Former Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tile contributor, Poor Yurik (John Attea), posted an article last week about his time working on tile art for DCSS in 2010. Alongside examples of art he made for the game, John talks about his experience working on DCSS and offers his suggestions and hopes for the future of tile development.

You can read the full article here.

After finding out about his blog entry (via reddit), I contacted him and asked for permission to link it here. Not only was John fine with that, he decided to thank everyone by creating a new opening splash screen for the game that will appear in the upcoming release.

Read his message about the response to the article and see a large version of the new splash art here.

Some private closing remarks by me: When we started the Stone Soup fork, one crucial part was to encourage players to become active with the development. This has worked very well, ranging over speech, descriptions, maps/vaults, bug fixes and patches for sometimes elaborate new features. An area where contributions were, and still are, particularly rich is tiles. It is both a pleasure to thank John for his amazing work, and a shame to acknowledge that so much went unused. The arguments brought forward against his ideas could have been mine, or in some cases actually were mine. Further discussion on the matter should go the comments, ideally on John’s blog. Many thanks John, and farewell!