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Trunk updates, 30 November 2016

Hi, crawlers! Here’s the first set of changes for 0.20:

  • Monsters:
    • Draconian callers are now draconian stormcallers; they smite, summon drakes, and also invoke Upheaval, the Qazlal ability. Boom!
    • Snorg, Xtahua, and Bai Suzhen’s hides now have an inherent bonus enchantment.
    • Polymorphed uniques no longer keep their spells in certain obscure cases.
    • Ushabti breathe significantly less often.
    • Monsters’ melee attacks are now included in their descriptions.
    • Monster MR is reduced by lowered HD, from e.g. draining or malmutation.
    • The last great renaming of 2016? Sirens are now, excitingly, Merfolk Sirens.
  • Gods:
    • The Shining One’s conduct has been simplified: all stabs are now automatically prevented (no bonus damage), and poison damage is no longer specially forbidden. Cleansing Flame also does somewhat more damage to non-evil enemies.
    • Jiyva pacifies all slimes, even those that are actually shapeshifters.
    • Nemelex’s Pain card is now roughly twice as powerful.
    • Abyssal gold no longer counts toward Gozag’s entrance cost.
    • Qazlal no longer spawns damaging clouds on plants, e.g. while you’re trying to rest.
    • The Xom Cleave status will no longer last up to 2000 turns.
    • Dithmenos’s shadow can once again mimic diagonal and reaching attacks. (Broken as part of a bugfix two years ago.)
  • Spells:
    • Invisibility and Haste no longer cause extra hunger over time.
    • Confusing Touch is less effective, especially against high-HD enemies.
    • Poisonous Cloud is level 5 (was 6).
  • Odds of confusing enemies with a melee attack (with Confusing Touch or fungus form) are displayed while examining enemies with those statuses active.
  • Various badforms (e.g. wispform, fungus form) have been simplified, and porcupine form has been removed.
  • Console colours have been reworked to avoid invisible colours for certain low-capability consoles. Review options_guide.txt for new options, e.g. best_effort_brighten_background and _foreground.
  • Max charges for wands are always displayed: e.g. “a wand of confusion (?/48)”.
  • The Hat of the High Council has ascended to a higher plane.
  • Lair’s vaults have been exhaustively reviewed and revised. Please thank regret-index for all of the hard work!
  • Demonic guardians expire over time, not based on tension.
  • Vampire feeding, like chunk eating, now always takes a single turn. All the blood has oozed out of our corpses for the last time…
  • Fire clouds no longer expire faster over water (and likewise cold clouds over lava). Fire clouds on water also produce less steam.
  • Noise no longer breaks mesmerization and fear.
  • Mottled draconians (both player and monster) and draconian zealots are no more.
  • Simplified chaos effects.
  • Screaming at tentacles is forbidden.
  • Removed off-brand knock-offs of the Captain’s Cutlass.
  • The player can no longer crash the game by attempting to eat their hat.

Happy crawling, and don’t forget to take the survey if you haven’t already!

0.19.1 Bugfix Release

There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are all available now. We recommend all 0.19 users upgrade to this version. There are two major bugfixes, along with numerous smaller bugfixes and cleanups:

  • Demon tridents are two-handed for small races, as intended.
  • Allow Dith shadow to attack diagonally and to reach.

Keep dancing right on through those memories!

Update: Windows builds on the download page are now 32-bit so we can support all the Windows devices in the wild. 64-bit builds may return in the future if we get a better setup to build and distribute them, but the 32-bit ones will run fine on both architectures.

0.19 Tournament Results

The 0.19 tournament has concluded.

Courtesy of johnstein, here’s how we did this time around!

0.18 to 0.19 Comparison

More graphs here…

Individual Winners

Our champion is once again Yermak, winning 6356 points and 28 victories! Yermak was the champion of the 0.18 tournament, and with this win he joins Tolias as the only players to streak tournaments. Will a challenger oust him in the 0.20 tournament?

The silver medalist is Ultraviolent4 with 5827 points and 20 victories. Ultraviolent4 also won the first victory of the tournament with a FoFi of Okawaru.

Third place goes to p0werm0de with 5823 points and 21 victories, coming in only four points behind Ultraviolent4. Every point matters… p0werm0de also came in third place in the lowest-turncount victories, winning in 21912 turns with a DDFi of Makhleb.

Clan Winners

The best clan was Eublepharis macularius, with Charly (#5), SaintRoka, Sapher, Turgon, Yermak (#1), and pedritolo scoring 20,494 points and 68 victories.

Second place was seized by Cleave Or Leave, with Leszczynek, Enish, kuniqs, murphy, p0werm0de (#3), and vev claiming 18,936 points and 54 victories.

Third place is awarded to Drain the Swamp – End Corrosion in Spider’s Nest, with Ultraviolent4 (#2), Demise, PurpleRed, alcopop, edsrzf, and tabstorm gaining 17,246 points and 50 victories.


The most commonly achieved banner was The Shining One’s Vow of Courage I, to kill Sigmund before entering the Depths, earned by a whopping 1636 players! The most rarely achieved banners, with only four bannerets each, was Vehumet’s Ruthless Efficiency III and Beogh’s Heretic III.

The most dangerous ghost was Philosophy’s, killing 51 characters. Only twelve of these characters were named Philosophy.

The most lethal monster in this tournament was the gnoll, of gnollcrawl fame, ending the hopes and dreams of 4849 characters. The most lethal unique was Sigmund, reaping 1943 characters. (That’s 1.19 kills per Vow of Courage I banner.) One player had his character slain by falling down stairs, another was ended by the capriciousness of Xom (two by Xom’s severe capriciousness), and one was paralyzed and killed by Sup Lies the pandemonium lord.

Charly won the most efficient victory in the tournament, winning a DDGl in 13,275 turns and the highest score with 53562030 points. SpeedrunTech won the most quickly, winning a DDFi in 40 minutes and 18 seconds.

AWBW II Turbo – Hyper Fighting captured the most high scores of any clan, with 38 high scores, ten more than second place, and also scored 7th place in the clan rankings.

Dynast holds the longest streak of the tournament, with fifteen consecutive winners. His streak was beaten into submission by a hobgoblin, scoring 0 points. He held a truly absurd 94.12% winrate, significantly outpacing anyone with more than one win. Eight players scored a 100% winrate, each of them playing only one tournament game and winning that game.

Over three thousand players participated! Amazing! A hearty thanks to everyone for coming together and participating in our community. And especial thanks to all our server administrators, developers, organizers, and contributors for putting in their work, time, and passion to make this tournament possible.

Happy crawling!

P.S. If you haven’t filled out the survey, now is as good a time as any. Your feedback will help us improve Crawl!

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Crawl 0.19: “Dancing Through Memory”

We’re proud to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.19: “Dancing Through Memory”! 0.19 features two new gods, a new portal vault, and many other additions, streamlinings, and general improvements to the game.

Download DCSS 0.19 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! The Windows and Linux packages are available now, as well as the source; the OS X binaries should be online within a few days.
OS X binaries are now available, many thanks to agolden for building them!

The release tournament begins on Nov 4 2016, at 20:00 UTC, with all online 0.19 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.19′s highlights include:

  • Branches: Lair and its sub-branches have been made shorter but deadlier, Zot offers new perils to the unwary adventurer, and the Desolation of Salt, a new timed portal vault, offers hoards of ancient artefacts to those strong enough to face down the unique threats hidden in its blinding saltstorms.
  • Spells: Two new spells have been added: Lesser Beckoning, which pulls enemies straight to your feet, and Infestation, a high-level Necromancy spell that spawns death scarabs from the remains of slain foes.
  • Items: All Long Blades now offer a ‘riposte’ effect, giving a chance for an automatic counterattack whenever an enemy misses the player. The Fencer’s Gloves let you riposte with any weapon.
  • Characters: Halflings and Kobolds have had their aptitudes and stats reworked, pushing the former to be powerful heavy-armour fighters, and the latter toward stabbing and spellcasting.
  • Gods: Uskayaw the Reveler offers remarkable combat powers to acolytes, peaking at the ability to instantly kill any targeted foe, but the piety that powers those abilities drops back to nothing after every battle. Hepliaklqana the Forgotten gives followers a single, permanent ally, which grows in strength alongside the player. Plus, Nemelex Xobeh’s decks have been streamlined and reworked, and Sif Muna’s abilities have been overhauled to be much more fun to use.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.19!