Thanks to floraline, we have a new WebTiles/console server running in New York, USA, with the official acronym CKO:

This server supports crawl 0.21, 0.22, and trunk for both WebTiles and console over SSH with daily trunk updates.

Important Note: The CKO hasn’t yet been added to the CAO scoring pages. Don’t worry, games you play now will retroactively show up on the scoring pages after we’ve added CKO to the CAO database. CKO has been added to the Sequell bot, so game history commands like !lg and !lm already work for CKO. Update: CKO is now in the CAO scoring pages!

This new server has come online at a good time, since ZiBuDo has taken CJR ( offline. We recommend that any current CJR users register on the new CKO server. Sorry, we can’t transfer any current saved games you have on CJR over to another server.

Don’t worry about scoring data and morgue files of your past CJR games, as we have those backed up to another long-term location. Your old CJR games will continue to be recorded in Sequell and on the CAO pages. If you need to access your CJR RC files, for now you can find them here, but you’ll need to copy them soon. The server will go completely offline in the next couple of days.

Thanks so much to ZiBuDo for hosting CJR these last few years! Jorgrun will continue to carry the dwarven_lang banner through the great hall of memes!