As mentioned in MarvinPA’s announcement of the CAO downtime, a new public Crawl server is available:, or CSZO for short.  The server, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania in the eastern United States, hosts both webtiles ( and console Crawl (ssh to with username “crawl” and either the CAO key (putty version) or the password “crawlingtotheusa”).  CSZO runs trunk, 0.11, and 0.10, including sprint, zotdef, and the tutorial. Both trunk and stable versions are updated daily.

Games are shared between webtiles and ssh, and can furthermore be watched across interfaces (e.g. watch an ssh game in webtiles; chatting across interfaces doesn’t work that well for now, though).  You can even watch yourself in webtiles while playing ASCII, or vice versa, to get the best of both interfaces.

Ttyrecs and morgues are available for browsing at . Games and milestones are recorded by Sequell and reported in ##crawl on freenode by the new bot Sizzell; this also means that CSZO games will count for the upcoming tournament. Note that the user database is separate from CDO and CAO, so you will have to register an account for CSZO.

I plan to at some point publish the configurations, git branches, and instructions online to make it a little easier to set up a new server.  Eventually we’d like to make this all available as a Debian package or something similar, but first things first :)