We have just uploaded the 0.25.1 bugfix release, available on the download page. Thanks to all the many contributors who helped with this release, including patches and bug reports!

Highlights (Full commit list via github):

  • Artefacts from acquirement now leave a note in morgues.
  • Scarf of harm is fixed.
  • Foxfire will no longer attack out of LoS.
  • Stacking from empty Nemelex decks is no longer possible.
  • Wizlab entry now generates a milestone / note again.
  • Fix a bug where cloud generators triggered on load when no time had passed, leading to a different cloud arrangement from saving + reloading.
  • Seeded play fixes for seed instability in a few cases, as well as crashes related to seed stability and pregeneration code.
  • Several speedups for dungeon rendering, especially in zigs.
  • Sprint 3 cloud generators have been retuned.
  • Improvements to the behavior of restart_after_save (on by default since 0.25.0).
  • Using [] in map view from stairs to view other levels now correctly finds the matching stairs.
  • Crashes to do with annotation, off-level map view, and custom flashes have been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible for a bug to cause the player to drown or fall into lava, emergency flight will be activated instead.

Updating is recommended for all players. Happy crawling, and report more bugs here!