There’s a new bugfix release of the stable version of DCSS. Source packages and binaries for Windows and Linux are available now, and OS X packages will be uploaded as soon as those are available. We recommend all 0.21 users upgrade to this version. Major bugfixes and updates:

  • Dith shadow mimic of launcher attacks no longer copies the enchant and ego of the launcher.
  • Monsters lose constriction by Borgnjor’s Vile Clutch when they are moved by any means.
  • Formicids can now manually cancel Dig status, allowing them to use Wu Jian’s Wall Jump ability after digging.
  • Wu Jian’s Wall Jump ability now works under silence.
  • New splash screen art by froggy.
  • Numlock on Windows systems no longer causes unpredictable repeating movement.
  • Alt-F4 no longer causes freezing in Tiles on Windows systems.
  • Resizing the local Tiles window during prompts no longer causes crashes.
  • SDL 2 contrib updated to 2.0.7, which fixes compilation under Msys2.

Dith shadow mimics of launcher attacks were giving you all free enchantment and ego damage. That’s simply unfair to those poor dungeon monsters, so we had to fix it! The numlock key causing repeating movement was reported by users far and wide, so many thanks to advil for tracking down and fixing that rather difficult bug. Hopefully you enjoy the new splash art by South Korean artist froggy, whose inspirational depiction of Boris and Natasha is a personal favorite.

Happy Crawling!