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0.13 Tournament Results

The 0.13 tournament is over. For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.13 games on the public servers.

The winning player was bmfx, with an amazing 7942 points. Over the course of the tournament bmfx won 21 games, all with distinct species and backgrounds and with many of the wins streaked together. In second place was 78291, with 5014 points and 9 wins, all of them with Nemelex’s Choice species/background combinations. In third place was elliptic, with 4945 points.

The fastest wins in the tournament were achieved by WalkerBoh (turncount, 23506 turns with a GrBe) and BANISHMENT (realtime, 1h 49m with a DDBe). 4tharraofdagon had the highest score, 41M points with a DDBe (the 5th highest score of all time). Three Tier III banners were attained by only one player each: Lord of Darkness, by Yermak, Speed Demon, by jeanjacques, and Lorekeeper, by johnnyzero.

The clan competition was won by Campbell and the Removals (21183 points). AWBW – Iskenderuns Battle Copters (17512 points) and Runey Mara (16458 points) were second and third respectively. There were 112 clans in all.

Here are some assorted statistics on the tournament games (with quits removed), compared with the 0.12 tournament (in parentheses):

Players with at least one game: 1749 (1735)
Players with at least one game to reach XL 9: 1117 (1066)
Players who got a rune: 526 (478)
Players who won a game: 246 (279)
Total wins: 603 (637)
Win %: 1.37% (1.40%)
Total player time: 25902 hrs (28022 hrs)
Avg player time: 14.8 hrs (16.2 hrs)
Proportion of players using webtiles: 76.5% (71.7%)
Proportion of winners using webtiles: 62.6% (63.3%)

Crawl 0.13: “Pan-Galactic Gargoyle Blasters”

We are proud to announce that Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.13: “Pan-Galactic Gargoyle Blasters” is released! 0.13 adds a new species: Gargoyles, made from living stone. It also features many new and reworked spells, monsters and items, including a reworked Skald spellbook and a brand new monster set for the Crypt.

Download DCSS 0.13 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world!

The release tournament will begin at 20:00 UTC on Friday 11 October, with all online 0.13 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.13′s highlights include:

  • Characters: A new species, Gargoyle, has been added. Made from living stone, they have low HP but are very tough and have a number of innate resistances. Sludge Elves have been removed, as has the Priest background. Stabbing skill and Traps skill have both been removed, with stabbing effectiveness now based on the average of weapon and stealth skills, and trap detection based on experience level.
  • Monsters: The Crypt contains many new monsters. Revenants cast spells of ghostly fire, jiangshi are fast and possess strong vampiric attacks, plague shamblers erupt in a cloud of miasma on death, and lost souls sacrifice themselves to heal nearby undead. Many existing monsters from both inside and outside the Crypt also have new spells or abilities, including improvements to lesser demons, elementals, deep elves, and many others.
  • Places: A large number of layout generators have been improved and added, including new unique layouts for some branches. All timed portal vaults now give an announcement upon entering the level. Mechanical traps no longer generate randomly. A new Sprint map has been added: “|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||” by st (also known as linesprint).
  • Gods: Hill Orcs are given the chance to convert to Beogh on the spot upon meeting an orc priest in the dungeon. Zin’s Recite ability can now be used while moving and fighting, instead of forcing the player to stay in place doing nothing else for its duration.
  • Spells: Skalds now start with the new book of Battle, containing a number of new spells. Infusion spends MP each hit to increase melee damage, Song of Slaying grants increasing slaying bonuses when killing monsters, Spectral Weapon creates a clone of your weapon that attacks with you, and Song of Shielding causes damage to reduce MP instead of HP. Other new spells include Searing Ray, a conjuration which deals damage over multiple turns, and Discord, a high-level hex that causes monsters to enter a frenzy, attacking one another indiscriminately. Summoning spells have also been adjusted, with each spell having an independent cap on the number of monsters that can be summoned at a time.
  • Items: Many evokable items have been reworked. The elemental evokers each have themed effects in addition to summoning multiple elementals, but require the player to gain experience to recharge. The box of beasts now creates 3-headed chimeras, with abilities and melee attacks from multiple randomly-selected beasts. The sack of spiders is a new evokable item which creates webs and spiders nearby.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.13!

0.13 Tournament Reminder

This is a reminder that the 0.13 tournament will begin in just a few days. From 20:00 UTC Friday 11 October through 20:00 UTC Sunday 27 October, any 0.13 game played on CAO, CDO, CLN, CSZO, or RHF will count for the tournament. (RHF does not currently have 0.13 set up, but if/when it gets 0.13, games played there will count for the tournament… please go to one of the other servers until then.)

The rules page contains all the details about how to score points and earn banners in the tournament. As usual, clans (teams of up to six players) can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament, so don’t panic if you aren’t on one yet! (Being on a clan isn’t necessary to participate in the tournament, but it can be a lot of fun.)

Once the tournament has started, the tournament leaderboard will contain the current results. (Before tournament start, some scores might briefly appear on this page as we test the tournament scripts, but they are just for testing.)