A new server is available: crawl.lantea.net, hosted by Aleksi and maintained by TZer0. It is located in Germany and serves both webtiles and console for trunk and stable versions. Games are reported on IRC by the bot Lantell, and are also known to Sequell.

Many thanks to Aleksi and TZer0!


  • Also known as CLAN.
  • Located in Falkenstein/Chemnitz, Germany, Europe.
  • It serves the latest released and the previous version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
  • It also serves the latest development version and is very regularly updated.
  • Additionally Dungeon SprintZot Defense and the Tutorial.
  • Access via SSH (port 22): username “terminal” – password “terminal” or SSH-key (PuTTY key Unix key).
  • Access via WebSocket: WebTiles (port 8080)
  • Accounts and save files for SSH & WebSocket are shared.
  • Morgues, rc files, and so on are available online.