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New Online Score World Record by PurpleRed

The player PurpleRed has set a new overall high score with an amazing Deep Elf Conjurer of Vehumet won with 15 runes in a mere 19,065 turns!

The previous record, a Deep Dwarf Warper of Makhleb won by the legendary Sapher in version 0.17-a, was the culmination of a resurgence of heavy melee characters that has dominated high scoring games for many versions using gods like Makhleb, Cheibriados, and The Shining One together with species good at melee. Although the best “pure magic” Deep Elf won in recent version before PurpleRed returned to speedrunning was still quite fast at 28,416 turns, this is today only good enough for 47th place in the rankings.

Since version 0.17, the removal of controlled teleport and evokable teleport from the ring of teleportation were seen as limitations that might prevent a new score world record from ever being achieved. However not long after winning a 15-rune DECj in an impressive 26,112 turns, PurpleRed ascended this new high scoring game for an incredible 75,249,848 points! Congrats!

Trunk updates, 25 September 2016

Hi, crawlers!

First, a request: if you can read Korean and are interested in us getting these fantastic Korean fan-made loading screens into the main game, please contact us! We’d really like to ask the original artists for permission to use their art in-game. This is now in progress; thanks to everyone who volunteered their help!

Second, here are the latest changes from trunk:

  • We have two new devs: Brannock and CanOfWorms. Feel free to give them a hearty welcome!
  • Monsters:
    • Monster renamings: giant newt -> frilled lizard, giant frogs -> bullfrogs, giant geckos -> leopard geckos, giant leeches -> tyrant leeches, giant eyeballs -> floating eyes, giant spores -> ballistomycete spores, giant orange brains -> glowing orange brains. Hill giants seem unaffected… for now.
    • Iron Giants now throw their allies at the player (as Robin/Polyphemus), instead of throwing the player at their allies..
    • Naga Ritualists’ Virulence spell no longer multiplies poison in the victim’s system; instead, it just applies rPois-.
    • Blink frogs and sixfirhies no longer heal when hit with distortion or electricity, respectively. Sixfirhies gain rElec+++ to make up for it. It’s the end of an era…
    • Tzitzimimeh’s melee attack no longer creates a ring of miasma clouds, but instead applies the rotting & slowing effect directly.
    • Mennas now has a guaranteed sacred weapon; more of a threat, or more of a temptation…?
    • Statues can be stabbed; obsidian and orange crystal statues gain sInv.
    • Turtles no longer withdraw into their shells at low HP.
    • Ragged Hierophants have been gently, lovingly nerfed.
    • Griffons have merged into hippogriffs, which is a little confusing, given that they’re originally both hybrids… anyway, hippogriffs are slightly tougher, and that’s that.
    • Say goodnight, Dan: boulder beetles attempted to squash a developer, but instead just rolled right out of crawl. They will be missed.
  • Species:
    • Halflings and Kobolds have had their aptitudes and attributes adjusted, to make them more distinct. Kobolds gain better intelligence and spellcasting aptitudes, but are slightly worse at weapons; for Halflings, the reverse is true. As Halflings are now a diminutive race well suited to a heavy armour, “sword and board toon” playstyle, you may as well refer to them by the traditional name for that role: Hill Dwarves.
    • Spriggans have the same weapon restrictions as halflings and kobolds, instead of more restrictive ones. “Allows spriggans to wield triple crossbows, and makes morningstars, eveningstars, long swords, scimitars, demon blades, war axes, spears, demon tridents and greatslings one handed for them.” SpBe buff!
    • Vampires have only four distinct blood levels, instead of six: Near Bloodless is merged into Thirsty, and Alive is merged into Full.
    • Mottled draconian sticky flame is now range 3 (was range 1).
  • Items:
    • The Ratskin Cloak has been buffed, from +1 to +2. This was actually an accident, but it seemed like more effort than it was worth to revert…
    • Punk’s freezing brand has been replaced with a new, unique ‘acid’ brand. Duck!
    • The *Confuse randart property is now *Slow.
    • Weapons of protection give a short-lived +7 AC on hit, instead of +5 AC passively.
    • Riposte’s trigger chance has decreased to 1/3, from 1/2.
  • Interface:
    • New rcfile option: auto_butcher, which, when set, travels to & butchers edible corpses during autoexplore. Thanks to mgdelmonte for contributing it!
    • Average monster max HP is now displayed in monster descriptions, above AC and EV.
    • Stepping on manuals IDs them, without them needing to be picked up.
    • Spell noise is now visible in the I/Z casting interface.
    • Clicking on books through the local tiles UI allows you to memorize spells from a specific book, and is now available at zero Spellcasting skill. (Only nineties players will get this…)
    • Auto skill training should be a little smarter now.
  • Branches & Environment:
    • The Desolation of Salt is no longer roughly guaranteed; it’ll appear in maybe ~15% of games, to keep from wearing its welcome out too quickly.
    • Beogh no longer smites creatures that destroy orcish idols.
    • The walls of Slime:5 now vanish entirely after the Royal Jelly dies, instead of simply turning to rock. Look sharp!
    • Ambient noise has been streamlined. It should be more relevant in Shoals and the Desolation, and it’s completely removed from Lair and Orc. Also, it no longer affects stealth, removing one of my favorite obscure special cases.
  • A whole pile of new monster tiles, including skeletal warriors, trolls, efreets, and, in a bittersweet moment, executioners. Thanks to Roctavian for all his great work!
  • Emergency flight is available from forms; if you would instantly die (from drowning/lava), you’ll enter emergency flight instead. It’s probably no longer possible to drown.
  • Hexes are slightly less effective against creatures with exactly 0 MR.
  • Mutations: rough black scales removed, large bone plates switched to give pure +SH, instead of a mix of +SH and +AC.
  • Hepliaklqana wrath no longer suppresses XP-gated effects. This included elemental evokers, Abyss gate spawning, the Evolution mutation, and other gods’ wraths; the latter is some good tech to keep in mind, if you are for some reason playing on a month-old version of trunk.
  • Using Step from Time near enemies with smite-targeted spells (entropy weavers, neqoxecs) will no longer result in the player being hit by those spells dozens of times.
  • The game should no longer crash when entering Tomb:3.

Happy crawling!

XL 9 win by pedritolo!

Player pedritolo has just won a Spriggan Enchanter … at XL 9!

Character sheet and Tavern thread


Trunk updates, 2 September 2016

Hi, crawlers! It’s been a few weeks, so here’s the latest changes from trunk:

  • New timed portal vault: the Desolation of Salt.
    • Entrances appear in Elf and Vaults. (It’s guaranteed to appear in the current trunk, more or less, but that’s just for testing purposes; it’ll become less common shortly.)
    • Features an open layout filled with huge, blinding saltstorms, and ancient, treasure-filled ruins.
    • New monster: saltling, a small golem roughly similar to orc warriors.
    • New monster: peacekeeper, a mechanical beast with Battlecry (affecting other golems) and manticore barbs.
    • New monster: servant of whispers, casting Lightning Bolt and Still Winds, a new effect which temporarily disables all clouds.
    • New monster: ragged hierophant, casting Injury Bond and Resonance Strike, a smite-targeted damage effect that becomes more powerful for every golem next to the target.
    • New monster: imperial myrmidon, a fast, tough melee enemy with a variety of hexes and the ability to halve magic resistance on melee hits.
    • New monster: halazid warlock, a lich with a variety of powerful spells, including Ghostly Sacrifice, which turns an ally into a devastating explosion of negative energy.
    • …and various other guest monsters from other branches, including molten gargoyles and crystal guardians.
    • Tiles by the indomitable CanOfWorms!
  • Monsters:
    • Sheep have been replaced with dream sheep, a new pack monster that, when present in large numbers, can put enemies to sleep.
    • Anubis guards have been merged into ushabti. The latter get anubis guards’ warning cry and dispel undead.
    • Battlecry has been simplified; instead of working differently for every monster that casts it, it always and only affects all allies of the same genus. (So orcs can might other orcs, angels can might other angels, etc.) This means that orc knights can now might warlords.
    • Iron giants are back to speed 10 (from 8), but have had their other stats reduced somewhat.
    • Snorg goes berserk less often, but can berserk from full health.
    • Giant eyeballs now cast Paralysis Gaze in only two tries, instead of three.
    • Instead of sixfirhies being tier 4 demons and chaos spawn being tier 3, the opposite is now true.
    • Monster descriptions have been revised and improved; thanks, MarvinPA!
  • Clarity now gives immunity to sleep.
  • Gozag and exploration gods should now work better in sprints; their gold and piety (respectively) have been multiplied, as with other gods.
  • Beogh no longer enhances worshippers’ armour or shield bonuses.
  • The regeneration mutation’s strength has been doubled, matching most other sources of regeneration (e.g. artefacts). Vine Stalkers now gain regen at XL 4 and 12, instead of 1, 6 and 12.
  • Cure mutation is slightly rarer, though still more common than it was prior to rMut removal.
  • Temporary mutations only have a 50% chance of causing statrot for undead.
  • All temporary allies, including but no longer limited to summons, are unable to attack out of your LOS.
  • Crawl’s secret “monster stealth” mechanics have been removed; all monsters now have the same chance for their location to be guessed at while invisible.
  • Friendly detected monsters (for e.g. Jiyva) no longer interrupt resting.
  • Right clicking on the webtiles minimap should work properly again.
  • Very long-running bug, finally fixed: low-HP monsters will no longer fireball themselves to death or banish their allies. (This also fixed the “Hep allies will confuse the player” bug.)
  • Grate traps should no longer instantly obliterate poorly-placed items.
  • Eustachio the Eustachio Skeleton will no longer appear in anyone’s game.

Happy crawling!