The 0.14 tournament is over. For 16 days, players could compete for tournament points and banners by playing 0.14 games on the public servers.

The winning player was Tolias, with 6521 points. Over the course of the tournament Tolias won 18 games, all of them with Nemelex’s Choice species/background combinations. In second place was johnnyzero, with 5824 points and 15 wins, including the win with the latest start time. In third place was Yermak, with 5534 points and 12 wins, including the first 15-rune win.

The fastest wins in the tournament were achieved by elliptic (turncount, 16177 turns with a DDBe) and simm (realtime, 1h 16m with a MiBe). 4tharraofdagon yet again had the highest score, 40M points with a TrMo of Cheibriados. Basil had the longest streak, of 7 games. Three Tier III banners were attained by only two players each: Nature’s Ally, by Basil and Megaslime; Lord of Darkness, by jeanjacques and joy1999; and The Heretic, by jeanjacques and Piginabag. The first victory of the tournament was claimed by Roarke, a mere 16 seconds before runner-up Basil.

The clan competition was won by how I learned to stop worrying and lock the vaults (21281 points). Aqua Felid (17973 points) and Talkin Bout MiGl (17673 points) were second and third respectively. There were 139 clans in all.

Here are some assorted statistics on the tournament games (with quits removed), compared with the 0.13 tournament (in parentheses):

Players with at least one game: 2318 (1771)
Players with at least one game to reach XL 9: 1589 (1129)
Players who got a rune: 787 (528)
Players who won a game: 325 (246)
Total wins: 743 (603)
Win %: 1.31% (1.37%)
Total player time: 35858 hrs (25902 hrs)
Avg player time: 15.5 hrs (14.6 hrs)
Proportion of players using webtiles: 80.4% (76.5%)
Proportion of winners using webtiles: 70.6% (62.6%)