Hello crawlers, and welcome to the first batch of trunk updates of 2020. The teams’ celebrations raised quite a bit of Pandemonium, but in the fray several trunk changes appeared. Here’s the latest!

  • A new swamp worm tunnel vault offering a transporter puzzle for your death enjoyment
  • A new Fedhas vs Yredelemnul themed swamp rune vault with a cameo by an undead Lernean Hydra
  • On the back-end we’ve added catch2 testing to the build process
  • Foxfire no longer damage the player when swapping, just dissipate
  • A new abyss-escape themed ghost vault
  • Regeneration has regenerated for the last time, and is removed. Agony replaces it in the book of Necromancy, and Ozocubu’s Armour in the Book of Battle
  • A new unique Maggie enters the dungeon. Maggie is a younger version of Margery, and is a test of reaverb’s new multiple-unique-encounter storytelling approach. Maggie knows Bolt of Fire and Mesmerise, and comes equipped with a light dragon skin and a good weapon. Margery’s dragon armour is upgraded. Both Maggie and Margery have a chance of carrying Wyrmbane, which comes already slightly leveled up!
  • dtsund can send us an “I told you so!”. Scrolls of acquirement now offer a choice of 4-5 items: food (if you eat), gold, and three random choices from the old acquirement categories. These items are fully identified, and you can inspect them before making your choice.
  • However, the miscellaneous category of acquirement has been removed, so you won’t be seeing evocables on the list ever again!

That’s all for now! On the horizon, there are rumors of an upcoming crawl sudden death challenges “soon”, more magic changes, and who knows what manner of twisted sinister changes from the mind of Xom. Happy crawling!