Quiver which trunk update?

Ho ho ho hello! Santaeus has rolled up from the North Pole with a box of beastly trunk changes for all you good crawlers out there on the net.

The major highlight is the new quiver system, written primarily by advil. A quick overview:

Any ranged attack, spell, ability, or evokable action can be quivered! This change change lets a wide range of things appear in the quiver slot for quick access via firing, autofiring (p and shift-tab) and cycling (( and )); use Q to select an action. At the same time it introduces a number of UI improvements and new options.

For the gory details, check out the updated documentation or read the pull request summary and discussion.

Here’s what else is new in trunk:

  • Net traps are now permanent, but the nets always mulch (no more net farming!).
  • Translocations miscasts now prevent movement altogether for a short time (like Tree form!).
  • Player spell damage and spell accuracy are now displayed in the UI in various easy to find places.
  • Hailstorm now hits automatically (instead of having a very small chance to miss).
  • Several ghost vaults have been revamped to have better loot and better theme.
  • Palentonga can now mutate longer rolls.
  • Skills can now be trained at any time, without item or spell restrictions.
  • The revamped Swamp has seen various balance tweaks and adjustments after play testing, including:
    • Goliath frogs are now a bit slower,
    • Will-o-the-wisps cast marshlight more often.
  • The chance for the distortion brand to banish has been reduced.
  • The ancient pharoahs have asserted their right to title, greater mummies are now royal mummies.
  • Evocable invisibility now drains skills, whether or not you successfully vanish!
  • Magic Resistance has been renamed to Willpower (with the abbreviation changing from MR to Will).
That’s all for now! This development cycle has seen many large changes land, so as always your play testing feedback and bug reports are welcome as we draw closer to the time of a new release. Until next time, happy crawling.
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Press: ? – help, Q – select action, (/) – cycle