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Summary A brainstorming page for new welcome lines at the start of the game.
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Welcome lines based on background

A character's chosen background reflects on what that character was before entering the dungeon and what his motivations are. The welcome message would be different depending on which background you choose.

Some examples:

* Gladiator: To win your freedom, you must find and recover the fabled Orb of Zot, which lies at the bottom of this dungeon.

* Berserker: Much blood will be spilled before you get to the orb at the bottom of this dungeon. You wouldn't have it any other way!

* Artificer: The orb will grant unimaginable powers to those able to harness it. It lies at the bottom of this dungeon.

* Assassin: Sneaking down to the underbelly of this dungeon, to the orb, will be no easy task. Luckily you're one of the best.

* Wanderer: You're not certain how you got here, but a strange force compels you to proceed onwards, to the bottom of the dungeon.

* Fire Elementalist: Light the way through the dungeon and to the orb! — ironjelly

* Air Elementalist: The winds at your back guide you to this dungeon. The orb must be here! — ironjelly

* Earth Elementalist: The strange vibrations in the Earth lead you to this dungeon. The orb must be here! — ironjelly

* Ice Elementalist: As you enter the dungeon you shiver briefly. This must be the location of the orb! — ironjelly

* Hunter: The greatest quarry is at the bottom of the dungeon. Can you hunt down the orb? — ironjelly

How about a single message for everyone: “Your objective is to obtain the orb of Zot.” That is actually enough information. The location is obvious as soon as the player finds the Zot portal, and the means to open the portal is explained in the portal description. Also, you are told what to do with the orb as soon as you pick it up. Personally, I don't think the different backgrounds need to distinguish the manner in which the orb is to be obtained, or frame the purpose of the quest in any way. — xyblor 2010-11-20 16:16

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