In celebration of the 19th Stone Soup version, the dev team would like to conduct a user survey! The last survey was 4 years ago (version 0.10), so it’s time to get an updated snapshot of the DCSS community.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete and requires you to sign into Google (we don’t see your account name or details). Please clink the link below for your language to begin:

English Language



The survey will be open for about 6 months, until the next release. Don’t worry if your answers are likely to change over this period: after all, the survey is supposed to reflect a slice in time.

Why are we doing this?

Our main reason to conduct a survey is because it’s fun. We’d love to get current information about, for example, the overall win rate, what makes players give up on Crawl, and how and where they discuss the game. More than being just interesting numbers, this information can help shape future development.

What we are not trying to do here is earn money. Let’s face it: If that were our interest, we wouldn’t spend time developing a complex game for free. In other words, we will never sell your data or any findings that come up in the analysis.

Thank you for participating!