There’s a new bug fix release of the 0.23.2 stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux are available now. We recommend all 0.23 users upgrade to this version. Major bug fixes and updates:

  • Various seed-related bugfixes and improvements:
    • Seed input now supports pasting, and is autofilled from the last game.
    • The seed input box now has an extra digit.
    • The game seed is saved correctly and will no longer show as 0 for games
      started after this fix.
    • Seed stability for floating point calculations: for most configuration the
      main dungeon should remain unchanged, but 32 bit systems (and 32-bit builds)
      should now be much more stable, among others. Slime will likely differ.
    • Seed stability for rc options: certain rc options affected the generation
      of some layouts, leading to divergent seeds.
  • AK starts will no longer crash when exiting the abyss in pregen games.
  • Gozag bribe branch in pregen games now works correctly when entering a
    previously unvisited level.
  • Meatsprint is now difficult again.

Aside from the major fixes listed above, there are scores of smaller bug fixes, vault tweaks, description updates, and the like, so be sure to upgrade! If you’d like to read more about the seeding project, see here.

In addition, there is a new bugfix release of the 0.22.2 previous stable version, that backports a number of fixes. If you are still playing 0.22, we recommend that upgrade, especially if you have a shared save folder with 0.23 versions (common on OS X) — this release will prevent a major incompatibility between the two versions.

Happy Crawling!