts
106RNG_is_not_a_wish-granting_factory5712 ghosts
107Gettin Jiyva With It537 ghosts
108Defund Okawaru485 ghosts
109I Listen to Deep Dwarf House Acid Splash Jazz and Dub Shadow Step472 ghosts
110Sisters_In_Arms465 ghosts
110The Hustlers Redux464 ghosts
110wife_and_wife462 ghosts
113Boys_Club445 ghosts
113TakoyakiDan446 ghosts
115Bladerunners Exploration426 ghosts
116HaCK MiNe DESk TrEE OpEn BaBe 416 ghosts
117Tab_O_Hae403 ghosts
117There is a strange kimchi407 ghosts
119Later HOMo399 ghosts
120Bell_Book_and_Sebastian384 ghosts
121_splat_373 ghosts
122Ambrosia355 ghosts
122Xom Provides352 ghosts
124eAZy sorcery334 ghosts
126Not A Tourney313 ghosts
127variance_inference281 ghost
128SavageFantastic271 ghost
129The Orc Worriers24
130Agents of GNOLL21
131Petulant Birds Inc14
132ZeroBoltage131 ghost
134AAAA 8
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