As some of you may have already heard, a new public server is available: (or CBRO).

I actually didn’t plan on creating an official server; I just wanted to start learning some crawl dev with a few friends and needed a webtiles server.  In the past when I messed around with this stuff, I simply used the webserver setup that comes with the source.  This time however, I found some documentation on the dev wiki and decided to go all-out.

It took a while, but with help from a bunch of folks in ##crawl-dev (primarily |amethyst/neil (CSZO) and TZer0 (CLAN)), CBRO finally went online.

Oh, and people keep asking, “What’s a Rotato?”.   It comes from the (smallish) gaming community, MeFightClub. I learned about Crawl from there and we’ve had about 30 players the past two tournaments, so it’s been a fairly big influence on my crawl experience so far.

Being Rotato can be summed up in the following quote:

“Be Excellent to each other. If you can’t be excellent, Be Civil. If you can’t be civil, Be Offline”


  • Also known as CBRO.
  • Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • It will serve the latest stable released version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
  • It also serves the latest development version and updates daily around ~ 0800 GMT.
  • Additionally Dungeon SprintZot Defense and the Tutorial.
  • Access via SSH (port 22): username “crawler” – SSH-keys (PuTTY key Unix key) (no password access).
  • Access via WebSocket: WebTiles (port 8080)
  • Accounts and save files for SSH & WebSocket are shared.
  • Morgues, rc files, and so on are available online.
  • Games & milestones are recorded by Sequell and reported in ##crawl on freenode by the bot Rotatell.
  • Scoring pages are also updated (though there may be a short lag before the games are logged).
  • johnstein can be reached in IRC via ‘!tell johntein’ in ##crawl, or email: