Once again, DCSS has had a successful release and an exciting tournament to celebrate it. The 0.10 tournament ran from 0:00 Feb 25 (midnight UTC) through 24:00 Mar 11 (Mar 12 midnight UTC). Throughout the 16 days, competition was close for winning player and winning clan.

The winning player is elliptic, with 6601 points. Elliptic won 16 out of 26 games, including a 12 streak. Second place goes to jeanjacques, with 6504 points. Jeanjacques also recorded the win with the fewest turns and the highest scoring game. Both players were nearly tied going into the final hours as they competed for the win with the latest starting time (which is worth 100 bonus points) – but elliptic’s winning KoWn started slightly later than jeanjacques’ winning DDBe. Third place goes to pivotal, with 4568 points.

The top three clans exchanged first place several times, with Saint Lorocyproca (18074 points) coming out on top. Second place goes to Team Teddybear (17228 points), and third place goes to sonic yiuf (14954 points).
This tournament’s banners had three difficulty levels. Elliptic was the only player to obtain level III of every banner, while jeanjacques obtained all of them except Pious III.

The tournament statistics show an increase in number of players, time spent playing, and player performance. Below, the 0.10 tournament compared to the 0.9 tournament (in parentheses):

Players: 1628 (1337)
Total player time: 23507 hrs (16435 hrs)
Avg player time: 14.44 hrs (12.29 hrs)
Players who got a rune: 372 (264)
Players who won a game: 183 (116)
Total wins: 370 (232)
Win %, excluding quits/leaves: 1.10% (0.86%)