We are pleased to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup 0.26 “Roll Around the Clock”!

DCSS 0.26 features a new Palentonga species that has a rolling attack and gets bonus AC after getting hit, a new Delver background that starts the player on D:5 with a variety of escape tools, a reworked Swamp branch with new monsters and other layout changes, and a vastly reworked quiver system that lets spells, wands, and abilities be quivered, fired, and autotargeted. Additionally, food is gone, replaced with a Zot clock that prevents players from lingering too long in one branch. The Kobold species now has the Nightstalker 3 mutation, the Ghoul species has chunk eating replaced with heal-on-kill, and there are a bunch of reworked spells, monsters, and items (including nine overhauled unrandart weapons). As always, there are dozens of new deadly vaults, and many more changes small and large alike!

Download DCSS 0.26 here or play it online on one of many servers across the world! Packages for Windows and OS X are available now. Linux debs are coming soon (Update: The Linux debs are now available). See the full list of changes on the release page here.

The tournament starts today in just a few hours at 20:00 UTC Friday 8 January and runs through 20:00 UTC Sunday 24 January, with all online 0.26 games counting towards your score. See the tournament page for more details, including how to join or set-up a clan. Clans membership can be changed until 20:00 UTC Friday 15 January.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to DCSS over the years. A special thanks to the following community members who contributed to DCSS 0.26 and a warm welcome to the first-time contributors, listed in italics. (Let us know if someone is missing, this data is tricky to collect in bulk!)

Aaron Golden, AdamPG, Alex Jurkiewicz, aMcNicky, Anders Papitto,
Byrel Mitchell, CrawlCycle, Elliot Dronebarger, Emily, Eugene Abramchuk,
Gittourarmy, Goratrix, Heinrich Ody, hellmonk, Implojin, Joe
Childers, Kieron Dunbar, Marcelo Henrique Cerri, mgdelmonte,
Midn8, Naruni, nikheizen, Nikolai Lavsky, Paul Pollack, Peter
Gerlagh, Peter Hurst, Petri Salminen, Quipyowert2, randomMesh,
RJ Cunningham, Roderick Schertler, Cebolla Sunbeam, Ryan McNeive,
sdynet, Sebastian Łużyński, Shummie, Skrybe, syranez, Umer
Shaikh, ukdong99, wjchen