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Trunk Updates 9 December 2018

You hear the creaking of ancient gears, and the crawl code shifts around you!

Hello crawlers, it’s my pleasure to bring you another edition of trunk updates. It’s been a busy two weeks in Coc:7 and there are a host of new changes.

  • The ancient gears shift one last time and the Labyrinth transforms into the Gauntlet
    • Gauntlets have the player choose a path through several combat arenas, each of which contains (sometimes exotic) monsters and loot.
    • Arena access is one-way using transporters, and teleports are disabled.
    • All paths lead to the minotaur who guards the exit and a pile of treasure.
    • Gauntlets are found where Labyrinths previously generated.
  • Traps have been overhauled
    • Traps on the floor are always revealed
    • A new trap: the dispersal trap blinks everything in sight when triggered
    • Alarms are now like Zot traps, and always mark the player when triggered
    • The powers of Zot have gained the ability to trap you as you explore: every tile revealed has a chance of causing you to fall down a shaft, set off the alarm, or be teleported to nearby monsters.
  • Elyvilon’s Heal Other targeter now shows the chance of pacification.
  • Blowguns display a chance to affect the target in the targeter.
  • The robe of Clouds has been upgraded, and is now +3 {+Thunder rCloud rElec}, providing evocable thunder clouds.
  • Confused monsters now get a 1 in 3 chance to move normally, just like players.
  • Deep water, lava, and the Temple no longer trigger exploration based effects (piety gain and explore traps).

You fall through a shaft! The trunk updates crumble behind you.

Trunk Updates 25 November 2018

Hello Crawlers. Since I last wrote for this blog (a long long time ago indeed)
I’ve joined the development team, and I’m happy to be back with a write up of
what’s been popping and shaking over the past few months of trunk development.

Let’s start off with some miscellaneous changes that come from categories that aren’t big enough to merit a separate heading.

  • Wanderers’ starting spell libraries are listed in the
    message log on game start, and logged to the character log. They also
    start with a level 1 spell memorized if they start with exactly one
    such spell.
  • New tiles: monster spell icons, shock serpent, dream sheep,
    mana viper, Azrael, Dispater, Robe of Vines; plus a new splash
  • Confusing touch can now be used with a weapon.


  • A vast and terrible array of new vaults (over two hundred) has been
    added, touching most branches of the dungeon, including new ghost
    vaults, new transporters, vaults that place early manuals, and much more.
  • Many old vaults have been adjusted to prevent unnecessary vetoing,
    allowing them to place with greater frequency.
  • The concentric octagons layout has been added to Snake and Lair,
    and the cave pools layout (with some parameter changes) has been added
    to D.


  • Grasping Roots is now a smite-targeted constriction
  • Jorgrun has learned this new Grasping Roots spell, and can
    spawn in Swamp. Watch out for the Roots/Iron Shot wombo-combo.
  • Orb run spawns are more frequently near the player and more
  • Pandemonium lords’ spell sets and attack brands are revealed
    when you meet them.
  • Monster equipment is identified when you see the monster (including wands).


  • Stash search can now search by handedness.
  • Butchering always leaves a skeleton.
  • Wand charges have been reduced, according to the following
    schedule of average charges per wand:

    Wand Before After
    digging 12.5 5
    enslavement 12.5 8
    paralysis 12.5 8
    polymorph 12.5 8
    flame 24.5 16.5
    random effects 24.5 16.5
  • The following fixed artefacts have been changed:
    • The Singing Sword is now a vorpal double sword, its sonic damage effect triggers on 50% of hits (including ripostes) and is considerably higher.
    • The Spriggan’s Knife now carves into the realm of dreams, and all backstabs are as if the target were asleep.
    • The Robe of Misfortune is no longer an item identification trap, and is now a +5 robe with *Drain *Corrode *Contam Harm *Slow and EV+5.
    • The Sceptre of Torment is now a pain branded eveningstar that torments on 1 in 5 hits but does not torment the wielder. It gains a new tile too!
    • The Arc Blade’s static discharge effect now casts the spell once (instead of using a special custom version) and has had its enchantment bumped to +8.
    • Finisher trades Str+3 for a chance (based on monster toughness) to instantly kill and explode the target.


  • MS Visual Studio can build crawl again.
  • Crawl’s Lua API has been documented, at least the portions available from your options file. Read the docs here.

That’s all for right now, so until next time: happy crawling!