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Trunk updates, 29 May 2014

Hi crawlers! There’s been enough changes this week for a slightly early update:

  • The new_nemelex branch has landed:
    • Nemelex
      • Nemelex only gives piety for exploration rather than item sacrifices or deck usage.
      • Peek at Two now reveals the top cards of a deck but cannot be used with other Nemelex abilities
      • Nemelex now only gifts decks of war and escape.
    • Cards
      • New cards
        • Fortitude, which gives Damage Shaving and a bonus to strength.
        • Storm, which can make shallow water, a tornado, or cause swiftness.
        • Degeneration, which polymorphs nearby monsters into weaker ones.
        • Shaft, which creates a shaft under the player. This is an old effect of the Flight card.
        • Illusion, which summons an illusion of the player.
      • Revamped cards
        • Flame card now spawns flame clouds around the user and on hostiles rather than dealing damage.
        • Velocity card now hastes the slow and slows hasty rather than simply speeding up the player.
      • Warp, Portal, Hammer, Spark, Flight, and Genie cards have been removed
    • Decks of War now contain the Dowsing and Potion cards
  • The chance of corroding equipment no longer considers item enchantment
  • Item destruction of scrolls and potions has been completely removed.
    • Demonspawn facets which gave potion/scroll item conservation now give freezing/fire cloud immunity earlier and separately.
  • Halflings have rebalanced aptitudes, shifting them towards defense.
  • Kobolds no longer have disease resistance.
  • Tukima’s Dance now animates weapons held by monsters. The weapons will fight against their former owners. It is also now level 3.
  • Spider Form now moves at normal speed.
  • Some ability icons have new tiles.
  • All types of fruit have been merged together into one item type.
  • Cheese and sausages are no more.
  • New unrand: the +6 Majin-Bo {vamp, Archmagi, MP+6 Int+6}. A quarterstaff that takes HP every time you cast a spell.
  • The dagger of Chilly Death now sometimes flash-freezes enemies, slowing their movement.
  • The scimitar of Flaming Death now sometimes applies sticky flame to its victims.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 23 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s your roughly weekly dose of trunk update news:

  • The special diets of centaurs (fast metabolism 1, herbivorous 1) and halflings (slow metabolism 1) have been removed.
  • Vampires always get the full effect of all potions, can always mutate, and always get the full effect of all mutations.
  • Corrosion affects all of your equipment, but only temporarily.
  • Purple (very) ugly things deal extra damage in lieu of a sickness attack.
  • Sustain abilities effects no longer stack.
  • Scrolls of brand weapon can roll any brand on an unbranded weapon.
  • Ambrosia and royal jellies have been removed; honeycombs have been renamed to royal jellies.
  • The Mercenary card generates base demonspawn instead of spriggan riders.
  • Sif Muna wrath can no longer cause amnesia.
  • Gods that give missile gifts can do so sooner, i.e. there is no skill-related breakpoint associated with it.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 14 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s what’s new in trunk:

  • The Lava Orc species has been removed.
  • Player clinging (seen only in Spider Form and with the boots of the Spider) is no more.
  • Kobolds, hill orcs, and ogres are no longer saprovorous.
  • Ogres no longer have a fast metabolism.
  • Silver statues and orange crystal statues are immune to disintegration, but have less health and AC and have their abilities converted to spells such that they spam less; this implies OCS confusion can be resisted.
  • Bog bodies no longer randomly rot.
  • Removed monsters: shedu, plague shamblers.
  • New unrand: the +8 orange crystal plate armour {Archmagi, Int+3 Clar SustAb}
  • Potions of blood cure a point of ghoul rotting.
  • Removed unrands: the boots of the Spider.
  • Decks of wonders now contain Dowsing, Battlelust, Helm, and Shadow instead of Experience, Helix, Sage, and Trowel.
  • Decks of dungeon are no more.
  • The Potion card has a new list of effects: power 0 is decay/curing/agility/ might/brilliance; 1 has a chance of resistance/haste; 2 has a chance of magic/heal wounds.
  • Removed cards: Experience, Sage, Water, Vitrification, Trowel, Minefield, and Shuffle.
  • Zin’s Recite no longer prompts for a book, instead affecting all monsters in sight with the strongest effects that would impact them.

Happy crawling!

Interim Win32 trunk builds

Hi crawlers! While we figure out how to get our server’s trunk build system up and running again, I’m going to provide occasional trunk builds for those clamouring for them.


EDIT: We’ve reached a solution to get our trunk build system ready to serve builds again.

EDIT: Greatzebu’s OSX build bot died but he managed to get an OSX Tiles build up, too!

Trunk updates, 7 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s the latest and greatest from trunk:

  • The gods branch has landed, bringing two new gods: Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy and Qazlal Stormbringer. Both are temple gods with an altar either in Temple or on D:2-9.
    • Gozag
      • Charges a service fee for joining, dependent on the amount of gold that has been generated in the game.
      • Does not have piety.
      • Defeated enemies turn to gold; these gold piles distract nearby creatures, causing them to sometimes not act.
      • Potion Petition: purchase one set of potion effects.
      • Call Merchant: fund a merchant to set up shop somewhere near to areas of the dungeon you have explored.
      • Bribe Branch: send money to the inhabitants of a branch to turn them + temporarily neutral or incite them to join you.
      • Duplication: one non-artefact item can be duplicated at an altar.
    • Qazlal
      • Piety on kills.
      • All followers are immune from their own clouds.
      • 1*: Storm Shield: you passively generate elemental clouds around you and gain bonus SH, and gain RMsl at 3*; you also generate a lot of noise.
      • 2*: Upheaval: blast a small nearby area with elemental forces.
      • 3*: Elemental Force: turn nearby clouds into elementals.
      • 4*: Elemental Adaptation: taking elemental or physical damage sometimes temporarily grants you resistance against that element.
      • 5*: Disaster Area: blast the entire area around you with elemental forces.
      • 6*: at an altar, gain a permanent elemental resistance of your choice for as long as you worship Qazlal.
  • The Abyss no longer sometimes blocks blinking.
  • Wanderers have tweaked starting kits with generally better items.
  • Teleportitis cannot be controlled.
  • Manticores have an unlimited number of spike volleys.
  • Base draconians can become nonbase draconians with experience.
  • Undead and nonliving enemies regenerate as fast as other enemies.
  • Ghouls and necrophages can no longer equip weapons or armour.
  • Monster melee attacks can no longer destroy items.
  • Death Channel lasts twice as long.
  • The blowgun of the Assassin returns; it has a chance to affect the target more than normal blowguns.
  • Gloves of archery no longer penalise melee.
  • (Plain) bows have been renamed to shortbows.
  • Identify scrolls now always identify a single item.
  • Monsters with special attack flavours have this noted in their descriptions.
  • Summon Elemental has been removed.
  • Spriggan enchanters (the monster) and phoenixes have been removed.

Happy crawling!

Trunk updates, 3 May 2014

Hi crawlers! Here’s what’s new in trunk:

  • The ranged_combat branch has landed – it is a rewrite of the ranged combat system to be based on many of the same formulas as melee attacks, so the effect of AC/EV on ranged attacks is more predictable, weapon delay is more predictable, and even Throwing should be a viable option compared to the other ranged weapons.
  • Jewellery automatically identifies on equipping it.
  • Cleaving hits the full eight squares around a player.
  • Rebranding a distortion weapon no longer causes a distortion effect.
  • Scrolls of brand weapon can no longer affix brands; they keep their effect of rerolling a weapon brand.
  • Blessed weapons can be rebranded.
  • Amulets of inaccuracy are always cursed.
  • New rings of stealth and loudness, which positively/negatively adjust a player’s stealth; these take the place of rings of sustenance and hunger.
  • Followers of good gods no longer get a chance to turn holy enemies neutral.
  • The Book of War Chants is no more.
  • Removed spells: Fire Brand, Freezing Aura, Lethal Infusion, Poison Weapon.
  • Removed enemies: silver stars, flaming corpses, grizzly bears.

A brief reminder that the gods experimental branch is still available for testing on cszo and cbro; if you want to help get our newest potential additions to the pantheon into the game, be sure to help us try them out!

Happy crawling!