Hi, crawlers! Spring has sprung, so here’s some changes for you:

  • Wand changes:
    • Removed: Cold, Fire, Draining, Fireball, Frost, Invisibility, and Magic Darts.
    • New: Acid, which shoots a beam of corrosive acid. Roughly as powerful as Draining was.
    • New: Iceblast, which launches an explosive, partially physical explosion. Somewhat more powerful than Fireball was.
    • Monsters will no longer machine-gun their wands quite as often.
  • Other removed items: Xom’s chesspieces, rods of destruction & the swarm, and potions of poison.
  • Luckily, potions of degeneration are back! They now drain all stats by 1d3 points when consumed.
  • Even more luckily, stats now regenerate faster at low XLs.
  • Statue form, bat form & hydra form no longer have stat modifiers. Low-strength Vampires rejoice!
  • Statue form also now gives somewhat more AC.
  • Other spell changes:
    • Ozocubu’s Armour now gives ponderousness (+0.1 movement delay).
    • Passwall is now level 2 (previously, level 3).
    • Song of Slaying has been simplified; it now gives +slay with every kill, capping at +9 slay. (It was previously… complicated.)
    • Removed spells: Stoneskin, Condensation Shield, and Phase Shift.
  • God changes:
    • Ashenzari now lets you directly curse items, rather than needing to create scrolls of curse armour/weapon/jewellery. This ability still consumes a scroll of remove curse.
    • Okawaru’s abilities (Heroism & Finesse) are now considerably lower duration at low Invocations, but cost less piety and scale to higher max durations.
    • If you would regenerate MP under Pakellas while already full, you can now get a potion of magic instead.
    • Sif now gives miscast protection at ** and amnesia at ****. (Previously, the reverse was true.)
    • Yredelemnul’s Enslave Soul now works on angels and demons.
  • Swamp worms’ ambush predator functionality should now function correctly. Beware…
  • The Captain’s Cutlass now does flat bonus damage when it disarms an enemy.

Thanks to chequers for helping to compile this post.

For those who are interested, there’s also two new experimental gods being tested – Ukayaw, God of Ecstatic Dance, and Hepliaklqana, God of Ancestral Memory. They can be played on CBRO or, for the antipodeans, CPO.

Happy crawling!