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New skill menu

The skill menu has been completely rewritten in 0.8. New features are:

  1. Aptitudes are always displayed.
  2. You can press * to view all skills.
  3. Crosstrain bonus and antitrain malus are displayed as aptitude bonus/malus.
  4. You can navigate the menu with a cursor. It is disabled by default. Just press enter or a directional key (arrow or numpad) to enable it.
  5. When toggling a skill with enter, the cursor automatically move to the next skill. This allows you to quicky toggle several consecutive skills.


  1. Mouse support for selecting skills and pushing the buttons at the bottom.
  2. Skill icons (thanks to Denzi for drawing them!). You need a window height of at least 702 pixels. You can disable them by setting the tile_menu_icons option to false.

Transfer knowledge. This is the last ability of Ashenzari, the new cursed god. It allows you to transfer skill points from one skill to another. The interface is integrated in the new skill menu. The transfer isn’t instantaneous, points are transferred each time you gain XP.

  1. Preview: when selecting a skill as the source or destination of the transfer, the new level at which it will be raised or lowered is displayed.
  2. Transfer progress: During the transfer, the skill menu will show the transfer progress by default. You can change view with “!”.

Come to the Tavern if you have any comments about it.


Stone Soup’s Tavern opens its doors

As recently announced the desire for a forum dedicated to Stone Soup has grown stronger. Luckily djnrempel aka danr took matters into his hand and set up a forum at Their services are nice and easy to use but unfortunately there have been a few complaints about speed, privacy, advertisement and the fact that exporting the database for backups is not so free.

Danr contacted me and, due to the heavy snow keeping me away from work, I just finished to set up a truly free forum on CDO. Danr will do all the administrative work and I will deal with code changes and updates.

Proud to present: The Tavern

The feature I’m especially fond of is the fact that the user database is taken from our Mantis Bug Tracking System.

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Recent heavy armour changes

If you ask me, heavy armour is the most important topic for 0.8. It doesn’t need to be restored to its former overpowered glory, but the fact that wrapping a piece of bedsheet around you provides better defence than a plate mail set is a bit sad. And you get spells on top of that.

So, here are some recent changes: More: Read the rest of this entry…

Ashenzari, curses god

0.8 will feature a new god, called Ashenzari. The goals when designing the god were twofold:

  • Provide (some) divinations, as the spell school got axed in 0.7.
  • An introverted/laidback god: many deities ask for a lot attention by the player, e.g. praying, sacrificing, training Invocations. There was demand for a god who is not like that.

The current incarnation meets both goals. Here is a list of properties: More: Read the rest of this entry…

So what’s been happening in 0.8 development?

On returning from yet another break at Crawl development, one of the first things I always do is try to find out what I’ve missed. Now this would have been much easier if there had been any recent Playtesting blog posts, but unfortunately this was not to be. Then again, since I’m already rummaging through the commit log, I might as well share my findings. You guys love to read these lists, right?

So here’s the gargantuan listing of what’s been going on in 0.8 development. Enjoy!

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