Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.6.0 has been finally released after 4 months of the most active development ever! The switch to git, the new wiki, the new bug-tracking system, this wordpress (350k hits last month!) seem to have attracted a lot of new players and developers. Only the constant stream of new ideas and permanent testing of new features made this shiny release possible! A big Thank You to all participants – players and developers!

The new files are available on our download page. There are binaries of Tiles & Console for Windows & Mac OSX and, of course, the source! If you are new to the game, head over to the preliminary screenshots section to decide. The release notes can be found here.

The online servers (CAO & CDO) are hosting 0.6.0 too now and CDO is back to also hosting early 0.7.0 versions (unreleased, unstable, may cause your computer to explode, etc, etc…).

And a special thanks to doy for handling and coordinating this fine release :)

Update #1: CAO is now hosting 0.6.0 games.
Update #2: SourceForge now has Mac OSX builds uploaded.
Update #3: CDO & Trunk builds updated.