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Clan Unique Harvesting Ranking

Clans are awarded points and subsequently ranked in the same way as the individual Unique Harvesting category using all of the members' games.

#TeamProgress / 90Uniques Slain
1AWBW Tactical Slime Force903 ghosts
1CanardsCrawlers903 ghosts
1Future Player Goats903 ghosts
1Harold and a Few Mara Go to Wight Castle903 ghosts
1Killer Klown Posse903 ghosts
1Lom LeBron903 ghosts
1Retired Ogres Bocce Club903 ghosts
1TeamSplat903 ghosts
1The 27 Club903 ghosts
1The TeAM in MeEE-Cosplay903 ghosts
1TheAcademyOfTomorrowAcanthocephalans903 ghosts
1Velvet Steps Through Blood-Stained Tiles903 ghosts
2Gay Orb Desirers893 ghosts
2LostArtBrewing893 ghosts
2Mangled by Quokka893 ghosts
2TEAM_MEAT893 ghosts
2The Oni Game in Town893 ghosts
2Why did it have to be Snake893 ghosts
3AtCj the Chaos Emeralds883 ghosts
3Corpses883 ghosts
3DropItLikeItsZot883 ghosts
3Scrubs883 ghosts
3Team Zero Good Crawlers883 ghosts
3TeamKillers883 ghosts
3The Horned Vipers883 ghosts
4Broms Barreling Baka873 ghosts
4Geometry Dash873 ghosts
4MMOL873 ghosts
4Splats in Hats873 ghosts
5Future Player Poltergeists 863 ghosts
5gr-goyle863 ghosts
5Norris and the Skysharks-Cosplay863 ghosts
5Revert Transmutations863 ghosts
5Shapeshifter - I hardly knew her863 ghosts
6Babushka_ZINa853 ghosts
6TwadoInc853 ghosts
7lindcss843 ghosts
7Shifting Whispering Tavern Snacks843 ghosts
7tab dance843 ghosts
7The Glass Eye Pees Cosplay843 ghosts
8xombies833 ghosts
9AmberSquad823 ghosts
9MummyThicc823 ghosts
10DEI803 ghosts
11Dennison_diers793 ghosts
12CaveCrouchers783 ghosts
12Future Player Ghosts783 ghosts
12Negative Win Rate783 ghosts
12Slain By Quokka783 ghosts
12None783 ghosts
13GnollPointers773 ghosts
14Spriggan Bakers763 ghosts
14Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs763 ghosts
14The Devils Team763 ghosts
15Gozags Part Time Crew753 ghosts
16Ambivalent sn0wc4tz st0p-m0tion-bl0CKbuster743 ghosts
16cats-n-pigs743 ghosts
16Elin743 ghosts
16LesRedondants743 ghosts
17DeathDefyingLogic733 ghosts
17Inebriated Infiltrators733 ghosts
17Miumau Unit733 ghosts
18SummonAwfulThings723 ghosts
19Arcjolt Aggregator713 ghosts
19BOBER713 ghosts
20Disco Wampus703 ghosts
20MoonMen703 ghosts
20The Michael Jordan of Drunk Crawling703 ghosts
21MFC Talismen In Tights693 ghosts
21SOSNOOLEY693 ghosts
22XFillxMexWIthxYourxStonexSoupX673 ghosts
22YASD673 ghosts
23checkmate663 ghosts
23The Zipper Clan663 ghosts
23wherebanana663 ghosts
24Protean Hearts653 ghosts
25Project-Xomboid643 ghosts
25The_Mad_Splatters643 ghosts
25VerminFightClub643 ghosts
26Jorgrun Rocks CJR633 ghosts
27You Go Zig - Ill Gozag601 ghost
27Zot Sluts603 ghosts
28Olgrebs Book of Faces573 ghosts
28The I in Team573 ghosts
29Sisters In Arms553 ghosts
30Hotel Crawlifornia543 ghosts
30Team_Mettenschicht542 ghosts
31Talisman of the Bullfrog533 ghosts
31None533 ghosts
32Not The Yellow From The Egg523 ghosts
33Octopode Traveler513 ghosts
34Show me the Gems483 ghosts
34WDIFTL483 ghosts
35Strike the Earth473 ghosts
36No Free Soup463 ghosts
37Over The Hill 30 somethings with no time to play453 ghosts
38December433 ghosts
38Enfeebled433 ghosts
391001 Mutations39
39dungeon meshi stone soup393 ghosts
40CrawlersCoalition353 ghosts
41Died Suddenly293 ghosts
42Ziggurine Dreamshard and the Spiders from Nest28
43ratboy273 ghosts
44momar251 ghost
46Hartmann-s Favourite Djinni Girl211 ghost
47willcats201 ghost
48dungeon meshi stone soup173 ghosts
48Garlic smells invader17
50Make Beogh Great Again142 ghosts
50Streambunnies141 ghost
52Big Fish6
52high energy crawlers6
53Ziggurine Dreamshard and the Spiders from Nest5
54Ziggurine Dreamshard and the Spiders from Nest2
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