Hello fellow Bogchamps! I have a quick update about the 0.26 tournament. Please bookmark the official 0.26 tournament page and use this page to track your progress throughout the tournament. As a reminder, the tournament is scheduled from 20:00 UTC Friday 8 January through 20:00 UTC Sunday 24 January. The 0.26 release will likely happen beforehand on January 7th.

The 0.26 branch is available and already installed on CBR2, CKO, CUE, and CXC. For other servers, you’ll see the 0.26 game links appear on the server lobby at some point before the tournament starts. Once 0.26 is available on your server, you can follow the instructions on the tournament page to define/join clans via your 0.26 RC file. Clans can be formed and changed until one week into the tournament on 20:00 UTC Friday 15 January. See the How to Play section of the tournament page for details.

We’ve made some rule changes relative to the 0.25 tournament, so see the Changes section of the tournament page for details. Once the tournament has started, the leaderboard will display the current standings. You may see the leaderboard, player, and clan pages populated with test data from 0.26 games. Don’t worry, the test pages and data will be wiped before the tournament begins. If you’re looking for people to play with, you can find them in the Tavernreddit, or our IRC channel ##crawl on Freenode. Many thanks to Napkin for again letting us host the tournament on CDO, and to ebering for updating the tournament scripts for our rule changes.

See you all on Swamp:4, paralyzed by a fenstrider witch!