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0011466 [DCSS] Bug Report minor always 2018-04-30 11:47 2018-05-16 00:21
Reporter RoGGa View Status public  
Assigned To advil
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status closed   Product Branch 0.21 ancient branch
Summary 0011466: Using Shift-X can be used to reveal location within new level
Description When using Shift-X to move to a staircase and then proceed the use the staircase, Shift-X can be used again followed by ENTER key on the new level to it discloses the location of where the staircase is on level map.

This could be used to determine which direction/area might be less risky for exploring a new level.

This should be changed so that Shift-X does not remember the location of the last use when used on a different level.
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Attached Files png file icon 0011466 #1 Shift-X to center of level.png [^] (211,206 bytes) 2018-05-01 02:05
png file icon 0011466 #2 Shift-X followed by ENTER key.png [^] (130,378 bytes) 2018-05-01 02:05
png file icon 0011466 #3 Shift-X to mid-NW.png [^] (415,449 bytes) 2018-05-01 02:06
png file icon 0011466 #4 Shift-X followed by ENTER key.png [^] (132,514 bytes) 2018-05-01 02:06
png file icon 0011466 #5 Shift-x to staircase.png [^] (119,355 bytes) 2018-05-02 02:20
png file icon 0011466 #6 Shift-x followed by ENTER key.png [^] (264,123 bytes) 2018-05-02 02:20

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NormalPerson7 (reporter)
2018-04-30 17:30
edited on: 2018-04-30 17:36

Ok I did manage to replicate this; you are indeed correct that there is something weird going on here, however it does not have any meaningful impact on gameplay. To restate how to replicate the anomaly (at least that I found) in a clearer fashion:

Press X, > and enter to travel to a downstair to an uncleared floor.
Immediately press > to go down the stair, with no other actions in between.
Then press X - the cursor will hover over the player, as one would expect.
Then press enter - the cursor will now hover over the explored tile on this floor that is nearest the coordinates of the location of the staircase down on the previous floor which you just took (if that tile is explored, it will hover over that tile).
Pressing enter a second time will then take the player to this tile.

The only meaningful thing I can think this would affect is if someone accidentally pressed X enter enter that it would move the player when they wouldn't expect it, but I really don't think this is going to happen very often.

RoGGa (reporter)
2018-05-01 00:40
edited on: 2018-05-01 01:15

Having a general idea of where a staircase is located on a new level can be beneficial ...especially in the early game.

Some players prefer to explore the contours so that monsters are no woken up in every direction when engaging in a nosier-than-anticipated fight.

Also, this pseudo-bug could be very useful when escaping to a new level or being shaft-ed unexpectedly.

I do agree with NP7 that I could have written my original post more clearly (that's what happens when you should have gone to sleep a few hours ago!) and will post another note once I have been able to analyse this in greater detail...but one advantage I can foresee is entering a new level with a portal to the Sewer and no Scroll of Mapping (since the portal to the Sewer is often in a corner.

RoGGa (reporter)
2018-05-01 02:04
edited on: 2018-05-01 02:08

I've added 4 screen captures to show a concrete example with a slightly modified approach.

In file#1, instead of using Shift-x to a staircase (which forces you to travel to it), I used it to a central location that can't be traveled to.
In file#2, it shows me in the North-West quadrant from center.

To get an even more accurate idea of where exactly in the NW sector, I repeated the process of the 1st screen capture to a location that is in between the center and the farthest NW tip (See file#3).
File#4 shows that I am in the NWW sector (somewhere around 10 o'clock from center).

NormalPerson7 (reporter)
2018-05-01 08:18

You say it "gives a general idea of where a staircase is located on a new level" - well it doesn't. It takes you to the coordinates of the staircase down on the previous floor that you took, and this has absolutely no correlation to the placement of stairs on your current floor. This is why I say this is mostly unimportant.
RoGGa (reporter)
2018-05-01 08:51

When I made this report, I selected that it applied to the Windows Tile version 21.1
Unfortunately, I just noticed that it is not something that is visible in this screen. Maybe that's why you are not getting the same results.
I still stand by my Note starting by: "I've added 4 screen captures...": Shift-X can be used on another level to gain access to another level that has not been extensively explored.

Here's a bit more background:
When I first came across this pseudo-bug, the example involved the two ends of a staircase that happened to be in the same general area.
Before I made this post, I was playing a few games with Deep Dwarves and because of their passive mapping capabilities, I was often getting a very good idea of where the down part of a staircase.
After NP7's original Note, I realized this pseudo-bug is not as important because I was playing mostly DDs.

Personally, I think this is a trivial bug under Windows Tiles.
But if it is the same under WebTiles, this could be used as an advantage under very specific and limited scenarios during a tournament.
NormalPerson7 (reporter)
2018-05-01 08:54

Well I replicated this using a manually-compiled version of Console (because it's easier to test with) so I would imagine that it translates to WebTiles too.
Ah ok so it seems you mixed this up with DD passive mapping, no worries.
RoGGa (reporter)
2018-05-02 02:18

Just to be as clear as can be:
This is a bug ...although likely "Trivial" if it can't be replicated on WebTiles.

I've added 2 more screen captures to show a slightly different scenario (see attached files 0000005+0000006) where it specifically shows where a staircase from D:2 in located wrt D:1.
File#6 shows the D:2 staircase is located SWW from center on the unexplored D:2 level.

Detailed steps to recreate bug under Windows Tiles 0.21.1 :
After D:1 was fully explored, I went down one of the 3 regular staircases.
I moved away from the staircase to create screen capture file#5.
These are the specific keyboard keys used in between file#5 and file#6.

(on D:2)
Shift-x < Enter

(on D:1)
Shift-x Enter
advil (administrator)
2018-05-14 01:41
edited on: 2018-05-14 01:43

This discussion seems very complicated and perhaps I'm missing some details, but when you use ] to move down in the X screen and haven't seen the target staircase, the position that it puts the cursor at is unrelated to the target staircase location.

Edit: I slightly misread, but the same is also true of enter. It is perhaps a bug that enter doesn't change levels, though.

advil (administrator)
2018-05-14 02:24

Ok, thanks for the report, this is fixed in [^]
RoGGa (reporter)
2018-05-16 00:21

Great work Advil!
Looking at the code change in the link on the previous Note, it seems that it was easier to fix than to explain. lol

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