Hi crawlers! Fresh changes, right from the spriggan’s oven:

  • Shields have been rebalanced:
    • The effects of SH have been doubled; each point of SH now gives twice as much block chance as previously, making it very roughly equivalent to EV point-for-point.
    • All sources of SH have been halved, except for shield enchantments.
    • Large shields can now be enchanted up to +8; normal ‘shields’ can be enchanted up to +5. (Bucklers still cap at +3.)
    • Unrand shields have been tweaked. The Large Shield of Ignorance is now +6 (a small buff); the Shield of the Gong is now +18 (a larger buff); the Shield of Resistance is now +2 (a small nerf).
  • Uniques are now announced by title when first appearing onscreen. Beware: Sigmund the Dreaded awaits!
  • Darts have darted away forever. Warpers now start with tomahawks of dispersal instead.
  • Confusing Touch has had its duration increased (though multiple casts no longer stack), and causes your attacks to do no damage while it’s in effect. Once it successfully confuses an enemy, the duration ends. It’s now level 2.
  • Giant Slugs and Elephant Slugs have gone to the great vegetable garden in the sky. Gastronok survives, now the last member of his species. His eyestalks quiver in a fashion both noble and tragic.
  • Curse Skulls have returned to their natural, immobile state.
  • The amulet of conservation and cloak of preservation are gone, now that item destruction is no more.
  • Maxwell’s Patent Armour now gives rF+ rC+ instead of conservation.
  • Acquirement no longer avoids giving you items you’re currently carrying (e.g. lamps of fire, etc)
  • Iron Trolls no longer appear outside Dis. (But watch this space!)
  • Spellforged Servitors will no longer turn on the player when damaged by their own conjured ball lightning. Or ever.
  • You can now cast Inner Flame on allies without angering them.

Happy crawling!