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FR categories disabled in Mantis – use the Wiki!

Things have moved forwards, and the FR categories in Mantis have been disabled. Dive into the Code and Development Wiki, noble Feature Requester!


Page creation enabled for all Wiki users

edit: Feature Request categories have been disabled in Mantis now, please use the wiki to send in your ideas!

Contributors no longer need to ask for page-creation privileges to add new pages to the Code and Development Wiki. This should make contributing your ideas easier.

Note that when we moved our development resources to, the intention was to use the wiki for brainstorming and the tracker for ready proposals. We haven’t really enforced it so far, but would like to see this in action. FRs tend to turn into discussions and rot in the tracker, which limits the usefulness of tracker functionality. Discussion (and rotting) will happen in the wiki as well, but we think it is a better tool for that, as developers can summarize and reboot the pages more flexibly. We also hope that related issues get grouped better, so that contributors are more aware about related issues surrounding particular features.

Arguably, having categories called “Feature Request” in the tracker is pretty bad for the intended workflow. We are working on sorting this out. :-)

I’d like to add that the DCSS development mailing list is also a tool available for discussing ideas and issues with the development.

Below is the current tracker/wiki HOWTO for reference:

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Crawl Tournament 2010 Summary

The annual Crawl tournament took place during August. Thanks to the folks running the servers (CAO and CDO) for their awesome help.

Click here for the official tournament web page,

Some interesting numbers (those in brackets refer to the 2009 and 2008 tournaments):

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