The annual Crawl tournament took place during August. Thanks to the folks running the servers (CAO and CDO) for their awesome help.

Click here for the official tournament web page,

Some interesting numbers (those in brackets refer to the 2009 and 2008 tournaments):

Games played:       44884  (28306, 13771)    [excluding quitters]
Number of players:   1091  (737, 385)
Number of winners:    109  (90, 50)
Numbers of wins:      321  (286, 169)

(For comparison, the Nethack devnull 2009 tournament had 11910 games by 354 players with 292 ascensions. These numbers seem suspiciously low, so here are the 2008 figures as well: 22812 games by 1305 players with 300 ascensions.)

The winner of the Crawl tournament 2010 is elliptic with 4121 points and 17 wins. The runners-up are Jaeger (3351 points, 17 wins) and 78291 (3274 points, 10 wins).

The best clan is Team Kiku, they dominated the competition.

Some fancy records achieved during the tournament:
Longest streak: elliptic with ten wins in a row!
Fastest win: qwqw won a SpEn in 14318 turns!
Quickest win: 78291 won another SpEn in less than 72 minutes!

For the next year, it may be desirable to have another North American server. The load was quite heavy during the first week.

Apart from that, there is talk of shortening the tournament to cover only 16 days. For comments on that, and also on the scoring, please comment here.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone involved, including all players and the good souls announcing this event on boards and forums!

The Crawl devteam.