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On the way towards 0.7

We’re getting closer to the next release, DCSS 0.7. It is partially a consolidation release (more below). Also, it will go public sufficiently early, so that there’s enough time to fix bugs before August, the time for the annual tournament. If you are curious, you can play the most current version on CDO, as usual. We appreciate feedback of any form.

The consolidation aspect of 0.7:
* Monster double actions due to energy randomisation always include a move. The double action was a source of a lot of controversy. In 0.7, an adjacent monster won’t hit you twice, although a monster a step away might still approach and hit you in a single turn.
* Make heavy armour guaranteed damage reduction percentage independent of armour skill. This makes heavier armours a bit better again, after the severe but long overdue nerf in 0.6.

In other news, there have been a lot of improvements to Tiles, Tutorials (tutorial and hints mode are now distinct) and the interface in general. Crawl will also officially feature Chapayev’s awesome Sprint variant.

Gameplay-wise, the biggest changes are these:
* Demonspawns will feature less lottery; all mutations grow to the full; also, mutations are meaningful, in particular, many of them are specific to the species.
* Zin has finally seen the light help: Recite is less risky, hence more useful. Also, there’s a new ability, which allows to imprison intelligent monsters.

Feedback on DS, Fi and Zinners are appreciated. We won’t re-design these on short notice, with release being so close. But comments on how far you get (and got in older versions) would help to see gauge we stand with the new AC/DS/Zin.

Some more changes which will be of interest:
* Aptitudes now on a scale +5 to -5.
* Remove Death Knights and Thieves.
* Show effective weapon speed in ‘@’ character info.
* Walls in the Slime Pits are acidic.
* Changed shop distribution between branches.
* Removed instant stat death.

An update of 0.6

Well, watching people kill themselves using vampiric weapons may have been fun, but after some time, it gets boring.  Thus, here’s an update of the stable release that fixes worst of the problems you reported.


  • Fix instant starvation bug related to vampiric weapon butchery.
  • Fix Cheibriados excommunication permanent stat gain.
    No more 72/72/72 for you.
  • Reenable sound for mingw builds.
  • Xcode, Visual C++ and clang build fixes.
  • Fix save handling on BSD systems.
  • Fix some triggers being dropped when viewing other levels.
    This was exploitable to get unlimited Troves or Bazaars.
  • Selected other bug fixes.