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XL 9 win by pedritolo!

Player pedritolo has just won a Spriggan Enchanter … at XL 9!

Character sheet and Tavern thread


More fanart!

I have had the luck to receive some great contributions lately, which I immediately added to the Crawl Art page. This time we get one very busy minotaur, an overlord and, a novelty, miniatures!

As usual, if you made some Crawl fanart yourself, or know someone who did, then do not hesitate to contact me (either by email or by tavern message).

Many thanks to all the contributors, and may your inspirations run free!

CSZO broken

Hi Crawlers,

This is a very inopportune moment, but it seems that CSZO vanished from the Internet this morning. The maintainer Amethyst opened an emergency ticket with the ISP a few hours ago; there has been no response yet.

For the time being, please use CAO or CBRO. If the downtime persists, we will try to host the tournament page elsewhere until it is resolved.

Update 2014-04-16 14:43 UTC: The ISP says they are having technical difficulty with their fiber connections to two upstream providers, and have been working on the issue since it started about eight hours ago. Several customers are experiencing problems, not just CSZO. They expect the network to be “back up and running soon”. -neil

Update 2014-04-16 20:55 UTC: The network is back up, but there is still some packet loss for the time being, so expect some lag until everything is fully resolved. -neil

Crawl Art exhibition now open!

Inspired by a tavern thread, I realised how much artistic talent goes largely unnoticed! Thankfully, artist baconkid immediately agreed to immortalise some of his work on CDO − if you haven’t seen his drawings yet, make sure to dash to the new

Crawl Art page

Consider yourself a good Crawler if you recognise the content of one or two pictures at once. And a hopeless addict if you get all four. :)

It looks very spartan right now. I would be happy if, over time, more drawings and possibly fan fiction or other art find a home over there. If you want to recommend something for the Crawl Art page, please contact me (private forum message or email). In the long run, we may need to set up an editorial office, but for now this will do.

Experimental rule change: the rune lock

Yesterday, a slightly controversial commit got pushed:

    Commit: #f2529f3

    Rune lock.

    You need a rune to go to D:15. Downstairs of D:14 could be recoloured
    or replaced by a portal (maybe more consistent with D:27 zot portal).

This is a mandatory Vow of Courage I banner. The idea is quite old and was pushed after the 0.13 tournament so as to have as much time for testing as possible. You can read discussions about it on a old dev wiki page, or in several forum threads: here (locked), here (locked), here and here.

If the rune lock is considered to be good enough to stay for the next release, there will definitely be follow-up changes, cosmetic ones (locked staircase appearance, dungeon appearance before and after the lock) and balancing ones (unique generation springs to mind).

0.11 Tournament!

Following our traditional custom, the release of DCSS 0.11 will be celebrated with a tournament: from 0:00 Oct 20 (midnight UTC) through 24:00 Nov 4 (Nov 5 midnight UTC), any 0.11 game played on one of the four participating servers CAO, CDO, CSZO, CSN will count for the tournament. All servers but CSN offer console (ASCII), and all servers offer webtiles.

The rules are available on the tournament website. Some rules and banners have been changed. As usual, clans can be set up and changed until one week into the tournament.

Updated 2012-10-11: CDO now has 0.11 webtiles. Thanks, Napkin!

Blog and New DCSS Art from Poor Yurik

Former Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tile contributor, Poor Yurik (John Attea), posted an article last week about his time working on tile art for DCSS in 2010. Alongside examples of art he made for the game, John talks about his experience working on DCSS and offers his suggestions and hopes for the future of tile development.

You can read the full article here.

After finding out about his blog entry (via reddit), I contacted him and asked for permission to link it here. Not only was John fine with that, he decided to thank everyone by creating a new opening splash screen for the game that will appear in the upcoming release.

Read his message about the response to the article and see a large version of the new splash art here.

Some private closing remarks by me: When we started the Stone Soup fork, one crucial part was to encourage players to become active with the development. This has worked very well, ranging over speech, descriptions, maps/vaults, bug fixes and patches for sometimes elaborate new features. An area where contributions were, and still are, particularly rich is tiles. It is both a pleasure to thank John for his amazing work, and a shame to acknowledge that so much went unused. The arguments brought forward against his ideas could have been mine, or in some cases actually were mine. Further discussion on the matter should go the comments, ideally on John’s blog. Many thanks John, and farewell!

Whisper ‘Farewell’ when you leave, Gimli

Very recently, something happened in the Crawl world. All the mountain dwarves are gone. Part of the player base revolted, so here are some words to explain the inexplicable.

For quite a while it was realised that MD, HO and Mi are too close to each other than is good for well-differentiated variety. In other words, developers agreed that cutting a species of the three would be an improvement. This was not urgent; that’s why it isn’t announced on the 0.10 development plan or anywhere else. However, it is also not a big change, so when we got the details ready in a session or two, we commenced with the wipeout.

First, theme. Hill Orcs are sacrosanct by Beogh’s protection. Even if you don’t like the orc god, there is no way we would get rid of HO as a player species. Choosing between MD and Mi, the lot hit the former. The reasons are less forcing than with HO, but are reasons nonetheless: Mi has a monster equivalent whereas MD has not (the monster dwarves are deep dwarves, akin to deep elves being the monster elves). Mi has an ancient mythos behind it (Minos, Crete, the labyrinth) as well as a portal vault in the game. MD on the other hand is the archetypical Tolkien-style dwarf, which in my book is a severe demerit.

Second, aptitudes. Removing a species does not happen in empty space. It might have impact on nearby species, and it certainly did so here. A table of the old and new aptitudes for Mi, HO and old MD is at the end of this text. The summary is this: new Minotaurs approached MD in certain areas (e.g. Armour is 2, also Stabbing, Traps & Doors, Evocations). Hill Orcs got additional magical competence.

Third, to dispel a myth. We didn’t use winning rates, or number of games played in order to make a decision.

Fourth, history. Over the course of DCSS, the following species had to resign: HD, GE, El, Gn, OM (Hill Dwarf, Grey Elf, Elf, Gnome, Ogre Mage). Of these, OM merged with Og into a more interesting species; the others left for the same reason MD goes now: lack of differentiation. On the other hand, some species were added over the years: Vp, DD, Fe (Vampire, Deep Dwarf, Felid). 0.10 will probably feature Octopodes. None of these are defined by aptitudes alone (but note that new Ogre is an exception!), which makes for additional complexity but also diversity. Note that species tweaking goes beyond adding and removing: Draconians and Demonspawns were changed (and will probably see further changes), and with some luck and effort, 0.10 will see more interesting Demigods.

An empty entry means no change from the old version of the species.

        Arm Ddg Sth Stb Shd T&D   Inv Evo        HP  MP   Exp
Mi old   +1  +1  -2   0  +1  -1    -1  -3        +1  -2   140
Mi new   +2          -1  +2   0        -1                 130
MD       +3  -1  -3  -2  +2  +1     0  +1        +1  -1   130
HO old   +1  -2  -2  +2  +1   0     0   0        +1  -1   100
HO new                             +2                 0      

        Fgt SBl LBl M&F Axs Pla Stv  UC   Thr Slg Bws Crb
Mi old   +2  +2  +2  +2  +2  +2  +2  +1    +1  +1  +1  +1
Mi new       +1                             0
MD       +2  +1   0  +2  +2  -1  -1   0    -1  -1  -2  +1
HO old   +2   0  +1  +1  +2  +1  -1  +1     0  -1  -1  -1
HO new                                                   

        Spc Coj Hex Cha Sum Nec Trl Trm   Fir Ice Air Ear Poi
Mi old   -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3    -3  -3  -3  -3  -3
Mi new           -4  -4              -2                -2
HO old   -3   0   0  -1   0   0  -2  -3     0   0  -2   0  -1
HO new   -2                                +1  -1                  +3 Int, -1 Str
MD       -3  -1  -2  -2  -2  -3  -2  -1    +2  -2  -2  +2  -2

Vote your favourite implementable

There is a new thread in the Tavern, dealing with Implementables. It’s a good place to indicate what features you’d like to see – of the list of current Implementables on Mantis, but you can also lobby for other features beyond that.

Implementable voting

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August 2011 Tournament Summary

We are happy to collect what’s been going on during the last three weeks in the dungeons. Despite rather minimal advertisement, the tournament was quite successful. A little late, but not too late, did we see 0.9 Webtiles kick into action.

The winning player is theglow with 4934 points, who won 15 games, including an 8 streak! Runner up is mikee with 4653 points, who won 11 out of 13 games, including an 10 streak (actually 11 games in a row, but two wizards in the list). The competition was close, mikee might have won if his level 16 Spriggan Enchanter would not have died to an orb guardian in Zot:5. The third player to get more than 4000 points is jeanjacques with 4333 points.

Another highlight: 78291 played the fastest game, both in real time (2:32 hours) and turn count (19460), winning a Deep Dwarf of Elyvilon. He only killed 64 creatures himself, thus proving the power of pacifism.

The most successful clans were: The Adorable Catlobes with 14201 points, followed by wucad mu-tang clan aint nuthin ta fuck wit with 9074 points and Zignacio with 8276 points.

The ubiquitous numbers (in parentheses for August 2010):

Days:                       16         (31)
Players:                  1337         (1091)
Players getting a rune:    264 = 20%   (229 = 21%)
Winning players:           116 = 8.7%  (109 = 10.0%)
All games:               37593         (58428)
Non-quit games:          27049         (44884)
Winning games:             232 = 0.9%   (321 = 0.7%)
Won race/class combos:     128         (101)

Most everyone agreed that the new rules encouraged diversification. This can be seen when comparing the most popular winning combinations (three or more wins):

 8xSpEn  7xMDFi  7xMiBe  6xDDNe  6xDEWz  6xKoBe  6xVpAE  5xCeWz  5xHOAr  5xHaVM
 5xKoSk  5xMfIE  5xOgCj  5xTrAs  4xDECj  3xDsVM  3xGhMo  3xHECj  3xHEWz  3xMfGl
 3xNaTm 3xSpDK

49xSpEn 23xDDNe 22xMfCr 18xGhFE 18xHaTm 17xSEAs  9xMfIE  7xHEWz  7xHaBe  6xHECr
 5xDDCK  4xDECj  4xDSNe  4xHEIE  4xMfTm  4xSpVM  3xDEWz  3xDSAs  3xDSBe  3xDSVM
 3xHEFE  3xKoCr  3xMDEn  3xSEIE  3xSpSt

May tournament is over!

It is a pleasure to recap what has been going during the last 16 days: some players have set up a tournament to celebrate the release of 0.8: Overview


Server usage jumped up (about 400 players/day), not least because tiles players were able to join in the fun – a feature that’s been long asked for: Webtiles, Usage


Winner was mikee (4191 points), narrowly edging out elliptic (4107 points) by managing the last win in the tourney (which gives bonus points).

mikee started with a two streak (including the first 15-rune win of the tourney), followed by two duds and then a seven streak! (KeAr^A, TrCr^E, MiAr^O, SEIE^K, HuVM^V, HOHu^T, HECj^S)

theglow played just five games and won them all! (SEWz^V, HuSt^S, GhGl^M, CeTm^O, DEIE^A)

casmith789 had the most combo high scores (22).

Players could go for some additional goals (Pennants). Only two got them all: 78291 and mikee.


Winner was Zinja, who was also the only clan to win at least one game with each species.

Second place was narrowly won by catonkeyboard (the team with the most combo high scores) over killdudes (aptly enough, the team with the most uniques killed… only Tiamat escaped them).

(brackets are about last August’s tournament, which took a full month)

number of players: .......................... 1523 (1091)
number of players with at least one win: ..... 108 (109)
number of wins: .............................. 233 (321)
average number of wins per day: ............. 14.5 (10.3)
distinct winning combinations: ............... 149 (101)*
overall winrate, quits excluded: ........... 0.79% (0.72%)
* Rules have been changed to make niche combinations more attractive.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the infrastructure and cheers to participants!

Ashenzari, curses god

0.8 will feature a new god, called Ashenzari. The goals when designing the god were twofold:

  • Provide (some) divinations, as the spell school got axed in 0.7.
  • An introverted/laidback god: many deities ask for a lot attention by the player, e.g. praying, sacrificing, training Invocations. There was demand for a god who is not like that.

The current incarnation meets both goals. Here is a list of properties: More: Read the rest of this entry…

Crawl Tournament 2010 Summary

The annual Crawl tournament took place during August. Thanks to the folks running the servers (CAO and CDO) for their awesome help.

Click here for the official tournament web page,

Some interesting numbers (those in brackets refer to the 2009 and 2008 tournaments):

More: Read the rest of this entry…

On the way towards 0.7

We’re getting closer to the next release, DCSS 0.7. It is partially a consolidation release (more below). Also, it will go public sufficiently early, so that there’s enough time to fix bugs before August, the time for the annual tournament. If you are curious, you can play the most current version on CDO, as usual. We appreciate feedback of any form.

The consolidation aspect of 0.7:
* Monster double actions due to energy randomisation always include a move. The double action was a source of a lot of controversy. In 0.7, an adjacent monster won’t hit you twice, although a monster a step away might still approach and hit you in a single turn.
* Make heavy armour guaranteed damage reduction percentage independent of armour skill. This makes heavier armours a bit better again, after the severe but long overdue nerf in 0.6.

In other news, there have been a lot of improvements to Tiles, Tutorials (tutorial and hints mode are now distinct) and the interface in general. Crawl will also officially feature Chapayev’s awesome Sprint variant.

Gameplay-wise, the biggest changes are these:
* Demonspawns will feature less lottery; all mutations grow to the full; also, mutations are meaningful, in particular, many of them are specific to the species.
* Zin has finally seen the light help: Recite is less risky, hence more useful. Also, there’s a new ability, which allows to imprison intelligent monsters.

Feedback on DS, Fi and Zinners are appreciated. We won’t re-design these on short notice, with release being so close. But comments on how far you get (and got in older versions) would help to see gauge we stand with the new AC/DS/Zin.

Some more changes which will be of interest:
* Aptitudes now on a scale +5 to -5.
* Remove Death Knights and Thieves.
* Show effective weapon speed in ‘@’ character info.
* Walls in the Slime Pits are acidic.
* Changed shop distribution between branches.
* Removed instant stat death.

Happy Birthday, Stone Soup!

It’s been three years since Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup was first presented to the world. Well, the announcement was only made a day later. Either way…

Happy Birthday, Stone Soup!

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Results of the Survey

Here are the promised survey results!

The distinction between ASCII and Tiles use it particularly interesting. Thanks, everyone, for your vocal participation!

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New Tournament 2009 in August!

Like last year, the annual Stonesoup tournament will take place between August, 1 and 31. See here for a discussion on the scoring, and this page for last year’s tournament description. We are planning to release 0.5.1 before the beginning of the tournament so you’ll be able to play with a number of bugs fixed.

In other news, the DOS version has long been available for download from the Sourceforge site. And for Mac users facing problems when installing 0.5 we’ve added some documentation to hopefully help with that.

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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.1 released!

Stone Soup 0.4.1 is out, fixing various serious bugs diligently reported by a number of players. Thank you!

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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.3.4 released!

Stone Soup 0.3.4 is out, starring various bugfixes and cuter quokkas. Tile and Mac binaries are not up yet, but they’re Coming Soon to a Web Site Near You. This web site, to be precise.

Edit: Tiles port and Mac OS X binaries are available now.

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