With several months delay, here is the 0.7.2 bug fix release. You’ve probably all switched to trunk by now, but just in case you haven’t, 0.7.2 fixes a couple of nasty crash bugs.

As always, you can find source code and binaries on our Downloads page. Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide Mac binaries.

The changelog is a bit rough around the edges, so here’s a more detailed list:

  • Fix crashes on entering new levels with restart_after_game = true.
  • Fix crash with off-level map viewing.
  • Fix a crash when Jiyva worshippers spawn jellies for non-monster-damage.
  • Fix crash when trying to throw a quivered dancing weapon.
  • Fix problems with Unicode locales other than en_US.UTF-8.
  • Fix near-uselessness on ARM.
  • Fix save corruption for too long player names.
  • Don’t trap teleporting merfolk in a couple of temples.
  • Disallow targeting passwall at self.
  • Fix stat boosting armour not losing bonus when melding.
  • Fix weapon acquirement not considering some rare weapons.
  • Disable Trowel card in portal vaults, labyrinths, Pan and the Abyss.
  • A variety of other bug fixes.

Hopefully, 0.8 won’t be long in coming now, either.

As always, have fun playing!