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Trunk updates, 22 February 2015

Hi, crawlers! Here’s what’s been going on during the feature freeze:

  • Gozag changes:
    • Gozag’s wrath now lasts until the player accrues a considerable amount of XP (like Ashenzari’s wrath), instead of being based on a number of punishments.
    • Gozag’s wrath no longer turns items to gold, or taxes gold that’s picked up.
    • Gozag’s wrath can now bribe more kinds of enemies, and no longer gives them invisibility.
    • Odds of Gozag preventing quaffing under wrath is up from 20% to 33%.
    • The first use of Gozag’s potion petition is now free.
    • Duplicate is no longer offered.
  • Monsters can no longer be distracted by your allies if you follow TSO. (Thus preventing annoying situations where you can’t attack an enemy, since it’s busy fighting your angel pal…)
  • Gell’s Gravitas is now level 5 (down from 6), and its confusion effect lasts somewhat longer.
  • Player ghosts now should have the proper rate of remembering spells again. (It was considerably too low for the last few months, owing to a badly named function.)
  • rMut now properly gives 90% mutation protection again, instead of 81%. (Broken since mid-September of last year.)
  • Ancient zymes’ melee attacks no longer drain stats.
  • rPois- randarts no longer generate.
  • Monster spriggans no longer have weird resistances (rPois for druids, rElec for air mages, rF & rC for the Enchantress)
  • rHellfire has been removed from most monsters that do not actually cast Hellfire, with the exception of Cerebov. Also, Cerebov is now magic immune.
  • Many previously magic-immune enemies are no longer: notably, most plants, eyes, mummies, and angels.
  • The Royal Jelly now spews jellies when polymorphed.
  • Descriptions for body armour now list the AC that they provide after Armour skill is taken into effect.
  • The Orb of Zot now always degrades controlled blink to semicontrolled blink (previously had a 50% chance of turning it into uncontrolled blink).
  • Xom is no longer amused when the player destroys the Orb of Zot. (It is impossible to destroy the Orb of Zot.)
  • Bazaars no longer ever contain oklobs.
  • THE GIAGGOSTUONO is now available for player tile use. (As “giaggostuono”.) Beware!
  • Fleshy orifices have been made a little more obvious.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 8 February 2015

Hi, crawlers! The feature freeze came down last week (Tuesday the 3rd); that means we’re focusing on bugfixing and small balance changes for roughly the next month, until the release of 0.16 (which should hopefully be early March.)

Anyway, here’s some changes:

  • Card changes:
    • The Storm card can no longer create a twister & storm clouds at the same time (thus blowing you into the clouds & killing you), and can no longer create elemental wellsprings.
    • The Water card is back; it now creates temporary shallow water & summoned wellspring allies.
    • The Repulsiveness card will now always create at least one friendly ugly thing if it creates any hostile ugly things.
  • The Abyss that Abyssal Knights start out in has been tweaked. It can now generate stairs down; it’s once again possible to get a rune without leaving the abyss. (In theory!)
  • Monsters can now shout even if they’re already awake; in practice, this means the “tossing stones at wandering monsters” tech is considerably weaker.
  • Zombies, skeletons & other non-healing monsters can no longer be healed by any effect. (Including e.g. Ghostly Fireball.)
  • Josephine’s band of zombies & skeletons has been replaced by a band of wraiths.
  • The Dark Maul has had its enchantment & base damage increased; it should be more usable now.
  • Monstrous menagerie has had its summon cap decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Fake languages can now only be stacked up to 3 times. ‘Butt’ is now parameterizeable.
  • Friendly monsters should chatter a bit less.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 1 February 2015

Hi, crawlers! Changes:

  • Ely rework:
    • Piety gain now comes from exploration, not pacification or weapon destruction.
    • Abilities have been reworked: Lesser & Greater Heal Self are now 1* and 4* abilities respectively (and have been renamed), Greater Heal Other is now 2*, 3* is Purification, and Lesser Heal Other has been removed. The “Heal Self” abilities have been renamed to just “Lesser/Greater Healing”.
    • Wands of Heal Wounds can no longer be used to pacify monsters.
    • The Healer background has been removed.
  • Other removals: the spell Forceful Dismissal, the spear of the Botono, and rN- effects.
  • Tomb monster tweaks:
    • Death Scarabs no longer cause draining (or rN-).
    • Bennu no longer have sticky flame.
    • Ushabti now only create negative energy clouds, not miasma.
    • Anubis guards no longer have Control Undead.
  • Shadow traps now deactivate temporarily after being triggered.
  • Display of artefact weapons in non-webtiles HUDs has been tweaked; the names no longer display if it would cause the line to become too long.
  • Elemental evokers no longer stack.
  • Meatsprint lost souls have been renamed to wretched souls, so as to avoid ambiguity with the completely unrelated monster, non-meatsprint lost souls.
  • Dispersal & Gell’s Gravitas have had their confusion effects slightly buffed.
  • The lantern of shadows now drains MP while wielded, and summoned shadows disappear after reaching 0 MP or unwielding the lantern. It no longer recolours the environment in console.
  • Large rocks no longer have a randomized throwing range.
  • Steel ammo now mulches at the same rate as normal ammo.
  • Two new Ru sacrifices: “sacrifice skill”, reducing all skill apts by 1 point (and adjusting your existing skills accordingly), and “sacrifice experience”, costing you 2 XL and reducing the XL cap by 2. (So max level becomes 25.)
  • Beogh now has the same chance of blessing followers after a kill, regardless of whether you or your followers made that kill. (Previously, the odds of a blessing were dramatically higher for kills made by followers.)
  • The ‘pizza=’ rcfile option has been added back & improved, after over two years in rcfile exile. As the famous pizza chef once said: Have It Your Way.

Happy crawling!