I’m happy to announce that we can now offer an online version of “Tiles”!

We call it WebTiles for now and it serves version 0.8 of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Right in time for the unofficial tournament!

Edlothiol announced his great idea with working code on the mailing-list a few weeks back, and even though it’s still beta-quality in the aspects of features (mini-map missing, inventory-tab, etc), it’s fully playable and there have even been the first 4 wins by players testing it!

There is a slight draw-back: It needs a fairly modern browser which supports a technology called WebSockets:

WebTiles are actively being developed! If you’d like to participate, head over to edlothiol’s git-repository and have a look. If you’d like to play, head over to the WebTiles now and either use your login from CDO or create a new login.

Additionally, Wensley practiced his awesome AJAX skills and practically over night created an Online Player Status website. It gives a detailed list about who is playing online – in both, the Console/DGL version and the WebTiles version, on CAO and CDO.

Both, WebTiles and the Online Player Status page, are now linked from the front-page of our website for your convenience.

I’d also like to pay thankful credit to the Tornado Web Server, the open-source python library used to create and manage the websocket for WebTiles, and especially Ben Darnell, who helped edlothiol and me very quickly when we ran into trouble.

Note: CAO games are still missing from the status page, but should show up sometime during the weekend.