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Trunk Updates, 25 May 2016

Hi, crawlers! The tournament is over, so it’s time for trunk changes. Fair warning: there’s a lot of them! So I broke it up with some screenshots of the new tiles (described near the end), just for you.

  • Gods:
    • Ukayaw the Reveler, god of ecstatic dance.
      • Tactical piety: gain piety by damaging enemies, lose piety extremely rapidly over time.
      • 1*: Stomp: deal damage to all adjacent enemies, increasing with their max HP and with your Invocations skill.
      • 2*: Line Pass: instantly pass through a contiguous line of enemies, confusing some.
      • Solo Time: On reaching 3*, all visible enemies are briefly paralysed, for a time increasing with Invocations skill.
      • Pain Bond: On reaching 4*, all visible enemies gain the Pain Bond status, causing them to share damage taken with other nearby Pain Bonded enemies. This can cascade!
      • 5*: Grand Finale: spend all piety to telefrag target intelligent monster. They explode.
    • Hepliaklqana the Forgotten, god of ancestral memory.
      • On joining, grants a permanent ancestor spirit that fights alongside you. The ancestor increases in power as you level up, and will reappear on a delay after dying or being trapped in the Abyss.
      • 0*: Recall: recall your ancestor. Works across different floors.
      • 2*: Remember Life: choose between Hexer, Knight or Battlemage classes for your ancestor.
        • Hexer: starts out with Slow, Confuse, and a dagger of draining. At XL 15, trades Slow for either Paralyse or Metabolic Englaciation (player’s choice). At XL 21, trades Confuse for Mass Confusion. At XL 27, swaps the dagger for an antimagic quickblade.
        • Knight: starts out with a shield, long blade, and bonus AC. At XL 15, swaps to either a flaming broad axe or demon trident (player’s choice). At XL 21, the shield becomes large & reflecting. At XL 27, the weapon switches to a speed ego.
        • Battlemage: starts out with Throw Frost, Stone Arrow, and a quarterstaff. At XL 15, trades Throw Frost for either Iceblast or Bolt of Magma (player’s choice). At XL 21, swaps the quarterstaff for a freezing lajatang. At XL 27, swaps Stone Arrow for Lehudib’s Crystal Spear.
      • 3*: Transference: swap your ancestor with another creature in LOS. The player is a creature in LOS.
      • 4*: Idealise: heal your ancestor, remove harmful status conditions, and apply the Idealise buff, which increases AC and doubles damage & spellpower for the duration. Duration & healing amount scale with Invocations.
      • 5*: Transference slows enemies adjacent to the target, for a duration dependent on Invocations power.
      • Piety gained by exploration.
    • Many divine abilities have had their hunger costs removed (ABCJMOP1) or increased (KTY).
    • Beogh’s water walking now lasts until you reach shore, even if you drop below the required piety, enter penance, etc. Funny though “drowning by using Smite too many times in a row” was.
    • Pakellas’s wrath no longer drains the player or their devices, but instead passively prevents device use for its duration.
    • Pakellas suppresses Vine Stalkers’ MP draining bite. (It still applies damage & antimagic.)
    • Pakellas no longer gifts potions of magic to mummies.
    • Dithmenos’s Shadow Step can now be used to step into invisible enemies’ invisible shadows.
    • Monsters hated by your god (e.g. wizards for Trog) can once again be temporarily enslaved.
    • Gozag will no longer attempt to bribe your own summons.
  • Deep elf archers no longer fire in melee.
  • Hellions no longer resist fire or are vulnerable to cold.
  • Unrands:
    • The arbalest ‘Damnation’ no longer provides resistances, but does significantly more damage.
    • Firestarter and Frostbite now provide immunity to fire & cold clouds respectively; the duration of the latter’s clouds have increased.
    • The Staff of Olgreb now has a fixed +9 enchantment, rather than varying by the player’s Poison skill.
    • The Trident of the Octopus King now has twice as large an enchantment bonus per Octopus King ring worn; can *you* get the legendary +24 Trident?
    • The Sword of Zonguldrok no longer creates hostile dead (when an enemy dies due to something other than its attacks) or curses itself
    • The Mace of Variability no longer uncurses itself every turn.
  • The amulet of harm is no longer evil.
  • Corrosion slaying penalties now apply to unarmed & auxiliary (e.g. hoof) attacks.
  • All monster-wielded (or dancing) branded weapons are now listed when they come into sight; this should be helpful for noticing, for example, that d:1 goblin with a dagger of electrocution.
  • Spells:
    • Elemental enhancers (e.g. staves of earth, rings of fire) no longer penalise casting spells of the opposite element.
    • Cigotuvi’s Embrace no longer degrades when taking damage.
    • Simulacrum’s duration is somewhat reduced.
    • Dazzling Spray’s damage is slightly lower.
  • Tiles:
    • Jewellery tiles have been completely replaced.
    • Mutant beasts (from the box of beasts) now have custom tiles that display their exact combination of traits.
    • Many more types of zombies, especially those of early-game creatures, now have custom tiles.
    • Many low-level demons have new tiles.
  • X> once again finds the closest set of stairs by travel distance, rather than by grid distance.
  • For the first time in three years, being in water not only claims to prevent player invisibility from working (because of the disturbance you leave), but actually does so.
  • The player being silenced no longer prevents monsters from shouting.
  • Muted monsters can once again bristle with rage.
  • Sheep now bleat.
  • Inscribing an item with “<ice>” no longer crashes the game.

Happy crawling!

New Server CJR is Online and CAO Updated for 0.18 Tournament

Thanks to ZiBuDo, in time for the 0.18 tournament we have a new WebTiles/console server running in Montreal, Canada, with the official acronym CJR:

Yes, everything you see on that page was done intentionally, and we sincerely beg you not to encourage ZiBuDo to add more memes…

This server supports 0.17, 0.18, and trunk for both WebTiles and console over SSH with hourly automatic trunk updates. CJR also has an IRC bot, Jorgrell, available in ##crawl to announce milestones and list versions. The server has been added to the CAO scoring pages, and your games played there should show up on your score page soon. ZiBuDo has additionally made a leader board tracking various records for games played on CJR.

Thanks to the efforts of neil, CAO is now updated for 0.18 and will be ready for the 0.18 tournament! We were previously unsure if we’d be able to get the server updated in time, but now your v0.18 games played and clan memberships defined on CAO will indeed count for this tournament.

At this time, CWZ, the South Korean server, is the only server we’ve been unable to get updated with 0.18 for the tournament. If anyone can reach the admin of this server, who plays under the account Hong, please do so. Developers in the ##crawl-dev channel can help answer questions about updating the server.
CWZ was updated shortly before the tournament started.

Crawl 0.18: “Pakellas’s Packrats”

We’re proud to announce the release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.18: “Pakellas’s Packrats”! 0.18 features a new god and many other additions, streamlinings, and general improvements to the game.

Download DCSS 0.18 here, or play it online on one of many servers across the world! The Windows packages are available now, as well as the source; the Linux and OS X binaries should be online within a few days.
Update: The hotfix release 0.18.1 is now available.
Update #2: Linux debs of 0.18.1 are now available.
Update #3: OS X packages are now available.

The release tournament begins on May 6 2016, at 20:00 UTC, with all online 0.18 games counting towards your score. See the tournament website for more details, including how to set up or join a clan.

0.18′s highlights include:

  • Spells: Charms have been rethought and reworked, and a new spell, Yara’s Violent Unravelling, allows you to punish any enemies with charms of their own.
  • Branches: The Elven Halls have a new set of enemies, there’s a new way to make your way through (or out of) the Abyss, and the Orcish Mines are half as long, but twice as packed with gold.
  • Items: Magical jewellery and wands have both been massively reworked, with many new types appearing and old types gone. Try out the new Amulet of Harm, which increases all damage dealt by – and to – the wearer!
  • Monsters: Many monsters have been reworked or added, with a special focus on the early and very late game.
  • Gods: Pakellas the Inventive gifts and empowers magical evocables, such as wands and rods. Yredremnulites can now enslave the souls of angels and demons, and Beoghites can bring their followers back from the dead.

For a list of other major changes, see the changelog. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. We hope you enjoy playing 0.18!