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Trunk Updates 29 August 2021

The trunk updates begin to smolder around you…

Hello crawlers, and welcome to the first trunk update of the 0.28 cycle. Coming fresh out of the gate are a new god Ignis and accompanying zealot background Cinder Acolyte, plus a big new feature for Okawaru and freedom from the summon XP penalty. On top of all that, a new unique Mlioglotl stalks the dungeon. Mlioglotl unique horror with the power to corrupt the level, changing terrain and summoning other abyssal horrors, as well as cause fear. He places in the S-branches and rarely in the Abyssal lair end. Thanks to community contributor amcnicky for the nightmares. Watch out!

Ignis, the Dying Flame

Ignis is a new god who does not appear in the temple. Indeed, altars to Ignis do not place in the regular dungeon at all! Ignis worship can only begin at character creation or from a faded altar. Ignis is dying, and as their last worshipper you are given all remaining power right from the get go.

  • Ignis worshippers start at 5* piety (6* if a monk joining from a faded altar).
  • Ignis has no piety gain and no piety decay.
  • Once abandoned and mollified, Ignis dies and can never be worshipped again.
  • Ignis grants the following abilities:
    • 0*: Passive rF+
    • 1*: Active ‘Sea of Flames’ ability. Creates smoldering embers (like Conjure Flame) on every empty square in LOS. They ignite after the next player turn unless snuffed out by something occupying the cell.
    • 1*: Active ‘Foxfire Swarm’ ability. Conjures Foxfire on every open square in radus 2 around the player.
    • 2*: Active ‘Rising Flame’ ability. Gives the player the “Rise” status, after 2-4 turns the player rockets through the ceiling and up one floor.

The main way to worship Ignis is by starting as a Cinder Acolyte. Cinder Acolytes are a new background and start worshipping Ignis, along with: a 7/5/0 stat split, a robe, a -1 flame branded weapon of their choice, and the spell foxfire memorized.

Okawaru, god of (single) Combat

In the 0.27 cycle Okawaru gave up on their old honorable ally conduct. That was the beginning of a shift in their point of view on allies, and the god of combat now wants to see you prove yourself a worthy hero alone!

  • Okawaru now forbids all allies, as if you had sacrificed love under Ru.
  • And gains a new 5* ability Duel. The Duel ability smite-targets a single non-summoned enemy in LOS (which must be threat level “tough” or higher), and transports them and the player to an Arena portal vault. Winning the duel opens a gate to return from the portal vault, and the player will be forcibly teleported back after a short duration.
  • Finesse is moved to 4*.

Summoning Changes

For a long time summons have applied an XP penalty, stealing up to half of the XP reward from each kill. This was used as a balance tool, because allies in crawl are very powerful. However, over the past many versions a lot of the sources of ally power (summons attacking out of LOS, sources of permanent, very long lived, or cheap and powerful allies) have been removed. Summoning spells were still extremely powerful, owing to the large number of creatures that could be brought to bear on a problem. In trunk summons and allies are changed in the following way, to enable removing the XP penalty.

  • Summon caps are reduced:
    • Summon Small Mammal, Summon Hydra, and Monstrous Menagerie are capped at 2.
    • Haunt is capped at 8.
    • Summon Horrible Things and Dragon’s Call keep their old summon caps.
    • All other summon spells are capped at 1.
  • Summon-capped summons all time out uniformly and disappear after 10 auts.
  • Shadow Creatures is made a monster only spell.
  • The XP penalty is removed from all temporary allies.
  • Permanent allies from Beogh and Yredelemnul currently retain the XP penalty, with a hope to change their design in the future in a way that allows us to fully remove the XP penalty.

And all the rest

Of course, in addition to big projects there are myriad tweaks, adjustments, and smaller features in trunk. Here’s the latest

  •  Ziggurats no longer require a rune of zot to enter.
  • The Enchanter background no longer starts with the Corona spell, and instead starts with a potion of invisibility.
  • The evolution mutation is revised. Once per XL’s worth of experience it activates, providing a good mutation. Every two activations it reduces its level by one.
  • New bad mutation: devolution. Mechanically similar to evolution but dispenses bad mutations and activates once every 1/4th of an XL.
  • Strength 0‘s regeneration reduction is replaced with -Regen in monster LOS.
  • Intelligence 0‘s 4/5 chance to fail scroll reading is replaced with -Scroll.
  • The staff of Battle now triggers the battlesphere on melee hit (in addition to the usual spell trigger).
  • All shields now only use Dex for stat scaling.
  • The robe of Clouds‘ thunder cloud ability is now passive, placing storm clouds on enemies within range 2 each turn.
  • Riposte is removed from long blades and base damage is increased.
  • Demonspawn warmongers’ Sap Magic effect now causes a short term -Cast after casting a spell.
  • Lesser Beckoning’s power cap is reduced to 100 and range reduced to 5.

What’s on the horizon

That’s all for now, crawlers, but there’s a lot cooking down here in Dis:7. There is a major refresh of the hells underway, discuss play testing feedback on reddit or the tavern! Hellmonk has some hellish new wizlabs nearing completion. PleasingFungus has been at work in his own wizard laboratory and has two new spell designs that might make it to trunk soon. Beyond that, who can say what malicious whims will flit through the devteam’s head. So until next time, happy crawling!

With a burst of heat and light, the trunk updates rocket away!

Trunk Updates 1 July 2021 and Tournament Date Set

You open the Incunabulum of Trunk Updates and begin reading…

Hello crawlers! Coming hot on the heels of our previous trunk update we’re back with more of the latest. Before we dive into changes, some exciting scheduling matters:

The 0.27 tournament is tentatively scheduled for July 30th-Aug 15th

As usual, watch this space for links to the tournament webpage, more information about scoring, etc.

While it has only been a week since our last little chat, almost 100 commits have landed in trunk. One significant area of change is to spellbooks, feedback on the feel of this change is most welcome and we look forward to reading your remarks on various crawl forums. With that said, on to the changes!

  • Thanks to community contributor Aliscans, wizmode monster creation now has in-game help, for all your monster experimentation needs.
  • Archmagi can now appear on randart robes.
  • Several unrands have been adjusted:
    • Damnation only consumes bolts and explodes on hit.
    • the staff of Wucad-Mu has been buffed, refunding MP more often and including the refund even when it backfires.
    • the Wrath of Trog is angrier: it now extends your berserk duration on kill (sometimes) and grants Rampage. Raarhrhrhghghghghgh!
  • The post-berserk penalty no longer includes paralysis.
  • Using Trog’s Berserk now has a piety-adjusted chance to fail.
  • Salamander Tyrants, Rockslimes, and Quicksilver oozes have been added to Ziggurat monster sets.
  • Several further enhancements to the quiver:
    • Potions and scrolls can now be quivered for use.
    • Autofight correctly supports “waiting spells” like searing ray.
    • New options are available to customize the quiver order
  • A new spell: Maxwell’s Capacitive Coupling (Level 8 Air). When cast, the player begins charging up. If the player waits (with ‘.’) and is not moved then after a bit of time (random and depending on spell power) the accumulated charge is discharged, vaporizing the nearest foe (nearest at the end of the spell, not when it is cast!). This might seem familiar, but I’ve got absolutely zero idea where you might have seen the mechanics before.
  • Wereblood now only grants its healing for kills of adjacent monsters.
  • Felids no longer get a stealth penalty from Blade Hands.
  • Everyone else can improve their stealth with a new good mutation that dampens sounds.
  • Spell book changes:
    • Spellbooks are always identified
    • Randart spellbooks have fewer spells
    • Fixed spellbooks are split into smaller books of 2-4 spells each, and 30 new books are added to pick up the contents.
    • Spellbooks generate more than twice as often to keep the number of spells generated about the same. Book rarity is now more closely tied to the spell level.
    • Book pricing in shops is reworked
    • Backgrounds that previously started with a spell book are unchanged, their starting spells are added directly to the spell library at game start.

That’s all for now. In the run up to the release and tournament, “feature freeze” is scheduled roughly around July 16 or 23. Before then expect to see many more exciting new vaults reach trunk, both from our new devteam members and from several community contributors; along with balance tweaks, bug fixes, and user interface improvements (including, hopefully, an item panel in the WebTiles UI). Until next time, happy crawling!

Weird images run through your mind. The Trunk Updates vapourize in an electric haze!

Trunk Updates 25 June 2021

Welcome to Tudoco Ucre’s Tempting Trunk Update!

Hello crawlers, it has been a while since a post has appeared in this space. While your author has been inactive the rest of the team and the community have been working away in the depths of Gehenna to sift the most lethal ideas from the hellish magma.

First of all, a warm welcome to the two newest players for the Devil’s team: hellmonk–a long time community contributor, fork developer, and notorious memelord. nicolae–another long time community vaultsmith, with a special talent for shop vaults, whimsey, and good quotations. We’re happy to have both of them aboard the team.

Speaking of community contributors, since I last wrote from among the 285 commits to trunk we’ve seen

  • A new splash screen by ArbitUHHH
  • New tiles from Sastreii, including for demonic trees which inspired a new dungeon feature
  • Tweaks and fixes from Goratrix, dilly, nlavsky, and DreamDust
  • Specific mechanical input from engine and pubby
On to the changes!

New and Improved Vaults and Environment

  • Everyone’s favorite lair ending, the Jungle Book, has been overhauled to no longer be a Lua-trigger spoiler. There are still plenty of appearing monsters, brought back from the dead by necromancers that now appear.
  • hellmonk has been on fire, adding three new Volcanoes: a smoke and steam themed map, a tribute to the Zot hot tub (beware the orb of fire), and an elven volcano full of pryromancers.
  • To cool off, he then added a slime themed new Ice Cave.
  • Both hellmonk and nicolae have been at work improving Snake vaults; the first with a new rune vault, and the second with a wide variety of thematic vaults.
  • Many old guarded unrand vaults have been tweaked and adjusted, as well as a slew of new ones.
  • While not exactly a vault: demonic trees now appear in the Abyss, Pan, and themed vaults. They can be awakened like normal trees but when burned produce a cloud of chaos instead of a forest fire.
  • Early out of depth monsters have a shallower maximum depth.


  • Hepliaklqana waits until you have shown enough devotion to earn 1* of piety to bring your ancestor out of the mists of memory (and kindly also waits to impose the HP penalty).
  • Sacrifice Experience costs more XP now: the experience cost of skills is calculated with your old XL value, which will have a much longer effect. The sacrifice can now be repeated up to three times.
  • Sacrifice words and sacrifice drink grant bonus piety when both are taken (Mummies get the bonus just for sacrificing words.)
  • Other sacrifice piety values have been tweaked and rebalanced in various directions.
  • Okawaru no longer cares if you slaughter your allies.
  • Kikubaaqudgha now gifts spells directly into your library; the capstone grants all of the spells of the Necronomicon and also Haunt once more.


  • Djinni aptitudes are adjusted (XP is increased from 0 to +1 and spellcasting reduced from -2 to -3).
  • Unbreathing is no longer a mechanic distinct from rPois or holiness type (this applies also to monsters).
  • Palentonga can now silence their rolls.
  • Wisp form no longer has blinkitis.
  • The guaranteed damage reduction mechanic is changed. Instead of being a secret percentage associated with particular armour items, it is an internal calculation derived from AC from any source. For the curious you can read the details, but to quote the LearnDB “If you’re making equipment decisions based on this, please reconsider.”


  • The amulet of the Air loses EV+5 and becomes an Air magic enhancer.
  • Monster Bind Souls now always creates a simulacrum when the targeted monster dies.
  • Air Elementals lose their twisters, and gain Stunning Burst which inflicts 1 turn of paralysis and is resistible with rElec, stasis, or by dodging the attack (but not Will).
  • Ice form‘s AC scaling with power is buffed.
  • New spell: Storm Form Level 7 Air/Transmutations. Transforms the caster into a storm, melding all non-jewellery, and granting power-scaling electric cleaving melee, power-scaling defenses, and an activated blinkbolt ability.
  • Wereblood grants a small amount of healing on each kill.
  • Blade Hands is again level 5.
  • Freezing Cloud is now level 5.
  • Tornado is re-named and re-flavoured to Polar Vortex Level 9 Ice; the damage flavour is changed to icicle damage and increased.
  • Chain Lightning is increased to Level 9 Conjurations/Air, and has its mechanics simplified to be easier to reason about (but still a bit more complicated than a bullet point).
  • Poisonous Vapours no longer creates a cloud as part of its mechanical function.
  • Absolute Zero and Hydra Form are removed.
The trunk updates go straight to hell!

Trunk Updates 19 April 2021

The trunk updates feel delightfully devilish…

Hello crawlers, and welcome to another installment of the 0.27 trunk updates!

A big thanks to nicolae for another big batch of vaults, this time for Spider; to Dilly, ShaperMC, and hellmonk for new ecumenical altar vaults; and to Sastreii for a continued stream of new tiles! Additionally a big thanks to hellmonk for the overhaul to Demonspawn Tier 3 facets:

  • The Black mark facet gives the following benefits. At level 1 hex enhancer, level 2 black mark, and at level 3 a radius 1 silence donut around the player (the player isn’t silenced).
  • The Damnation facet is adjusted to feel more like becoming a Brimstone fiend. At level 1 the facet grants Will+ and passive retaliation to hex attempts, at level 2 gives 50% torment resistance, and at level 3 hurl damnation (which has some tweaks to its damage scaling).
  • A new Chaos facet which gives at level 1 a chance to corrode enemies when you damage them, at level 2 a chance to malmutate enemies when you damage them, and at level 3 an active ability to forcibly blink away and apply negative statuses to enemies in line of sight.
  • The Robust and Augmentation facets are unchanged; Passive freeze is removed, and the passive freeze mutation moves into the general pool.

Read on for the rest of the trunk changes:

  • New Unrand: the seven-league boots, which grant a full-LOS rampaging effect
  • Yredelemnul again permits statue form
  • Nemelex’ Foxfire card is renamed “the Swarm” and summons a swarm of bees with size varying on power.
  • More salamanders have been placed in Snake rune vaults
  • Draconian Knights and Fannar no longer cast Ozocubu’s Armour and have higher base AC.
  • Ice elementalists now start with Metabolic Englaciation instead of Summon Ice Beast
  • Hailstorm now affects icy creatures
  • Wands of random effects are removed, replaced with the XP-charged pieces from Xom’s chessboard, which apply a random effect to a random target in LOS.
  • The diversity of early dungeon books is increased.
  • Static Discharge is lowered to level 2, and Swiftness increased to level 3.
  • Mnoleg loses Random Bolt, to better focus on summoning eyeballs.
  • The demonic rune is announced when a vault that is guaranteed to place it is generated.
  • The player and their Hepliaklqana ancestor can now fire through one another.
  • Major Destruction is buffed and has the list of zap adjusted. Makhleb’s passive heal on kill is reduced in strength.
  • Vehumet now supports Poisonous Vapours.

That’s all for now! As always, the future is hazy; there are some big changes proposed by community contributors that are under discussion, as well as some big UI projects under way. One of those projects, by long time contributor nlavsky is nearing completion: it will bring an inventory panel to WebTiles! Until next time, happy crawling!

You make a move on the chessboard. The trunk updates cackle and vanish!


Trunk Updates 2 April 2021

You pray at the faded altar. The Trunk Updates accept your prayer!

Hello crawlers, trunk is currently as hot as Geh:7 on a hot day with lots of commits coming fast. Since we last wrote over 150 changes have landed in trunk, a mix of tweaks, shifts, new features, community contributions, and bugfixes. As with last time, I want to again highlight our non-code contributors:

  • New vaults by beargit, nicolae, and ShaperMC, appearing in various places in the dungeon. If you’re interested in making vaults (prefabricated bits of the map), read an introduction to editing vaults here and consider setting up a development environment to test your vaults.
  • New tiles by Sastreii. If you’re interested in making tiles, read our tiles guideline here.

Both kinds of contribution can be submitted on our GitHub repository, either as an issue or a pull request, if you don’t have a mantis account. If the documents seem a little old, they’ll be getting updates in the coming month.

Work on spicing up the early dungeon experience has continued with significant changes to the overflow altar system:

  • Each floor from D:1-3 has a 50% chance of placing a faded altar. We need more faded altar vaults! If you’re interested in making vaults this is a good place to start (as are arrival vaults).
  • There is a 20% chance of an identified `altar to a random Temple god on D:2.
  • Except for the previous two chances, no other altars appear on D:1 or D:2.
  • Every “Temple god” receives exactly one guaranteed altar, appearing either in the Ecumenical Temple or in an overflow temple between D:3 and D:10. We also need more overflow temple vaults!

In addition to the changes to altar placement, further adjustments continue:

  • Oozes are renamed endoplasms
  • Dungeon spawn tables are adjusted to produce more depth appropriate monsters
    and less chaff.
  • Ogres and Two headed ogres again attack slowly and hit harder.
  • Scorpions are now fast.
  • Gnolls on D:1 no longer get halberds.
  • Worker ants, soldier ants, and queen ants are removed.

The new Djinni species continues to be tweaked in response to play testing:

  • Weapon aptitudes have been lowered by one.
  • The scholarly gods now all reject Djinn worship (that’s Sif Muna, Vehumet, and Kikubaaqudgha)
  • Spells are guaranteed on level-up: if a starting book spell is rolled the spell gets re-rolled until an available spell is found.

Some changes to the mutation pool:

  • All scales except Iridescent scales are now Demonspawn only.
  • Iridescent scales, bone plates, thin skeletal structure, and sturdy frame are no longer incompatible.
  • Blurry vision is removed, replaced by allowing Ru’s -Scroll while threatened mutation in the random mutation pool.
  • Shoutitis and No potion heal are reduced to 2 levels, with the maximum level effect at the top level, and half the effect at the first level.
  • A new Jiyva mutation gives player melee an engulf effect, engulfing foes in ooze (gross).
  • The blink mutation is removed.

And of course, a grab bag of other changes:

  • Manifold Assault is raised to level 5.
  • Depths vaults have their monster lists updated to match the spawn table.
  • The Vestibule of Hell has its monster list updated to remove chaff monsters.
  • Flying equipment, species, and forms cause you to fly at all times.
  • Sif Muna’s book gifting rate has been reduced, to make it more feasible to reach 6* piety.
  • Blade Hands is now level 6 and appears only in the book of Transfigurations
  • Hydra Form is now level 5 and appears in the book of Changes and the Fen Folio
  • Heavenly Storm grants bonus EV and is a bit quieter.
  • Scrolls of random effects are removed.

That’s all for now. On the horizon: new demonspawn tier 3 facets have come into focus. The winds of freshening continue to blow through branches but just where they’ll go remains mysterious. Until next time, happy crawling!

You feel threatened and lose the ability to read!

Trunk Updates 23 March 2021

A trunk update comes into view. Wyrmbane glows green as a worthy foe approaches.

Hello crawlers, it’s been a busy few weeks in the cottage industries of the Iron City. This trunk update has several big things, but before we get to them I want to highlight some non-code community submissions since we last wrote:

  • New vaults by beargit, nicolae, and Skrybe, appearing in various places in the dungeon. If you’re interested in making vaults (prefabricated bits of the map), read an introduction to editing vaults here and consider setting up a development environment to test your vaults.
  • New tiles by Sastrei. If you’re interested in making tiles, read our tiles guideline here.

Both kinds of contribution can be submitted on our GitHub repository, either as an issue or a pull request, if you don’t have a mantis account. If the documents seem a little old, they’ll be getting updates in the coming month.

Diving into some of the other changes that have happened since we last wrote. Several branches have had changes.

  • Slime gains two new monsters:
    • rockslimes, a high AC flame resistant slime that tramples and hits like a rock.
    • quicksilver oozes, an antimagic and engulfing magic-immune ooze.
    • Eyes of draining and death oozes are removed (both from Slime and the game).
  • Vaults monster sets have been heavily revised:
    • so-called “trash mobs” no longer spawn, for a deadlier experience.
    • orc warlords in Vaults come with bands of loyal knights, and nothing weaker.
    • wizards in Vaults come with bands of ugly things, their disgusting pets.
    • New ironbound frosthearts are human spellcasters see invisible and draw creeping frost from the walls.
    • New ironbound thunderhulks are ogres with a magical lightning rod, which can fire smite-targeted lightning, but cannot hit nearby foes.
    • New ironbound beastmasters lead beastly war bands of dire elephants or lindwurms through the vaults, speeding them along with spiked goads.
    • peacekeepers have arrived to keep the peace in the vaults, coming with bands of constructs.
  • Snake monsters have been refreshed (in addition to a change to poison mechanics):
    • naga and naga warriors get a buff to base damage, and the latter have learned a battlecry.
    • naga ritualists no longer cast force lance and have become priests.
    • nagaraja no longer cast force lance or teleport other, and now cast dimension anchor.
    • naga magi now cast venom bolt, haste, and enchant their allies to turn their poison into curare.
    • New salamander tyrants call forth volcanic eruptions and glare with a weakening gaze.
  • The early dungeon has some new features:
    • Shops can generate on D:1-3.
    • Rare scrolls, books, manuals, and staves can generate on D:1-3 at normal rates.
    • Quokkas can spawn on D:1.
    • Ball pythons are adjusted.
    • Hobgoblins no longer spawn with a weapon but have higher base damage.
    • Oozes have less hp and melee damage, but can cast freeze.
    • Leopard geckos are removed.

Next, a new species has arrived in trunk: Djinn.  Djinni are floating spirits formed from smokeless fire, they have no MP, instead casting spells using their HP. They also cannot learn spells from books; they instead get spells randomly and naturally, starting on XL 3 and continuing on every even level. The former mechanic is inspired by a design from kilobyte, who created another ‘Djinni’ species in 0.13. The latter comes from pubby, who created an ‘Oni’ race using it in various DCSS forks. We are indebted to their ideas, though this implementation is somewhat different from both.

Of course, trunk development is not all headline items. There’s been a lot of behind the scenes technical work, bug fixing, and an assortment of other changes. Read on to see what else has changed.

  • Wyrmbane now glows when a dragon that can upgrade it comes into view.
  • Dexterity and EV formulas are tweaked again.
  • Assorted autoexplore edge-case improvements by Aliscans.
  • Swamp is now loud.
  • Cheibriados no longer hates quickblades.
  • Elixir gives both heath and mp at all power levels.
  • Zin sanctuary no longer applies holy word.
  • Empty space no longer reduces the variance of Airstrike‘s damage.
  • Kobold Fighters start with bucklers now.
  • Monster weapon delay is standardized at the monster’s speed, certain monster
    base damages are adjusted to compensate. (hellmonk)
  • Poisonous Vapours can no longer target empty space.
  • Palentonga HP apt is reduced to +0.
  • Player poison now ticks much faster.
  • Yredelemnul accepts nonliving worshippers again. Return the black torches to your Gargoyles and statuary!
  • Halflings are removed.
  • Shatter deals bonus damage to toenail golems (youch).

That’s all for now. The future keeps approaching even though we can never see it clearly, but by desperate Aperomancy it seems that the branch freshening trend might reach to Spider or the Hells. More vaults from vault smiths new and old are soon to appear. Perhaps hellmonk’s promised Tier 3 demonspawn changes will materialize? Or perhaps none of these things will happen and this space will show something completely different next time! Until then, happy crawling!

The trunk updates whisper ‘farewell’ as they head to the true west.

Trunk Updates 2 March 2021

Ashenzari offers you a vision and a curse of trunk updates…

Hello crawlers and welcome to the first trunk update of March! It’s been busy here in Coc:7 dreaming up new and varied ways of torturing players. The first thing of note in this round of trunk updates is an Ashenzari overhaul:

  • Ashenzari periodically offers followers curses as they explore.
  • Curses are applied to equipped items and have the following effects:
    • Bind the item to you, so it cannot be removed,
    • Increase your piety with Ashenzari,
    • and grant a boost to two groups of skills (described when Ashenzari offers the curse).
  • Curses can be removed at any time by shattering the chains. This destroys the item, freeing you from the curse.
  • In exchange for binding yourself with curses, Ashenzari grants the following benefits:
    • Skill boosts granted by your curses grow with piety.
    • At 0* Ashenzari reveals a wealth of knowledge: all items (including consumables) are identified, exploration traps are prevented, and portals are revealed.
    • Passive monster and item detection and passive mapping, with detection range scaling with piety.
    • At 2* See Invisible
    • At 3* Clarity
    • Starting at 4* passive scrying with radius 2, scaling up to radius 4 at 6*.

Other changes since we last wrote:

  • Plain Liches have a new spell set: Bolt of Cold, Orb of Destruction, Slow, Haste and Invisibility; and Ancient Liches trade Slow for Petrify.
  • If he spawns on the orb run, Boris will do so with permanent haste and a permanent aura of brilliance, spurred on by his lust for the ORB.
  • Airstrike no longer does bonus damage to flying things.
  • The obsidian axe cannot be unwielded while mesmerised; watch out!
  • Once you complete a Ziggurat, the Zot clock no longer applies.
  • The spectral brand has been simplified: The weapon pops out when you attack, immediately follows up, and then sticks around until the end of your next turn. If you hit again, everything repeats. Otherwise, it vanishes.
  • Unidentified equipment is now identified when you touch the cell that it is on, instead of on wear.
  • The Depths monster list has been trimmed of so-called “trash mobs” for a deadlier experience.
  • *Slow as an artefact property now stacks, multiple sources will increase the chances of getting slowed when hit.

That’s all for now! On the ever changing horizon, changes to Snake and the Vaults seem in focus, but it is always hard to see through the impenetrable haze at the border between Cocytus and Gehenna, so who can say, really? Until next time, happy crawling!

You shatter the chains binding the trunk update!
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Trunk Updates 16 February 2021

As you read the scroll of trunk update it crumbles to dust…

Hello crawlers and welcome to the first trunk updates post of the 0.27 cycle. Things have commenced with a shebang! and there are a lot of new changes to report on. This update will have some thematic organisation to highlight several big sets of changes: curse removal, stat changes, monster spellbooksadjusted demonspawn facets, and two new spells. There are of course all sorts of tweaks, shifts, changes, and new spells. Read on for more!

Curse Removal

The system of cursed items is no-more, courtesy of PleasingFungus who finally found the collective remove curse scroll and read it for all of us. Practically, this means the following:

  • All items that generate are uncursed
  • No mundane negative-plus items generate on the floor (though some special shops still place them)
  • Scrolls of remove curse, rings of attention and teleportation, and amulets of innacuracy are removed.
  • Ashenzari is the only source of curses. In current trunk, Ash uses identify scrolls instead; however this is a place-holder and a larger revision to Ashenzari is currently in-progress but not yet in trunk.
  • The Scythe of Curses and Obsidian axe now have *Drain instead of *Curse; the necklace of Bloodlust no longer has a swap penalty.

Stat changes

Several tweaks to the stat system (including the impact of weapon stats) have arrived, to simplify the impact of base stats and remove hidden breakpoints and step-downs. Thanks to hellmonk and chequers for the submissions! Along with these changes are some adjustments to species stats.

  • Dexterity and evasion no longer have hidden step-downs
  • The percentage damage modifier for strength on weapon damage is derandomzied and simplified. 10 strength corresponds to 100% damage, and each point of strength above adds 2.5 percentage points to the modifier (points below 10 remove 2.5 percentage points).
  • Demigod base stats are reduced to 9/10/9, and now gain 4 points of the stat of their choice every 3 levels. This will give players almost divine control over their stats.
  • Gnolls base stats are reduced to 7/7/7.
  • Spriggans lose one point of base dexterity and have their Dodging apt reduced to +3.

Monster Spellbooks

Monsters with multiple distinct spell books have had their spell sets combined into single sets. For a couple of monsters with multiple iconic sets, new monsters have been created to carry the torch. The full set of changes can be perused in the pull request, here are some of the highlights:

  • Psyche has a new, more insane, spell set. She can cast Polymorph, Chain of Chaos (hi Xom!), Invisibility, and Cantrip.
  • The named lords of the hells and pandemonium who summon demons now summon demons specific to their realm: Cerebov only summons fiery demons now, Ereshkigal only tzitzimimeh, and Dispater only hell sentinels.
  • New monster: Dread Lich. Ancient liches now have an earth-conjurations spell book with LCS and Corrosive Bolt, but lich summoned demons are a classic. Enter the Dread Lich, with Summon Greater Demon, Paralyse, Invisibility, and Haste; appearing in the same places as ancient liches.
  • Deep elf mages are removed, replaced with deep elf pyromancers (who have a fire-themed spell book) and deep elf zephyrmancers (with an air-themed spell book).

Adjusted Demonspawn Facets

Thanks to hellmonk for continued demonspawn improvement work! This latest round of mutation changes focused on the tier 2 facets, with the following adjustments and a new spellcasting-focused facet (combine with Big Brain “scales” for a truly demonic mage experience!).

  • The mana link facet is re-ordered. The first rank increases MP Regen, the second rank provides guardian spirit, and the third the mana link.
  • Foul stench generates miasma at every rank of the facet (scaling with rank) as well as miasma cloud immunity.
  • The damage curve of spines is adjusted to be a bit better at high level.
  • Ignite blood now ignites blood at every rank of the facet, with power scaling on rank.
  • Demonic guardians are summoned when the player takes damage, and the tier of the guardian grows with level.
  • The icemail facet shifts from pure AC to AC+SH; at rank 1 it grants a condensation shield for 4SH, with ranks 2 and 3 granting 4 AC of icy armour each.
  • A new facet: malignant magic. Demonspawn with this facet attempt to paralyse foes in a radius equal to the rank of the facet whenever they cast a spell; at rank 3 this extends to include wand usage. The power of the paralysis depends on the level of the spell cast.

New Spells

PleasingFungus has developed two new spells aimed at generating new incentives to hybridise.

  • Animate Armour. Level 4 Summoning/Earth magic. “Call forth the spirit of your armour, bringing forth a slow-moving ally that hits harder the heavier your armour is. Wham, pow! (Summon limit is 1, as with CCF.)”. Animate Armour appears in the book of Earth and the book of Dreams.
  • Manifold Assault. Level 4 Translocations. Manifold Assault launches attacks with your melee weapon against 2-4 random enemies in LOS, depending on spellpower. Manifold Assault replaces Passage of Golubria in the book of Spatial Translocations, and appears in the book of the Warp (along with Passage of Golubria).

The rest of the changes

This has been an active month for trunk, and there is a lot more going on. Read on for the rest!

  • Storm clouds no longer make noise; making Qazlal worship quieter at low piety.
  • Regeneration is buffed; one pip of regen grants 1 HP per 10 auts (a normal turn). This is 2.5x as strong as it was before.
    • Trolls and Vine Stalkers are adjusted slightly to compensate.
  • Monsters with ranged weapons now have unlimited ammo. No more running that stone giant out of large rocks. (Except nets; infininetting gnolls are reserved for gnollcrawl.)
  • Phantoms have less HP, and now blink the player with them when they blink from attacking.
  • Big Kobolds are re-named Kobold Brigands and always spawn with darts (one third of the time curare, yikes!). Normal kobolds can no longer spawn with curare (though they can still pick it up from the ground, if you’re very unlucky!).
  • Ranged targeting shows to-hit chance, and a monster’s to-hit chance can be seen in xv.
  • Haunt moves from the Necronomicon to the Grand Grimoire
  • Scarves of shadows no longer act as a spell de-enhancer
  • Wands of disintegrate are now called wands of mindburst, and do not work on mindless creatures.
  • Manuals no longer require an inventory slot; once picked up they boost skill aptitude until used up.
  • Hats and Gloves can spawn with the stealth ego.
  • Wands of random effects are de-spoiled, applying a random buff or debuff to the target (15% chance of a buff), with the list of effects visible in the description.
  • Ozocubu’s armour and Frozen Ramparts now break on any player position change.
  • Ozocubu’s Refridgeration is now level 7.
  • Stone arrow damage is increased.
  • Monstrous Menagerie no longer summons harpies.
  • Summon Demon and Summon Greater Demon are removed as player spells.
  • Gadget shops are removed.
  • Rings of Stealth and Boots of Running are removed.

That’s all for right now! In addition to the Ashenzari changes, on the horizon are more demonspawn changes, refreshes of Vaults and Snake, and new vaults from returned vaultsmith nicolae—plus who knows what other twisted horrors we can dig out of the abyss. Until next time, happy crawling!

You feel as if something is helping you. You feel blessed forevermore.

0.26.1 Bugfix release

The 0.26.1 bug fix release is now available on the download page. Thanks to all the many contributors who helped with this release, including patches and bug reports!

Updating is recommended for all players. Happy crawling, and report more bugs here!

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0.26 Tournament Results

The 0.26 tournament is over. On behalf of the Dev Team, many thanks to all the server admins, outside contributors, bug reporters, and to the many DCSS players who made the 0.26 release and tournament possible! For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.26 games on the public servers. This was the second tournament held after the major revision of the tournament rules done for 0.26. There were changes based on previous input, and once again there will be discussion threads on the tavern and dcss subreddit to collect feedback on the tournament rules.

Congratulations to Yermak, perennial champion, for once again taking first place in the individual competition, with 95,456 points! Over the course of the tournament, Yermak won 47 games, including a streak of 16 games, 29 Nemelex’ Choice combos, an XL 13 win, 3 species high scores, and 3 background high scores. In second place was EnegeticOcto with 80,792 points and 38 wins, including 29 Nemelex’ Choice combos and a 28 minute 17 second real-time win, the fastest of the tournament. Rounding out the top 3 was booing with 78,169 points and 38 wins, including the first win of the tournament, 50 minutes and 27 seconds after the start, an XL 16 win, 3 species high scores, and 2 background high scores; they also collected every banner!

Our top three took several of the top spots in the individual category rankings, but they weren’t the only players on the leaderboard. Acrobat set a high standard in Win Rate and Streaking, playing and winning 22 games over the course of the tournament, for the top streak and an adjusted win rate of 95.65%. Behind Acrobat in Win Rate was DrMan with a 20 game streak. For much of the tournament Acrobat and DrMan were engaged in a high-stakes back and forth at the top of this category. The Nemelex’ Choice competition ended in an impressive 3-way tie, with Yermak, EnegeticOcto, and Shummieall winning 29 Nemelex combos for points over the course of the tournament. Yermak blew away the competition for Combo High Scores, with 329 points in the category; booing was the only other player to earn more than 200 points in the category, finishing second with a score of 226. The Best High Score of the tournament was the 72,401,124 point run by iamserjio. In the Lowest Turncount Category, Caminho won with 3 runes in 8,617 turns, the 7th lowest turncount of all time! EnegeticOcto’s 28:17 win was the Fastest Realtime Win, but Shummie was only 33 seconds behind with a 28:50 win. Felids were the weapon of choice for the Low XL Win category; Yermak’s XL 13 cat was followed by CurlyBrace who won at XL 15. The tournament was herladed by booing, who posted the first win 50 minutes after the tournament start. DrMan followed an hour later with the first all rune win. The Ziggurat Dive was an exciting back-and-forth for much of the tournament, until Sentinel decided to clear a definitive 100 Ziggurats. Finally, in seeking the favor of the gods, booing was the only player to collect every banner over the course of the tournament.

The clan competition was won by Irradiated Dongers (captained by EnegeticOcto) with 88,667 points. Following very close on their heels were Gozag or Stay Home (captained by Ge0ff) with 88,333 points. Rounding out the top three was TeamSplat (captained by Shummie) with 72,456 points.

Most of the clan categories take the best score of the member, so I won’t recap those. The Nemelex’ Choice competition was a collective effort, and each of the three-way individual tie members were on different clans, which led to a very high scoring clan competition. Gozag or Stay Home came out on top, with other clan members contributing 30 more Nemelex Combo wins on top of Yermak’s 29, for a total of 59 clan nemelex points; following were Irradiated Dongers with 52 and TeamSplat with 50. The Combo High Scores competition was similarly astronomical at the top; Gozag or Stay Home earned 533 points in the category, followed by Irradiated Dongers with 449, and Make Beogh Great Again with 392 points. These three clans were also the only three to collectively earn every banner.

Thank you to everyone for playing. The rules were adjusted after 0.25 based on collected feedback, and once again there are feedback threads on the tavern and reddit.

To close out, here are some overall tournament statistics (with the 0.25 numbers in brackets for comparison). 2,760 players started a game at some point during the tournament; of those 2,333 completed a game in a non-boring way. This definition of “player” (players who completed a non-boring game) is used for subsequent calculations and was used for the 0.25 statistics.

  • Players: 2,333 (0.25: 2,772)
  • Total player time: 29,392 hrs (0.25: 34,433 hrs)
  • Average player time: 12.6 hrs (0.25: 12.4 hrs)
  • Games played: 54,701 (0.25: 62,125)
  • Players who got a rune: 886 (0.25: 1010)
  • 476 winners and 1767 wins (0.25: 548 winners and 1871 wins)
  • Win rate: 3.23% (0.25: 3.01%)
  • Proportion of players using WebTiles: 96% (0.25: 95.9%)

The 0.27 season has begun, and it again looks to be an active trunk season. Watch this space for further information as the 0.27 trunk update posts begin to flow. Until next time, happy crawling!

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0.26 “Roll Around the Clock”

We are pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup 0.26 “Roll Around the Clock”!

DCSS 0.26 features a new Palentonga species that has a rolling attack and gets bonus AC after getting hit, a new Delver background that starts the player on D:5 with a variety of escape tools, a reworked Swamp branch with new monsters and other layout changes, and a vastly reworked quiver system that lets spells, wands, and abilities be quivered, fired, and autotargeted. Additionally, food is gone, replaced with a Zot clock that prevents players from lingering too long in one branch. The Kobold species now has the Nightstalker 3 mutation, the Ghoul species has chunk eating replaced with heal-on-kill, and there are a bunch of reworked spells, monsters, and items (including nine overhauled unrandart weapons). As always, there are dozens of new deadly vaults, and many more changes small and large alike!

Download DCSS 0.26 here or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows and OS X are available now. Linux debs are coming soon (Update: The Linux debs are now available). See the full list of changes on the release page here.

The tournament starts today in just a few hours at 20:00 UTC Friday 8 January and runs through 20:00 UTC Sunday 24 January, with all online 0.26 games counting towards your score. See the tournament page for more details, including how to join or set-up a clan. Clans membership can be changed until 20:00 UTC Friday 15 January.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to DCSS over the years. A special thanks to the following community members who contributed to DCSS 0.26 and a warm welcome to the first-time contributors, listed in italics. (Let us know if someone is missing, this data is tricky to collect in bulk!)

Aaron Golden, AdamPG, Alex Jurkiewicz, aMcNicky, Anders Papitto,
Byrel Mitchell, CrawlCycle, Elliot Dronebarger, Emily, Eugene Abramchuk,
Gittourarmy, Goratrix, Heinrich Ody, hellmonk, Implojin, Joe
Childers, Kieron Dunbar, Marcelo Henrique Cerri, mgdelmonte,
Midn8, Naruni, nikheizen, Nikolai Lavsky, Paul Pollack, Peter
Gerlagh, Peter Hurst, Petri Salminen, Quipyowert2, randomMesh,
RJ Cunningham, Roderick Schertler, Cebolla Sunbeam, Ryan McNeive,
sdynet, Sebastian Łużyński, Shummie, Skrybe, syranez, Umer
Shaikh, ukdong99, wjchen

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Trunk Updates 13 December 2020

Quiver which trunk update?

Ho ho ho hello! Santaeus has rolled up from the North Pole with a box of beastly trunk changes for all you good crawlers out there on the net.

The major highlight is the new quiver system, written primarily by advil. A quick overview:

Any ranged attack, spell, ability, or evokable action can be quivered! This change change lets a wide range of things appear in the quiver slot for quick access via firing, autofiring (p and shift-tab) and cycling (( and )); use Q to select an action. At the same time it introduces a number of UI improvements and new options.

For the gory details, check out the updated documentation or read the pull request summary and discussion.

Here’s what else is new in trunk:

  • Net traps are now permanent, but the nets always mulch (no more net farming!).
  • Translocations miscasts now prevent movement altogether for a short time (like Tree form!).
  • Player spell damage and spell accuracy are now displayed in the UI in various easy to find places.
  • Hailstorm now hits automatically (instead of having a very small chance to miss).
  • Several ghost vaults have been revamped to have better loot and better theme.
  • Palentonga can now mutate longer rolls.
  • Skills can now be trained at any time, without item or spell restrictions.
  • The revamped Swamp has seen various balance tweaks and adjustments after play testing, including:
    • Goliath frogs are now a bit slower,
    • Will-o-the-wisps cast marshlight more often.
  • The chance for the distortion brand to banish has been reduced.
  • The ancient pharoahs have asserted their right to title, greater mummies are now royal mummies.
  • Evocable invisibility now drains skills, whether or not you successfully vanish!
  • Magic Resistance has been renamed to Willpower (with the abbreviation changing from MR to Will).
That’s all for now! This development cycle has seen many large changes land, so as always your play testing feedback and bug reports are welcome as we draw closer to the time of a new release. Until next time, happy crawling.
Aiming: blog post
Press: ? – help, Q – select action, (/) – cycle

Trunk Updates 21 August 2020

You feel the power of the Orb delaying this trunk update!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to another update from the fires of Geh:7. This stretch has seen a mix of gameplay and infrastructure changes, both with contributions from the community, as well as bug fixes and tweaks from Goratrix, chequers, and Implojin. If you’d like to help out in the effort of developing crawl come by ##crawl-dev or check out our GitHub for how to contribute!

On the gameplay side:

  • Palentonga’s HP aptitude has been increased to +1
  • staves of earth now deal higher damage, but with the shrapnel effect of being affected 3 times by AC.
  • staves of conjuration now deal irresistible damage that checks AC (taking Earth’s old effect).
  • staves of summoning and wizardry are removed.
  • The Controlled Blink spell has blinked right out of the game, and is removed.
  • Blink scrolls no longer cause Contam.
  • The Orb’s translocations interference is reduced: blink scrolls can be used in Zot and on the Orb run, as can Passage of Golubria. However, passages are shorter lived and less accurate under the Orb’s influence.
  • The various plants and fungi of the dungeon are now much weaker, once hit they begin to wither and die in 3-5 turns. The exceptions are bushes and briars, made of stouter stuff.

On the infrastructure side:

  • wjchen sent us a community contribution to improve WebTiles glyphs mode font handling. This introduces two new options for customization, glyph_mode_font and glyph_mode_font_size, for all you WebTiles glyphs players.
  • The window drawing loop has seen some optimizations.
The trunk update blinks out of view!

Trunk Updates 13 August 2020

The trunk update comes into view, it is surrounded by clouds of flame!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to another round of trunk updates from the frigid winter wastes of Falls Creek Coc:7.

This week has seen a fair share of bug fixing, including from community members Goratrix and Naruni. If you’d like to help out in the effort of developing crawl come by ##crawl-dev or check out our GitHub for how to contribute!

Let’s take a look at what else has been woven into the next illusion version:

  • Gauntlet monsters now generate awake
  • A new round of unrand revisions has begun in earnest:
    • Wucad Mu no longer provides evocable channeling. Instead, with a chance depending on evocations, it refunds the MP cost of the spell. There is a chance of confusion or intelligence drain (which scales on spell cost and evocations skill) when a spell is refunded.
    • The cloak of the Thief is changed from +Fog to *Fog, creating fog when the player is hit.
    • The Majin-Bo loses Archmagi, and instead gives a chance for any cast spell to be vampiric, healing the caster for damage done to living creatures.
    • The shield of Resistance is now a +2 kite shield {rF++ rC++ MR++}.
  • Rampaging can now appear as an artefact property on all armour types. Enjoy your rampaging octopodes, courtesy of Implojin!
  • Staves of energy are removed.
  • chequers has finished his project to add cloud rings to Pandemonium lords. There’s now a chance that pan lords will come with a ring of one of the following clouds: flame, ice, thunder, chaos, mutation, draining, acid, or miasma. The chance is much higher for melee pan lords, and the cloud will often flavorfully match the pan lord’s melee brand. Watch out for Faroclos, armed with a chaotic touch and surrounded by clouds of chaos!
  • Not content to let chequers have all the fun, first-time contributor amcnicky sent in some new Pandemonium lord tiles.

There’s much more planned before we arrive at 0.26, so stay tuned for the latest and don’t hesitate to get involved yourself. Until next time, happy crawling!

The trunk update sneers, “Beg for mercy, thou defiled idle-headed gnoll-tail!”

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Trunk Updates 5 August 2020

Clouds of trunk updates condense around you!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to another round of trunk updates, fresh from the Citadel in the Iron City.

The biggest change this week is the introduction of the malevolent chronology of Zot. One of food’s many (badly executed) purposes was a forward progress clock; in the absence of any such clock tedious optimal strategies crept in, of the kind that we on the devteam categorically prefer to prevent (check out the philosophy section of the manual for an elaboration). The Zot clock is a rather loose clock, but should you tarry too long Zot will find you, and rapidly end you. The hope is that this clock is sufficiently loose that only the most egregious behavior gets caught by it. Since this is trunk there will be further tuning.

Read on for the remainder of the tweaks, shifts, and ever seething chaos of trunk

  • Contamination now decays three times faster.
  • Scarves of shadows now only reduce LOS by 1, instead of a multiplicative factor.
  • The rat skin cloak is changed from evocable +Rats to a passive *Rats, summoning rats when the wearer is hit.
  • Ripostes no longer trigger hydra-head chopping, *Rage, or Minotaur headbutts.
  • Phantom Mirrors and Boxes of Beasts now recharge on XP, mirrors have a single charge and boxes have three charges.
  • A new misc evoker condenser vanes replace wands of clouds. Condenser Vanes have 4 charges and create clouds on and around monsters in view, with the clouds scaling in power similar to the old wand of clouds.
  • Wanderers now have a chance to start with any of the XP charged misc evokers.
That’s all for now, but for a preview of what’s in the pipeline: hellmonk has promised us a good look at Demonspawn mutations, chequers continues to add maniacal and twisted powers to the lords of pandemonium, further tweaks and shifts to evocations are under consideration, and another round of unrand tweaks is starting to shape up. As always, if you’ve got some ideas come by ##crawl-dev or check out our GitHub for how to contribute!
The now-empty trunk updates crumble to dust.
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Trunk Updates 29 July 2020

You rampage towards the trunk updates!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to the last trunk updates post of July 2020.

The past month saw some giant changes to crawl; in the past week things have slowed down a little bit, and some of the devteam’s focus has shifted to interface and polish while the dust settles. For our visually impaired players, this means some new accessibility improvements:

  • The Ctrl-x view description command now works from any targeting prompt. When used while targeting it lists only valid targets in range.
  • A new option: travel_one_unsafe_move. Set this option to true to allow auto-travel to take one step towards its goal before performing the usual safety checks. With this option, you can use auto travel to quickly navigate to stairs or a waypoint even when in danger!
  • A new option: monster_item_view_features. This is a regex list option, any feature that matches a pattern in the list will be included in the Ctrl-x view description.
We’ve also been busy merging contributions from community members:
  • A new boot ego: rampaging comes to us from Implojin. Boots of rampaging cause the wearer to take an extra step whenever they move in the direction of a foe (whether they want to or not!).
  • Thanks to rjcrjcKobolds now have the Nightstalker 3 mutation from the start, while Demonspawn no longer have the Nightstalker facet as an available mutation.
And of course, a scattering of other tweaks, shifts, and adjustments:
  • Artificers no longer start with a spectral club; farewell to the brief experiment.
  • Item stacks are now fully visible from anywhere in LOS, and no longer require visiting.
  • The Cloud Mage has learned to fly.
  • Beastly Appendage now merges only helmets and boots, not the full set of aux armour.
  • Formicids can no longer use Wu Jian martial moves while digging (sorry twelwe).
You squash the trunk updates like the proverbial ant!!!!!
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Trunk Updates 20 July 2020

You start singing a song of trunk updates…

Hello Crawlers, and welcome to a charming round of trunk updates fresh from the ever churning chaos of the changelog abyss!

The big news this update is that the long awaited Charms overhaul has arrived. For many years the devteam has tossed around different ideas for what to do with charms, and the school had become quite thin and unfocussed because of a fundamental tension: pure buff spells don’t fit well with crawl’s MP and tactical systems. Some forks experimented with various “permabuff” systems that reserved max-MP, but to us these felt more like items. The result of all this is that the Charms school and skill are no more. The remaining spells in the school have either moved to other schools of magic or to item effects. Without any charms to cast, Skalds have sung their last and are removed. Here are the spell changes:

  • Ozocubu’s Armour is now Ice only.
  • Swiftness is now Air only.
  • Death’s Door is now Necromancy only and Level 9.
  • Excruciating Wounds is now Necromancy only, prevents unwielding your weapon for the duration, and applies a Wizardry penalty as well as noise.
  • Battlesphere is now Conjurations only and its targeting has been adjusted to work with all Conjurations school spells other than Servitor.
  • Song of Slaying is now Transmutations and renamed Wereblood; the noise is reduced somewhat.
  • Infusion, Shroud of Golubria, Spectral Weapon, Darkness, and Ring of Flames are removed.

Then there are the new or revised items that take up some of the old charm effects:

  • A new scarf of shadows that reduces LOS and acts as a spell power de-enhancer, stacking with nightstalker and the robe of night, replacing Darkness.
  • A new spectral weapon ego appearing on clubs, giant (spiked) clubs, staves, and two-handed randarts that on hit summons a spectral weapon to fight along side the wielder. The strength of the spectral weapon scales with evocations.
  • The salamander hide armour loses +Rage and gains a fire spell enhancer, ring of flame clouds, and rC– picking up Ring of Flames’ old effect.

These changes of course led to background tweaks, other than the removal of Skalds:

  • Artificers now start with better defensive skills, no weapon skill, and a spectral club in place of the short sword.
  • Transmuters no longer start with arrows, and Wereblood replaces Sticks to Snakes in the starting book.

It wouldn’t be trunk without a host of other changes, so let’s take a look:

  • Gozag no longer offers flight potions in petition and occasionally offers lignification.
  • Viewing a monster with xv now shows to-hit chance with your current weapon.
  • The “view stack/pickup key” ; can be pressed twice to force autopickup even in unsafe situations.
  • Beastly Appendage now melds auxilliary armour slots, weapons, and shields, and gives two levels of both Horns and Talons (octopodes keep their tentacle spike) instead of randomly choosing.
  • Alistair’s Intoxication prompts when nothing in view can be affected, always applies Vertigo when successful, and has a higher power cap.
  • Sticks to Snakes is removed.
  • Palentonga charge now provides a to-hit bonus as well as the damage bonus.

That’s all for now. Still on the horizon is a look at Kobolds; for a preview look out for the kobold-nightstalker experimental on CPO and possibly coming soon to CKO. Beyond that who knows what might emerge from the seething chaos! Until next time, happy crawling!

As the wereblood boils in your veins your song becomes a howl!!! 

Trunk Updates 13 July 2020

The trunk updates roll forward with a clatter of scales!

Hello crawlers, and welcome to the first trunk update of the 0.26 cycle. There’s been a flurry of activity in trunk since the end of the tournament, and I’m excited to bring you the latest from Geh:7. Before diving into the details, I want to highlight two major changes that arrived just as this post was going to press, as well as something that’s unfolded over the past week.

The first is a new species: Palentonga. Palentongas are a two-armed, four-legged, scaled mammal species the size of a horse. Their special power is the ability to curl into a ball and launch a rolling charge at enemies, dealing extra damage proportionate to the distance traveled. Palentongas have flat melee apts, slightly weak spell apts and fairly weak ranged apts. They have +3 base AC and extra HP, along with an aux attack – an upgraded tail slap. They wear bardings (which have been merged into a single item type, shared with nagas). Stats skew towards strength and away from dex, to give the ‘large race’ feeling. Palentonga have deformed body and bad armour/dodging apts. In the Lore, Palentonga are an up-and-coming power, displacing the orcs, trolls, and ogres of the eastern wastes. Their generals ride elephants into battle, goading them forward with spiked ankuses.

The second is a new background: Delver. Shaft traps are fun. What if you had a background that started shafted all the way to D:5, and needed to find their way back up to survive? To make it fair, you start with a nice set of consumables: a wand of digging, scrolls of mapping, fear, and fog, and a potion of haste.

Finally, several aspects of the game have been touched with the long-hungered for removal of food and hunger mechanics. That’s right, no more eating, no more butchering, no more spell or ability hunger, and no more rations.

What happened to Ghouls with the removal of chunks? Well, read on gentle crawler, read on…

  • Crimson Imps no longer spawn in D, and Shadow Imps less often (not at all after D:10); in their place White Imps and Ufetubi chase adventurers.
  • Shadows and Wights no longer spawn in Crypt; replaced with flying skulls, necromancers, and wraiths.
  • Spider is now ambiently quiet, apart from the unsettling clatter of chitin.
  • Evocations skill no longer grants max MP.
  • Banishment (from Lugonu or distortion) grants full XP.
  • Wizards have been renamed Hedge Wizards; they now start with a dagger and 2/6/4 stat modifiers.
  • Conjurers start with -1/10/3 stat modifiers that Wizards used to have.
  • Assassins have been renamed Brigands.
  • Ghouls, no longer able to eat chunks, now heal when they kill the living.
  • Centaurs have galloped out of the game and are removed.
  • Deep Elves‘ bow aptitude is increased to +3 for all you longbow enthusiasts.
  • Nemelex has removed the shaft card from their decks, and the self-banishment chance from the exile card.
  • Amulets are now slow to equip; guardian spirit, acrobat, and reflection no longer need to attune to the wearer.
  • Pikel’s minions are now lemures, demons that depart this plane if you free them from Pikel.
  • Spiny Frogs have been renamed Cane Toads for the authentic Australian experience™.
  • Pandemonium lords’ spells and melee flavours have been adjusted; melee focused lords have now learned a few position-altering spells so watch out!
  • Hungry ghosts hunger no more, because they’re removed.
  • Conjure Ball Lightning now summons a fixed number of balls, with damage scaling with spellpower.
  • Necromancy ally spells have been adjusted:
    • Animate Skeleton and Animate Dead animated remains have a reduced duration. The durability of skeletons and zombies produced by these spells scales with spellpower. Animate Skeleton now animates the nearest skeleton, without requiring the caster to stand on it.
    • Death Channel spectral things have a reduced duration, and all spectral things vanish when Death Channel expires.
    • Infestation scarabs have a reduced duration.
  • Aura of Abjuration, Recall, and Summon Butterflies are removed.
Looking forward, on the horizon is a Charms overhaul, a look at Kobolds, and much much more, so stay tuned.
Until next time, Happy Crawling!
Your dreadful hunger subsides.

0.25 Tournament Results

The 0.25 tournament is over. On behalf of the Dev Team, many thanks to all the server admins, outside contributors, bug reporters, and to the many DCSS players who made the 0.25 release and tournament possible! For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.25 games on the public servers. This was the first tournament held with a major revision of the tournament rules, and there will be discussion threads on the tavern and dcss subreddit to collect feedback on the tournament rules.

This post is going to focus on the results. First, a few highlights from the player and clan results. For comprehensive results with first through fifth place winners in all categories, please see the tournament overview page.

The winning player was Yermak with 5,819 points. Over the course of the tournament, Yermak won 44 games, including a streak of 17 games and a low-turncount world record of 8,783 turns (Sapher, the previous record holder has reclaimed the throne with a post tournament 8,331 turn win). In second place was shummie with 4,235 points and 20 wins, including the lowest XL win with an XL 15 SpEn and a 52 Ziggurat mega-zigging character. Rounding out the top 3 was Flugkiller with 3,513 points and 14 wins, including the first win of the tournament 35 minutes and 32 seconds after the tournament started with a duration of 35 minutes and 12 seconds.

The new tournament format divided scoring in to several categories, and our top three took several of the top spots in these categories. They weren’t the only players at the top of the leaderboard. Yermak maxed out the Piety category, championing and winning every god over the tournament. The Unique Harvesting category included player ghosts, and by diving Ziggurats for player ghosts ehdcjf2142 won the category with 1,332 points. Long time crawl dev elliptic topped the tournament Win Rate category, with an impressive 90.91% adjusted win-rate, winning all 10 games played over the tournament. Yermak had the longest streak, and tied for second place were GordonOverkill and MrMan with 13 game streaks each. Acrobat was the master of Nemelex’ Choice, winning 25 choice combos over the tournament. Yermak also took the Combo High Scores category with 62 points (21 combo high scores, 20 of which were won, 4 species high scores and 3 background high scores), followed by aperiodic with 34 points (17 combo high scores, 6 of which were won, and the Spriggan and Ice Elementalist high scores). It should be no surprise that Yermak continues to top category leaderboards, with the highest score of the tournament (56,717,235 points); followed by Flugkiller (51,589,384 points) and aperiodic (45,485,504 points). I already mentioned Yermak’s turn-count world record; EnegeticOcto came in second place for best turn-count win, completing a game in 10,320 turns itself one of the lowest turn-count runs of all time. p0werm0de topped the fastest real-time win category with an impressive 24:20 win. Our top players were also at the top of the Low XL-win leaderboard; shummie at XL 15, Yermak at XL 16, followed by EnegeticOcto and sentinel who both posted XL 17 wins. Flugkiller heralded the start of the tournament with his first win; the first all-rune win came from p0werm0de a mere 40 minutes after that. shummie and Flugkiller topped the Ziggurat Dive leaderboard, followed by ehdcjf2142′s 26 consecutive Ziggurat dive for 3rd place. Finally, Ge0ff and shummie were the only two players to complete all tier 3 banners both finishing the tournament with a perfect Banner Score.

The clan competition was won by TeamSplat (captained by mandevil) with 7,007 points who topped the Piety, Harvesting, Combo High score, and Banner Score categories, as well as had several top players (including shummie). They were followed by FSTVLKers (captained by EnegeticOcto) with 6,563 points and Stick to Your Gods (Yermak’s one-player-clan). Overall 142 clans scored points in the tournament (compared to 143 in the 0.24 tournament).

Several of the clan categories simply gave the clan credit for their best player’s performance in a category, so I won’t recap those. The Piety, Unique Harvesting, Combo High Score, Nemelex’ Choice, and Banner Score categories were scored as a collective effort among clan members. In the Piety category, FSTVLKersMake_Beogh_Great_AgainStick to Your Gods, and TeamSplat all championed and won every god over the tournament. TeamSplat topped the Unique Harvesting category, followed by FSTVLKers and Gozags Lazy Faire fiscal policy. TeamSplat also finished first in Combo High Scores, followed by Stick to Your Gods and BLACK LIVES MATTER. FSTVLKers took the trophy for Nemelex’ Choice winning 31 Nemelex’ Choice combos between them, followed by Make_Beogh_Great_Again with 27 combos. Finally three clans completed (as a clan effort) all tier 3 banners to tie for first in Banner Score: TeamSplat, FSTVLKers, and Gozags Lazy Faire fiscal policy.

In both the individual and clan categories competition was fierce. Flugkiller came out to an early lead with his first-win points, and throughout most of the tournament held close to Yermak from 2nd place, until being edged out by shummie in the final days of the event. The Clan category followed similarly, with a fierce battle between Flugkiller’ FSTVLKers and mandevil’s TeamSplat (which had shummie as a member).

Thank you to everyone for playing, for your patience with the delayed start, and for your bug finding in the new tournament pages. I hope you enjoyed the new format, and look forward to reading your commentary in the discussion threads on the tavern and reddit.

To close out, here are some overall tournament statistics (with the 0.24 numbers in brackets for comparison). 2,947 players started a game and earned a point in some category; of those 2,772 completed a game in a non-boring way. This definition of “player” (players who completed a non-boring game) is used for subsequent calculations and was used for the 0.24 statistics.

  • Players: 2,772 (0.24: 2,880)
  • Total player time: 34,433 hrs (0.24: 35,422 hrs)
  • Avg player time: 12.4 hrs (0.24: 12.3 hrs)
  • Games played: 62,125 (0.24: 63,048)
  • Players who got a rune: 1010 (0.24: 1046)
  • 548 winners and 1871 wins (0.24: 540 winners and 1930 wins)
  • Win rate: 3.01% (0.24: 3.06%)
  • Proportion of players using WebTiles: 95.9% (0.24: 95.5%)
The 0.26 season is off to a rapid start with retired dev PleasingFungus sending in some neat ideas and several projects that were started just before the tournament receiving attention. Watch this space for further developments as the trunk update posts from the 0.26 cycle begin to flow.
Until next time, happy crawling!
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0.25 “Magic Surges Out from Thin Air”

We are pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup 0.25 “Magic Surges Out from Thin Air”!

DCSS 0.25 features an overhaul of many spells to make spell schools more distinct and positioning more relevant for spell users, a simplification of the miscast system for when those new spells go wrong, a new style of acquirement scroll, and numerous user interface improvements including new options designed to make crawl more accessible for visually impaired crawlers. For a full list of significant changes, please see the changelog for the 0.25 branch.

Download DCSS 0.25 here (updating momentarily) or here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available now. (Debs coming very soon.)

The tournament starts today, 20:00 UTC Friday 12 June with all online 0.25 games counting towards your score. See the tournament page for more details, including how to join or set-up a clan. Clan membership changes remain open until 20:00 UTC Friday 17 June.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to DCSS over the years. A special thanks to the following community members who contributed to DCSS 0.25 and a warm welcome to the first-time contributors, listed in italics. (Let us know if someone is missing, this data is tricky to collect in bulk!)

aaronegolden, AdamPG, Alex Jurkiewicz, Andrew York, Benoit Giannangeli, Byrel Mitchell, Clare Boothby, David Damerell, Emily, Gabriel Marks, Goratrix, hellmonk, Implojin, István Markó, James Buck, kitchen-ace, klorpaNathan Mills, mwvdev, Nikolai Lavsky, nirrattnerPeter Gerlagh, Psymania, Quipyowert2, riverfiendRojjaCebolla, sdynet, Skrybe, shummie, theJollySin, Umer Shaikh, zuurr