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Upcoming Tournament, 0.9 plans

There’s an important change this year:
due to the second tourney we had in May, duration of the official tournament has been shortened.
It will last from Aug 13th to Aug 28th, sixteen days.

In other news, the tentative date for 0.9 release has been changed to the first week of August.

Also, Debian trunk builds have been automated, so you might see them updated regularly. This is not the case for Mac builds though, sorry for that.

0.8.1 Bugfix Release

While 0.8 has been largely bug-free compared to 0.7, some bugs nevertheless crept in. Fixes include:

  • official builds of 0.8.0 didn’t work on Windows 2000
  • a number of crasher bugs
  • stair colouring on the “X” map was sometimes wrong
  • spores produced by Jiyva’s wrath could be converted by Fedhas
  • running could fail to notice items being found
  • Ashenzari worshippers could change armour under cursed cloaks
  • certain values of LC_CTYPE could cause display corruption
  • felids resting could take lots of CPU
  • power failures or system crashes were likely to cause save corruption on MacOS X
  • Kikubaaqudgha’s torment invocation didn’t grant you xp

Head over to the Downloads and enjoy!
As all point releases, 0.8.1 is save-compatible with 0.8.0.

Note: Please bear with us while the builds are being uploaded (MacOS X is late).